Any people with psychic abilities wanna help?

Posted By: JF Sabastian

Any people with psychic abilities wanna help? - 08/07/2018 12:41 AM

Tell me if there is something amazing is on the cusp? I have always been ultra sensitive and my Spidey senses are aflame with positive energy.
Posted By: Xenu

Re: Any people with psychic abilities wanna help? - 08/07/2018 12:38 PM

What did you have in mind? I wouldn't really call myself psyhic, but my zodiac sign says I am as good as it gets. And I don't know how but my Tarot cards are always scary accurate.
Posted By: JF Sabastian

Re: Any people with psychic abilities wanna help? - 08/07/2018 02:04 PM

Ha, well now that someone responded I'm a little sheepish.

Posted By: George

Re: Any people with psychic abilities wanna help? - 01/03/2019 04:54 AM

I am psychic and generally when a person talks 'psychically' out come dozens of readers who want you to perform varies reads for them so that they may be convinced.

Without being rude, I generally now do not care a hoot.

Those who generally need proof are just not ready.

Using forums in general, I often talk about these things because it is great to meet up with readers who do not want any proof. Our power becomes tremendous because one psychic is feeding the other.

The general tendency is that pockets of debunkers build up, and then you get accused of being God. On many occasions I took up the tasks and the debunkers always lose
You have to eventually 'turn around' and tackle your accusers because if you do not, then you get name tagged as a lunatic. Writing becomes intolerable and usually those who should be protecting your rights are against your ability anyway. So you eventually lose and find you cannot 'log on' any more. The sad thing is that most paranormal sites are ran by debunkers. Yet everyone says that they believe. (inverted comers) They do not...only in principle.

I have the ability to zoom right into your living room and even look at framed pictures. This is not a boast as I will not. I have a collection of about sixty tasks of live mind reading which I have pasted into my collections, all date stamped. It is called 'Remote Sensing'

Instead of respecting your accuracy and abilities, they get angry and a mini war builds up as they say that no one can be that accurate and have even been reported to the FBI and CIA as a threat to national security.

In retrospect, I would love to help....but dare not.

I had also been accused of computer hacking because of my ability.
Folks say that the reason I accept UFOs is because I had seen them.

This is not true. I believed in UFOs before I had seen them. They do not bother me and I a can just as easily talk with them as I write here.

The thing with psychic awareness, is that we are always targeted by aliens because of our gift. They use us. My first experience started in 1965. Since then, our group had always been tagged. These aliens never let go.
My first conscious abduction occurred in 2013.

They told me about the next great catastrophe being far greater than 911. This will happen in Ohio and will kill many. It cannot be stopped.

All you have to do is wait.

I looked up on the Internet Ohio as I live in the UK. After reading........"Oh my God...why had no one put this together????"

You do not have to be psychic to see this one.

Davis Besse will blow and take out the nuclear reactor. Radioactive 'fall out' will pollute Lake Eire and run into The St Lawrence.

Eventually flowing into the harbour of New York. A tsunami or back flow.

Ohio lies on the New Madrid Fault Line and fracking and earthquakes are increasing.


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