The higher your technological level equals the probability to destroy yourself.

In a few years from now it will be possible to make your own nuclear bomb in your garage. You know terror is real. Are you following me already? Well, imagine they build it and detonate it somewhere!

Now the scientists want to build an even bigger particle accelerator (LHC in Cern). And after that one who knows that else they'll build!

Disasters happen! Be it Tschernobyl or Fukushima, you get the idea!

Now you only have to do the math how perfect and peaceful a civilization need to be to get to the galactic age! How many intelligent civilizations do you think will make the right choices?

I'm not saying there are no aliens. I'm just saying that meeting a perfect civilization is a trillion times unlikelier than winning the lottery a trillion times!

Our civilization will fall in the next 50-70 years! Unless they make a new world order and introduce true fairness and peace! No more poor or rich.