Help finding a show

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Help finding a show - 18/12/29 6:23 AM

Hello everyone! Full disclosure, I haven't read the rules for posting a new thread and I apologize if I'm violating any of them.
I watched something on tv that seemed really interesting a d I'm driving myself nuts trying to find it again. I've googled keywords from it, looked on YouTube a d ed thing I can think of. When it was on, I was interested in it, but I fell asleep throughout the whole thing because of untreated sleep apnea. Now that I can stay awake for a movie, I'm trying to find it again.
It was about a hypothetical visitation. What would happen if aliens showed up, how they would get here and so on. It touched on them using solar sails propelled by lasers since they would be entering our solar system and countering our sun's solar wind. How they would likely use dark matter as an energy source and would transmit instructions ahead of their arrival on using black matter. Once here we sent a river up to the ship to initiate contact, only finding an empty ship. The ship then explodes into a trillion balls and rains down all over the globe. These balls attach to people and won't come off until they rewrite our DNA. People avoid touching them, but the balls break apart into smaller and smaller ones until it's impossible to avoid running into them and thus ensuring everyone gets their DNA changed. This apparently doesn't affect us right away, but they talk about how it would affect future generations and basically turns us into an alien colony or something along those lines. And with our new understanding of dark matter and technology(because of the message that came before them, we would eventually create our own ship to send to other worlds to colonize the same way they did us.
Could someone please tell me what show this was? Like I said, it's stuck in my mind now!
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Re: Help finding a show - 18/12/29 10:58 AM


To the family, my friend.

You will get here eventually

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Re: Help finding a show - 18/12/29 4:32 PM

Could this be what you're looking for?
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Re: Help finding a show - 18/12/30 7:44 AM

Thank you! I had to search awhile after reading your reply because I couldn't find it under alien invasion or 'are we alone'. It can be found on now under Alien Encounters. Also, the article only references the second season, It's a continuation of the first season and both seasons are only 2 episodes each. It's amazing you found it based on my post!
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Re: Help finding a show - 18/12/30 6:51 PM

Glad I could help. bigsmile
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