Poll: alien disclosure..

Posted By: Spock

Poll: alien disclosure.. - 18/10/08 1:00 AM

This is for everyone...

Assuming that aliens are really visiting us..
Assuming that aliens are infiltrating or working with governments all over the world, or at least the most powerful ones,
Assuming that we (people of earth) have recovered crashed spacecraft...

1. Would you REALLY want the governments of the world to come forward and admit this?

2. What do you think that the repercussions would be?

Personally, I look at it like this. If I ask for a new job at work, with more responsibility, a raise, and a new title, I know that things will change drastically and my whole way of life, stress level, etc will change with those new responsibilities, and in some ways I am putting a target on my back because I will then be expected to outperform my previous tasks.

By this I mean, i think that it would be more than "yeah we are keeping secrets.. they are here... carry on..."

I think everything would change, and life as we know it would forever be different. Are YOU ready for that? And even if you are, do you expect that the other however many billion people on the planet would react as you do?

To some degree, I feel like it os selfish for us to ask for the conspiracies to end and for them to come clean because of the potential repercussions.

However I also feel like we have every right to know, and I truly want to know.

Posted By: Xeno

Re: Poll: alien disclosure.. - 18/10/08 1:39 AM

1- Partially, they could just say yes we exist without details

2- repercussion would be less damaging than we could think
Posted By: SynthiaSunsong

Re: Poll: alien disclosure.. - 18/10/08 3:38 AM

1. I don't think immediately announcing it is a good idea. It would give people a sense of powerlessness and plunge them into fear of the unknown.

2. I think widespread panic would be likely, in various forms.

On the other hand, I think a lot of people suspect something is going on. Russia's PM Dmitry Medvedev admitted there were aliens and nothing happened. Most people are aware of the term Illuminati. Most people are aware that there is some kind of shadow government. I think most people are aware that our leaders and not as in control as we pretend.
Posted By: Spock

Re: Poll: alien disclosure.. - 18/10/08 2:43 PM

^ that
Posted By: Xeno

Re: Poll: alien disclosure.. - 18/10/08 2:53 PM

I agree with synthia but I think that partial disclosure on selected social group should happen.
Posted By: Spock

Re: Poll: alien disclosure.. - 18/10/09 2:20 AM

I agree.

I was talking to a friend of mine at work about this. I asked him his opinion. He said he didn't think there would be mass riots, because they have been desensitizing us to it for years now.

But then I think back to all of the hard headed and stubborn people who would flat put not believe it.

I think about all of the uber religious people who will say it is the work of satan, is satan, or the end of days.

I think of the mentally imbalanced people who will freak out and kill themselves (or others)

I think of the opportunistic people who will riot and steal. (Putting this nicely... (See hurricane Katrina))

I think of the lower intelligence people who will literally think that they are gods.

I think of the people who may open them with welcome arms only to be manipulated, or destroyed by vengeful aliens.

I think of the people who will be scared and will start "defending themselves against an alien threat" that may not actually exist anywhere but in their own eyes.

I also think about the fact that, if this happened, we as a species aren't really in a place to where we would truly benefit from any knowledge they were here to give. As a species we are selfish, we must rule over things, land, people, we draw fake lines in the dirt and won't let other people who are slightly "different" cross them or live beyond those lines, we work against each other rather than with each other. Anything we make is for us. Our community. Anything america creates is for americans. Same with russians or aussie etc. There is very little collaboration, and the biggest money making venture we have, is war.

A lot of people fear a "one world government" and cling whole heartedly to these fake lines drawn on the ground.
But really, until we can all work together as a human race, we won't advance much farther on our own.

If we combined all of our efforts, we could solve all of our issues in a matter of a few years. Clean water for everyone food for a growing population, advanced energy technologies, cures for diseases, FTL space travel, zero point energy, name it... but we have to get rid of the idea that we cling to, which is, "I'm going to get rich from this invention" and "I'm doing it for people who believe what I believe, speak my language and live within these imaginary lines" and if aliens are already here, giving us these technologies, the government isnt sharing because of the remote possibility of militarizing these things in the future.

So how could we possibly be ready for tjem to show themselves, and why would they ever show their faces today?

At least that is my take on it.
Posted By: Xeno

Re: Poll: alien disclosure.. - 18/10/09 2:47 AM

Actualy it is done but in another dimensional location wich our people can go.

We are still in a simulation...
Posted By: Spock

Re: Poll: alien disclosure.. - 18/10/14 1:01 PM

I don't think Mac News was intentionally answering my poll in video form, but I found this, thought it was cool and am sharing it. Check out more of his videos. I plan to.

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