, has undergone 25-hours of a painstaking overhaul and I must say, it's finally appearing to look like a real community destination for all sorts of discussions!

A leap of updates and an improved private server for increased performance and stability.

There's still many updates in progress, but it's ready to receive new user registrations... Unfortunately, for the time being, old users and discussions have not been restored. I encourage everyone interested in the Paranormal, UFOs, Archaeology, Current Events, to more down-to-Earth interests to register now. The 1st 100 newly registered users will receive lifetime ultimate benefits.

* Mobile-friendly
* SSL-Certified
* Anonymous
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Special thanks to a team of software engineers, technicians, and friends for making the new release happen! Designed for PC, optimized for mobile! Version 2.0 is here.

The first 100 registered users will receive a life-time upgrade to our Premier Area 51 Membership which contains maximum benefits that otherwise Anonymous Guests or Regular Members won't possess. Register now to receive this limited time offer!