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Congratulations to the following Leaderboard Honor Rolls for your continued efforts in building and maintaining a community forum!

SEO Specialist, Venn99, for your unending expertise for ensuring we are the #1 listed UFO Forum in the world! Without your efforts, our community wouldn't be easily found for countless people from around the world who are looking for answers in the UFO, paranormal phenomenon, and beyond.

To one of our newest additions to the team, VIP Coordinator, Eusbeia. Your excellent contributions in brainstorming ideas for our video production channel and website will make great strides thanks to your passion in the paranormal and beyond. Your connections and resourcefulness will move us forward and broaden our scopes.

Let us welcome our newest team member, Xeno, who is currently in training to become an official moderator! Xeno has been a valuable member who has shared great concern for the well-being and health of our community. Often misunderstood, we understand that you just want everyone to get along and as a result, we look forward to working with you to become a truly successful, unbiased and fair judge in enforcing our community's values. Thank you for your courage and unending vigor. As you take on the mantle as an enforcer of good behavior and keeper of the peace, we wish you much success on your new path with us.

A great thanks to our top all time donors, Mister Anonymous, Prairie Wave Productions, and Xeno. Your contributions to Aliendisc has been truly appreciated in cutting costs and helping to promote new content development. It is an expensive endeavor maintaining Aliendisc.net as the #1 UFO Forum on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. We are hosting a top tier server with guaranteed end-to-end encryption that allows for a fast and secure user experience.

And finally, a huge congratulations to our community veterans who have been with us in an active capacity for over a year! You have each been awarded a special badge for this achievement. You are each a vital member that have truly shown your dedication and sheer will in pursuing the truth and more.

Everyone who has not yet entered the leaderboard, the great potential in each and every one of you does not go unnoticed. Every anonymous user and member is just as meaningful and we look forward to seeing your continued passions and excellence shine on in the coming future.

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Thank you,

The Aliendisc Team

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