Hello, my name is Joey, and I am the founder of Up Space Program. We are an amateur space program that is trying to get the public excited about space, while also trying to make advancements in space exploration. We have a crazy dream, we want to (one day in the very distant future) put a small rover on the moon. It is a very crazy dream, and we have just started working towards this goal. We have grown a substantial amount in the past two days thanks to other Reddit posts, enlisting the help of mechanical engineering students, programmers, etc, but we need Astronomers. We plan to make educational videos, write articles, and study the stars. Doing this, we will share knowledge with the public and attempt to re-kindle America's former zeal for space. This is a very early project, we can not pay, everyone who is working with us so far is volunteering, and we are in the process of organizing everyone we have into departments for better project management. We hope you will join us in our journey into the stars! If you are interested in joining, (and if you think this is not plausible, or is a joke that is fine. Please do not join.) please join the Discord below and we will help get you inserted into a useful role within the organization. We hope to see you soon!