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Introductions and General Discussion
23 minutes ago
No, was far as I`ve been guessing I think the 9/11 attack was a revenge from americans not leaving the middle east alone
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Introductions and General Discussion
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by rudidur
(I'm standing next to you)

More details?
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Unidentified Flying Objects
4 hours ago
[Linked Image]

Looking Back In Time No.2 / 29th May 2014

This month on Mac's UFO News: Bob Lazar 25 years to the day, Derrel Sims 'The Alien Hunter', Ben Hanson Interviewed on Australian T.V. / U.S. UFO Statistics for April, William Shatner's new novel on UFO's & alien abduction, UFO sightings for May 2014, UFO's in the news. Mars One Update & Other items of interest.

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Personal Stories and Experiences
8 hours ago
There are no foreign galactic beings in the vicinity of the Earth.
The realization that these are some independent creatures who live on their own evolutionary paths and emerge from our human energy after the death of the body and exploit it. This is the form or phase of our mortality.

Similar forms of bodies on various video films are perceived as a physical body, but they are not real. The paranormal form of the creature is similar to these patterns on the video, but the true form is derived from the paranormalmateria and can not be arrested or questioned.

The paranormal form does not live like a living human body.
Man is only a set of matter, which occupies space in infinity and because it moves and perceives the material form and uses it.
Life comes from death. Therefore, the paranormal form has control of the birth and death of every reproduction.
Without this paranormal form, the body would be incapable of life.

(My avatar: my shape in the fifth dimension)
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Religion, Paganism, Spirituality
9 hours ago
Hello everyone,

Current science says it's impossible to have a child without mom and dad.
But I understand why Allah lied in the quran.
Allah (amarna bi satr) has always said in the Qur'an not to divulge the sin of a person and to protect him.
Clearly allah has to protect Mary by a lie because she thinks she is noble despite her sin.

It is surely a great love story between two teenagers who have trouble finishing.

And marie has had so much suffering to imagine a whole story to protect her and her child christ is for god help her because he forgives all sins especially that of children.

In addition, you can have a child without losing that virginity.

Ah it is not the Christ who spoke there being little baby but married with a quality of super art.
she learned the puppet art of the father of Christ.

You really thought that a little baby can talk?

Christ was well inherited from this art of mother and father to put his plan of death and resurction by buying romans by gold to have many fan and far away enjoy his money earn sell his simple clothes and object with a huge price.

he defeated the Roman system who is just looking for the right gold with art and his intelligence.
and he replaced gold with symbols of peace and love before leaving to enjoy his own victory.
This is a real god for me ...

Do not forget that thanks to Mary and Christ, a 16-year-old teenager can live her and her child with Christianity, which forbids killing and has saved many girls and their children from a sinful death. .

Christ did not just replace gold with symbols and more human value but also forbade killing a girl and her baby and protecting children born like him and their mother from death.

I really love this god his mind far exceed Robin's wood spirit .
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Introductions and General Discussion
17 hours ago
A lot of people can feel in my writing that I have something wrong with my brain. They are not right but they are not wrong.

The thing is that I suffer of abdominal pains that are really intense most of the time I eat. Once I had 2.5mg IV morphine and I was still feeling it. The pain is really strong and takes me off myself... I am scared, terrified and almost terrorized to eat normally... I eat only like a snack or one little meal a day not more. I wake up in the morning and I do not eat the whole day until evening...

My brain is biologically fine, no worries. The thing is that for 10 years I have had a average of one meal every 2 or 3 days (except since I've been married of course). For almost... Wait... I will say for 8 years I have been eating something like a bowl of rice every 3 days. I just don't eat and mysteriously I am still alive.



I do not have the proteins, nutriments and vitamins to make my brain work at its maximum. Next week I am going to see a gastroenterologist and they will figure out what's going on with my digestive system and why it hurts so much when I eat food. The longest abdominal pain I had lasted 3 days. It is only a few years after that I realized that throwing up and emptying my stomach stops the pain after 30-40 minutes.

So people can judge me right now when I am at the lowest of my health?

Let me tell you what!

I will go to the doctor get healed over time and treatment I do not know. I will restart to eat and get my health and my brain back on!

Then you will know who I really am...


That is how some people wonder why sometimes it is weird... Well my brain is really really rushing right now so for the rest of my body!

Within a year I should be healed and then within another year I should be totally recovered.

I hope those people think of the future when they judge me because right now I am just on the bench! Everything I gave, wrote and shared was just a time killer until I have a real contribution to give. I was just writing the past of an alien story so I can forget about it and move on.

I think some people don't like it because they want the bulk for free while no one seems to have it. Research takes a lot of time and effort. It is either sharing your own information or reading someone else's... If my replies are too long for you, then you are not made for this! You got to go out there and get your own stuff because people with serious stories usually write A LOT...

So maybe some kids on a chat that are from the smartphone generation won't read because they were born in a culture of short and cheap mediated information. I understand that the newer generation is more on android than computer so for any age. On the phone I know it I have been there. People write short and quick!

Cheap era?

I know that typing on a phone and reading on a phone is different than on a computer. Yo, I have a smartphone and I am on discord too! I type really really short when I am on my phone so I know this culture too. The thing is that I write on my computer thinking of computer readers. Larger screens and faster keyboards for me though...

I understand you people on your phone hate the length of my replies and I care about it but I will not shorter my post just for a few people that won't bother to read me anyway...

The thing is that some people, because they think something in their group, they think that everyone think the same. It is not because a group of people come to tell me something that I will do it. It is what they think not what the whole world think. Makes me think of chatters. You know they just shoot a short phrase back and forth to each other really quick?

I am a blogger, a forum writer...

Not a discord chatter!

I have my own discord server and my model of security made it raid proof during the furry vs gamer war... My furry server, lol... I gave up on it anyway so I will probably recycle it into something else but the model is insane.

I know discord and the kind of people there and the way they react to long replies. I am sorry but the real deal is not happening on discord! Whatever... I will get my health back and then I will get to be on the map in this field of research.

I am not mentally insane or anything... My brain has a nutriment deficiency...

Just wait and be patient!

I am not yet seriously started in my personal researches. I just shared from what I remembered...
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Introductions and General Discussion
18 hours ago
It is looking fake.

I mean the guy really destroy the laptop but they are just kids acting...
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Introductions and General Discussion
19 hours ago
Water + liquid aroma
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Movies, Music, TV, Video Games, Virtual Reality
Yesterday at 11:12 PM
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Introductions and General Discussion
Yesterday at 10:39 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
You know "Anonymous" and "cops" ain't a good combination. You may not represent that. At least not at this forum! Please!

Not good.

Mr. Gary Heseltine is one of the U.K.'s leading researchers. He is also an ex Police Detective. What is the problem with any researcher being a 'Cop'?

He is currently the head researcher for Capel Green (a new R.F.I. documentary).
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Forum Announcements and Help
Yesterday at 09:19 PM
Okay everyone, we're looking to gather a list of prominent and not so prominent whistleblowers who have had credible backgrounds within the CIA, DOD, and other alphabet agencies and organizations who have claimed to know inside information on the alien question. Who also claimed to have discovered secret information pertaining to UFOs, mind control projects, secret aircraft, and secret technologies. These people don't necessarily have to have had a background with these groups, but must have some kind of track record that ties them to these groups.

One prime example is, Gary McKinnon. McKinnon had hacked into 97 U.S. military and NASA computers and lives in exile as a result.

If you haven't noticed, we are establishing a database that archives, as well as, keeps track of the latest news related to these people's claims who are trying to tell the public what they know.

Why? We are the Disclosure Network and Aliendisc exists to inform the uninformed public on matters that we believe should concern the future of humanity. We oppose censorship, however if we encounter drivel, it'll either be ignored or of course, removed. As such, we are forming a new act that opposes bashing other users or this organization and its efforts. We are here to conduct meaningful research and offer a network for constructive discussion. If it's garbage we receive, expect it to be ignored. If users cannot follow some simple guidelines, expect actions that are outlined in those guidelines.

From this administrator to you, I hate censorship! I have tried going on other forums and websites of this nature and have discovered numerous times that they are highly censored and often times have a hidden agenda. It's sickening, not to mention they lack the devotion and have little effort to keep their site updated and functional for everyone. The only thing we cannot tolerate, is users attacking, belittling, or otherwise negatively hurting other users. Let's stay on track!

Thank you
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Unidentified Flying Objects
Yesterday at 09:17 PM
Your Need to Know! Ep. 4 - Italy's Fascist UFO Files

Published on 9 Jan 2013
This next part in our new series, "Your Need to Know", Antonio Huneeus examines Italy's Fascist UFO Files. These files were originally delivered in the mid-nineties to famed Italian ufologist and author Roberto Pinotti, and sent on stationary bearing the seal of the Kingdom's Senate and Agenza Stefani, the regime news agency in charge of disseminating Fascist propaganda. Forensic analysis was done on the documents and they were found to be originals and not photocopies. Andrea Bedetti, a historian and expert on Italy's Fascist era, found that the stationary, aeronautical terminology and vocabulary were all consistent with real documents from the period. These documents contained written testimony describing in detail several sightings along with hand-drawn pictures. It also discloses that Mussolini and Ciano, Italy's number one and number two leaders were informed right away about the phenomenon. These documents also talk of the alleged creation of the top secret "Cabinet RS/33", led by Marconi, and included some of Italy's most prominent astronomers, scientists and aeronautical engineers. As things went sour for Italy during the war, all the files from Cabinet RS/33 were supposedly shipped to Nazi Germany, where they might have influenced the Italian aeronautical engineer Belluzzo.

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Introductions and General Discussion
Yesterday at 07:39 PM
How could they still have let him run the country when he was [beep] drunk! I so wan't to punch him in the face especially after this:


I hate him!
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Unidentified Flying Objects
Yesterday at 04:12 PM
K.I.T.T. Kitt if you prefer. Hello earthlings. I need the access to your pcs and laptops.
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Area 51 and Other Military Bases
Yesterday at 03:56 PM
Hi what ?
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Forum Announcements and Help
Yesterday at 05:19 AM
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  • [Linked Image] The latest activity page has new buttons that perform better.
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This post may update without notice.
The updates outlined may include updates since the last post.
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Introductions and General Discussion
03/24/2019 09:57 PM
Broken link has been fixed.
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Psychics, Visions, Premonitions
03/24/2019 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by George

Oh my God!!!

There's no god!😁
5 88 Read More
03/24/2019 01:20 PM
Phil Schneider was an enemy of the alienarchy .im Happy he is die
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03/24/2019 04:07 AM
Transcript is available for educational purposes only.
Thank you for visiting this post. If you quote or copy the transcript, please credit:
Aliendisc - Disclosure Network and link the material back to this thread for updates.

TRANSCRIBED BY: Aliendisc - Disclosure Network
LAST REVISED: 08/24/2014-1

Preparedness Expo 96
For Peace of M‌ind in Our Changing World


Phil Schneider

You're in for a treat, Phil Schneider has 17 years experience working in the government black projects. He carried a level 3 security clearance, he's a former government geologist and engineer in the black projects, underground bases at Area 51, S-4, and Los Alamos. He's going to expand your mind here this morning. Please welcome Mr. Phil Schneider.

I'm Phil Schneider, I spent 17 years in black budget programs, government geologist, as engineer, structural engineer, with aerospace applications. Self taught metallurgist, became kind of famous in my own right. Basically I'd have a set of notes here but, they're unavailable. [..]. Up here I have different artifacts explaining - some of them are alien metals that have been produced both on this planet and the confines of outerspace. Are now used in all stealth aircraft. All stealth aircraft for instance all black jets, what you're seeing [...] black helicopters [...] the skins and the coatings and the residues that are used predominantly in the aircraft themselves, in the air frames, in the rotor blades, in the fans, in some cases in submarines. Special titanium hulls, in the phoenix submarine class now. All these come from, all this has come from alien technology.

1947 is what the public has been told. Something crashed in the back yard of New Mexico, called Roswell, New Mexico. Unfortunately, that's what the public's been told, the military's known about the alien question for the better part of 70 years and they first saw their glimpse of what was going on as early as 1909, in the american south west. Army cavalry were chasing some bandits and they entered this cave, they were held up in a cave and what they found was flying discs and little grey guys, and all kinds of weird things, and they didn't know how to explain that and they've [...] as best as they could. It's been in secret archives ever since. [...] down by the Truth or Consequences area of New Mexico.

Well the alien thing is more then just what I'd call a non-visible threat, we on the surface, first of all, all information dealing with alien or alien reproduced technology or alien reproduced vehicles or any other kinds of things well hidden from the american public. Our black budget for instance, garners 1.023 trillion dollars every two years. That's over 500 billion dollars a year. Right now, there are over 131 active deep underground military bases in the United States. There's 1,477 of them worldwide. Each one has an average cost of 17 to 19 billion dollars. Each one is built in the site of - it use to be - take about a year to two years to build each one and now they're capable of building a couple of them a year with sophisticated methods. My colleague, Al Bielek has actually been on some of the high speed railways, the magneto leviton trains that connect all the deep underground military bases within the United States. He's been on a mach 2 train and [it] floats off a single rail, floats 3/4" off the rail, [...] what you'd call high tech. We had nothing like this on the service, the public has basically been totally lied to.

We're considered stupid or even moronic in some cases. It's got to stop, if we're going to regain our country back, we must and I repeat, must regain, we must instill in our public officials anybody that goes and does public service, they must tell us the truth, if they cannot do this, then they must be impeached. They must be removed from office. If this cannot occur, if the truth cannot totally come out - there are reasons for secrecy for instance, but if the truth cannot totally come out, the what's the use in any of us having freedom. [..]

OK, I have pictures that I'm going to show you during the break and artifacts, and I ask you to kind of look at them but not handle them. I have actual crashed retrieval metal from Roswell, New Mexico. It's given to me when I was fourteen years old. For instance, I've got other things, pieces of titanium, a special titanium alloy made for everything from the original SR-71 Blackbird, it's an old hat now. F1-17A is their old hat now. They're making a whole new class of hyper sonic above mach 5 aircraft that employ extremely modern charged particle beam weapons. They don't even use lasers anymore. Computer enhanced imaging radar, although it's used in helicopters for public surveillance, computer enhanced imaging radar and in satellite technology, the brand new kid on the block, there's a kind of infrared technology where a satellite 150 miles out in a geosynchronous orbit, not quite geosynchronous orbit but, these spy satellites can literally look in and see a dime on the floor. Let's say on your kitchen floor. Resolution factor of 99.999961.

-- Transcription In Progress --
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03/24/2019 01:09 AM
Transcript is available for educational purposes only.
Contents of this transcript cannot be guaranteed accurate or complete.
Thank you for visiting this post. If you quote or copy the transcript, please credit:
Aliendisc Disclosure Network and link the material back to this thread for updates.

TRANSCRIBED BY: Aliendisc - Disclosure Network
LAST REVISED: 23/03/2019-1


Talking about a lot of things today, if you want to audiotape that's fine. No videotaping allowed. Period. Under any circumstances. I suggest that you all take notes, because the truth is that no matter how smart we think we are, me included, we usually retain only about 10% of anything that we hear. This is going to be intensive. For about six hours I'm going to bombard you with information. So if you don't take notes, when you leave here, you're going to say what did he say about that? The purpose of this is to leave you with something. I want you to go out of here with a good understanding of the information that I'm going to cover. My purpose is not to change your religion. My purpose is not to make you believe everything that I say, on the contrary, I'm the only one in the world that will tell you to listen to everyone, read everything, believe absolutely nobody, including me, including your mother, including your pastor, your preacher, your priest, your uncle Bob and anybody else that you can think of. Unless you can prove it in your own research and research it doesn't mean getting a book off the library shelf and reading and saying well he said it so it must be true, because I wrote a book and I'm telling you don't believe me unless in your own research you can prove what it is that I'm telling you. Because this is the age of deception and if you don't believe that, you might as well god home right now, because you're in the wrong place.

This is the age of deception and everybody today is living in a fantasy world and they're promoting agendas that they don't understand, because somebody told them that it's the right thing to do. And they generally believe it. Most people go to the church that they go to simply because their parents did and for no other reason. Most people who are democrats are democrats because their parents were. Or they're republicans because their parents were. If you ask them what a republican is, they couldn't tell you in a hundred million years. They don't know. They vote that way because that's comfortable for them because that's what they grew up with. Most of us do what we do because we grew up in it. So there is an awful lot about this environment around you that shapes who and what you are. It's the truth.

I had a woman at the post office where we lived the other day, say I listen to your radio station every day, it's wonderful! But when Bill's show comes on, I turn it off because I don't want to be brainwashed. What is she admitting to? She's admitting she's already been brainwashed, because she is unwilling to listen to opposing viewpoints. That's the biggest number one sign of brainwashing that there is. It didn't matter that it was my show. It's any show. Any opposing viewpoint. Anything that opposes the status quo. If you won't listen to it, you're already brainwashed. You've closed your mind and you are at the mercy of whatever manipulation they want to throw your way, because you've already determined that they're telling you the truth no matter what. You don't investigate, you have accepted blindly. That's the most dangerous thing that can happen to anyone. The moment that you say, "This guy right here, I like him, I like what he says, he's right, I'm going to listen to him, and anybody that's different from him is wrong." You've just totally destroyed yourself, because the truth is, he's a human being, I'm a human being, this young lady (in front of Cooper) is a human being. Bill Clinton is a human being. Okay. When you mistake - when you mistake people for righteousness - when you mistake people for the message or when you mistake people for government or when you mistake people for religion, you're making a big mistake.

-- 4:30 / 1:43:43 --
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Introductions and General Discussion
03/23/2019 09:29 PM
Okay so I talked about standing up and stop the bullies and a little bit on how to ignore them.


Evaluate the bullying!

Your first step in dealing with a bully is to try to objectively evaluate the bullying. By doing so, you will gain a better understanding of nature of your interactions with the bully and why they are bullying. Consider the type of verbal bullying. Is it personal or is the bully just mean and rude to everyone?

Think about whether the bully's comments reflect their own negative self-image or insecurities. If you think this might be the case, it will help you respond to the bully. You have to know if the bullying is coming from a malicious place. In other words: Does the bully really want to cause psychological or mental harm? Is it their intention? If not... The bullying might just be a result of immaturity, insecurity or something similar.

None of us know everything that is happening in other people's lives. It could be the bully is going through a tough time. Although, that never justifies bullying. It simply can help you understand some kinds of behavior. The person may be suffering from a mental illness or be a victim of abuse themselves. Use extreme caution when dealing with a bully and get help to protect yourself.

Consult a friend!

After you have evaluated the bully's behavior, you should talk to a friend about it. Chances are, your friend will be able to provide valuable insight into the bully's actions. Your friend might also be able to give you an idea of how you can deal with the bully.

Tell a friend about it!

Ask a friend what they think about it, maybe they know better than you how to deal with the bully and they might even stand up for you! Be careful that does not turn into a gossip session. Keep your conversation focused on the issue without making personal attack or criticism about the bully. Stay positive and constructive!

Think about how to respond to the actual bullying.

When preparing to deal with a bully, you need to think careful about how you will respond to their bullying. Thinking out your response and actions will give you power, leverage and confidence. Ultimately, there a wide variety of ways you can respond to a bully or ignore them. Decide what you will say to the bully before you ignore them. Figure out if you are just going to completely ignore the person or if you will just ignore the abusive words they direct at you.

Have confidence!

When preparing to ignore a bully or to take actions and stand up, you should build up your own confidence. After all, a lot of bullies feed off the fact that their victim appeared to them having a lack of confidence or are insecure. If you demonstrate confidence and feel confident, you will be able to ignore or stand up without showing signs of weakness or insecurity. Tell yourself you are a strong and capable person! Remember that the bully's behavior is who they are not who you are. Their behavior is a reflection of how they feel not a reflection of your capabilities.

You are valuable and important!

Respond to the bully.

Talk to the bully before you ignore them or stand up.

Depending on the type of bully and their attitude, you might be able to actually engage them in a conversation about their behavior and the way they treat you. This should really be your first step in responding to the bully before you try to ignore them or stand up against them. Try to talk to the bully in a one-on-one setting. This is important, as many bullies feed off of bullying people in front of others.

If you get them away from the public, they may be a lot more receptive to what you actually have to say.

Tell the bully that you would like them to change the dynamic of their interactions and that you would appreciate to have a more mutually-respectful relationship. Make sure you have the conversation when you feel calm. If you reply right after being bullied, you may find that both you and the bully are being too emotional to have a productive conversation. If you want you can say something nice about the bully to boost their ego or their self-esteem. After all, their bullying might be a manifestation of their lack of confidence.

Keep your cool!

You need to keep your cool whenever dealing with a bully. After all, if you let the bully get the best of you, They will win...

This is because bullies often want to see an emotional response from their victims.

Don't let the bully win!

They might be trying to provoke you into an argument or a disrespectful confrontation.

Don't let them get the better of you.

Stay calm and rational.

Don't respond to personal attack, ignore them!

Let the bully know that you are unwilling to take their abuse!

Ultimately, standing up for yourself is one of the most important things you have to do when dealing with a bully. The best way is to directly tell the bully that you won't stand their abuse and you are going to ignore them and contact the staff. Cut them out of your life entirely. Make sure that they know you are going to end the conflict without creating more conflict.

After all,

You don't want the situation to escalate...

Simply tell them that you are ''done'' with them and their behavior.

Let them know that if they don't cease their abuse, you will contact the proper authority.

If verbal bullying ever escalate to more serious abuse as threats or you fear for your emotional and psychological health, contact a staff member immediately! The bully might try to belittle you or intimidate you into not contacting us. Ignore these tactics and stay focused!

Stand up and report!

Made with an article on WikiHow ''How to ignore a verbal bully''
Co-Authored by Tasha Rube
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Introductions and General Discussion
03/23/2019 06:56 PM
Originally Posted by Xeno
We love you FrankyBoy!

Heheh thank you
2 23 Read More
Introductions and General Discussion
03/23/2019 05:34 PM
Talk about dedication to aliens beliefs
6 40 Read More
Introductions and General Discussion
03/23/2019 04:29 PM
Not that long ago we all have been through what we call a troll ''raid'' . Which means someone or a group of people coming to post multiple thread meant to hurt the community. Of course we have a network now that does not spit on any opening door. Sometimes, one troll starts the biggest talk with the big brands. We never know... Here we believe in fun and sometimes some people they come just for it because it is easy and free to post on aliendisc. Our door is wide open to everyone!

That includes a troll. Could be a bored 67 year old man or a excited young teenager.

Take the case of a 16 year old troll. They come with a joke but they still bring up the subject and generate reaction and activity. Sometimes oriented on a specific subject. As much as it can be nothing just to pollute our Network...

I have a value that is ''We all have potential'' and one young today is also by times an old customer tomorrow!

Here I mean that everyone has right to the same service, a disclosure network. This is a serious business but it includes letting some doors open to cases that are flops because the possibility of a great contribution is still present.

I understand that the recent troll activity is worrying and does not give the first impression we can think of in the first place.

We showed that we are not serious and believe anything?


That is wrong...

We have proven that our door is open to everyone and we really mean it. We demonstrated what is a network that believes in true freedom of speech. We have showed that we are respectful of diversity and open to differences, unconditionally!

The past time, I was worried it would not stop but it seems to be fixed smile


I have a lot of deception about some behaviors I could notice so I would like to drop a reminder!

Any kind of action which is meant to attack a person or group of individuals won't be tolerated. This is a place of acceptance where everyone should feel safe, no one deserves the negative attention. This includes post or private message that offends, threatens or insults groups/individuals, based on race, religion or spiritual beliefs, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, disability, or other traits. Chat, post or private message with the sole purpose of bringing hate, rumors, discrimination, etc, towards someone or something is not tolerated as much as bullying, threatening, blackmailing, harassing, etc.


The world is looking at our community more and more and more. What are we showing?

I have seen tons of good people here with good intentions but also some mad punks bullying around covered in humor or indirect messages. I have seen the community that gave me a voice being hurt many time but here we are!

We are aliendisc, A Disclosure Network!

We accept people and give them dignity if they want. We all have freedom here, to speak up or not! We believe everyone has a great potential. We want to offer a community based on respect, service and vision. We welcome spontaneous people that will throw something in a second as much as the work of a whole life. We want people to feel comfortable and safe to share, registered or anonymously... We understand many people want to explore and have to try crazy things for their research sometimes.

Imagine a network where we all are significant.

Imagine a community where we all recognize each other.

Imagine a forum that offers total cooperation.

Imagine aliendisc!


I invite you to click the link and read the code of conduct.

Vice Admiral Xeno
Trainee Moderator
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