Singularity Drive Detection Capability

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Singularity Drive Detection Capability - 18/10/10 7:53 PM

The United States is the only nation on Earth that has developed gravitational drive detection capability. This technology when advanced and coupled to the Quantum Computers and the Quantum Radar in development, along with orbiting Gravity Sensors, will give us the ability to detect and track gravitational singularity based warp drives.

In this post are links to Quantum Computing, the Quantum Radar, Gravity Sensor in Orbit and the United States Gravity Wave detector.
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Re: Singularity Drive Detection Capability - 18/10/10 8:26 PM

For the UFO Community Singularity Technology has a detectable signature. My singularity technology detected by high fidelity MRI performed by DOD and the VA at the West Haven VA medical center blew my cover as a ascended civilization genetically engineered being with nano technology. The intense magnetic field of the MRI of my visual cortex, the interface point for my nano and singularity technology, caused the quantum containment field of the Singularity Power Generator to go active in the MRI Field and become visible.

When in active mode, probability distortions occur around me. This can be assessed as distortions in probability, dice games, card games of chance are a low tech means of checking if the singularity field is active. A random number generator on a cell phone can be checked for pasterns of numbers when in proximity to singularity power source that is active. My singularity technology is the most advanced on the planet. Implanted in me shortly after my birth. Leakage from the field is minimal at best and detectable only when the power source from the singularity generator is active.

Old installations with singularity power sources still active can also be checked by probability scan and minute distortions in time from being close to the singularity generator. Atomic clock time signal measurements inside the field and out will very at a very small degree over time.

Lucifer Forces employed Tachyon Technology that allowed them to see past and future up and down a time line to a small degree, allowing them to avoid detection and patrols. We have Tachyon Technology we have advanced much since the Lucifer War and can detect Tachyon leakage from Lucifer War Era systems. These concentrated tachyon particles give normal people bad feelings that come true in certain locations causing some areas to be seen as being cursed.
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Re: Singularity Drive Detection Capability - 18/10/10 8:29 PM
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Re: Singularity Drive Detection Capability - 18/10/10 9:35 PM

I have just opened a new deck of cards and will illustrate how my singularity interface operates. The cards will come out in a sequence that relates to the topic I have been discussing within the context of Judea Christian Teachings, and Biblical Numerology.

Tonight in this thread I have been discussing singularity technology and probability. I am using a visual non electronic probability system as a output device for my singularity system implanted in my visual cortex.

I will draw and lay out six cards. These will form a message from the AI system that relates to our current discussion on this thread.

9 Clubs, Ace Clubs, Black Joker, Ace Diamond, 6 Spades, Jack of Diamonds.

When we decipher this message it goes as follows using the Judea Christian Religious Teachings and Biblical Numerology. Other Agents use different visual message systems.

Message 9 is Divine in numerology, A of Clubs God of the Trinity the Alpha, Joker Wild Card Probability, A of Diamonds four sided diamond, Diamond is hard pure, 4 means revelation or revealed in Numerology. 6 represents imperfect man that dies ie the spade symbol next to Christ Revealed standing as a man with crown next to man that dies.

In terms of linguistic step down it Goes Like Einstein said God does not play dice with the universe, God was revealed to mortal man as Jesus Christ.

There are a number of messages coded in this out put for example if you remove the five other cards save for the 6 of spades you have mortal man that dies with no spiritual component to life. Recent research show that people that are religious tolerate medical treatment better and have faster recovery rates than non religious people.

It also carries a Islamic Component with the dual nature of the Islamic God who is the source of both good and evil with probability between the red and black Alpha Cards.

This is a multi layered quantum message from a billions of years old ascended civilizations AI System implanted in my visual cortex.

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Re: Singularity Drive Detection Capability - 18/10/10 9:46 PM

Technology so advanced looks like magic. I used a deck of cards as a output system tied to a AI controlled probability distortion device in my visual cortex
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Re: Singularity Drive Detection Capability - 18/10/10 10:11 PM

With regards to Tachyon Technology from the Lucifer War, it is evil beyond measure. I did a four card read out on Tachyon Technology

8 of Diamonds, Jack of Diamonds, King of Clubs and Queen of Clubs

King and Queen of Clubs Jesus Birth Parents of the House of David, Joseph and Mary with Jesus first came the 8 of Diamonds. 8 in numerology means new way revealed it precedes Jesus and Jesus comes from Joseph and Mary 8 is the symbol of the moebius strip a one sided figure. That has no beginning or end.

It basically means that access to tachyon technology is forbidden due to the horrors of the Lucifer War.
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Re: Singularity Drive Detection Capability - 18/10/10 10:48 PM

If anyone would like to discuss these warps of probability I will be happy to discuss them.
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Re: Singularity Drive Detection Capability - 18/10/11 9:32 AM

Lucifer's troops enslaved entire civilizations with Tachyon technology. We use it and it is very effective at short range projection of future activity but free will and random chance limit its use, beyond certain limits. We countered the technology with singularity technology and controlled probability using the massive energy of the singularity generator technology.

Lucifer's widespread use of tachyon technology increased the scale of combat requiring huge numbers of heavily armored combat forces to combat them and bring the war to an end.

By enslaving and converting his forces and civilizations with focused group think Lucifer was able to boost the effectiveness of his Tachyon technology until he ran into our forces.

Our Delta forces equipped with singularity technology would land and increase freedom limiting the effectiveness of Tachyon technology by increasing the number of choices available to a race. We work across all spiritual lines using coded communications methods tied to various scared text and teachings.
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Re: Singularity Drive Detection Capability - 18/10/11 9:44 AM

The Vegas shooter that killed the people from the high rise hotel and lived as gambler had decaying old Lucifer War nano tech Tachyon Technology within his central nervous system. This enabled him to commit the atrocity he committed. These decaying remains of Lucifer War nano tech are very dangerous as evidenced by the Vegas shooting. My wife and I have faced this decaying technology and combated it with singularity technology and genetic engineering.
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Re: Singularity Drive Detection Capability - 18/10/11 9:59 AM

Our implanted singularity technology is intentionally designed to work with things like decks of cards to avoid Lucifer Class AI Based Surveillance Systems that sweep all media and cyber communications on a planet. We are able to use simple books and such to get visual downloads from our singularity based processors and reinforce morality and ethics using the dominant religious texts and sacred teachings on a planet or within a cultural group.

Technology so advanced looks like magic
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Re: Singularity Drive Detection Capability - 18/10/11 10:27 PM

I just posted the next phase of the Enemy Human Alien Hybrids attempt to gain control of the world order in on the thread that discusses it.

I have been speaking via email with very influential Muslim scholars on this matter and they concurred with the threat to Middle East Peace that the event discussed in the other thread speaks to.

Based on that I ran a playing card visual manual down load from the AI Singularity Battle Net link in my visual cortex using a newly opened pack of cards.

The message I got is both symbolic and numerical based

In verbal step down it says this based on AI analysis of my dialog with important Muslim Scholars

Threat to man created in gods image identified and accepted by the Muslim Scholars from the Christian Leader, Good or Evil will come from it based on free will in keeping withe the Christian Tradition, the truth has been revealed to the Muslims by the Christian and they have equal infinite love for life and God.

The card sequence output from the AI Battle net is attached, it is complex multi dimensional message coded to Islamic and Christian symbol and number meaning per our sacred texts.

If you would like to discuss this downloaded output I would be more than willing to talk with you about it.

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Re: Singularity Drive Detection Capability - 18/10/12 12:40 AM

I just engaged a download from the AI interface over this leak of Top Secret Gama material from NSA. The person is anti ten commandments and anti Christian, wishes death to religious people of all types and such. He is a white male mid thirties early forties well built highly educated
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Re: Singularity Drive Detection Capability - 18/10/12 10:05 AM

In terms of the Singularity Interface it works on both the conscious and subconscious level, After downloading the visual output via non technological means the system links to the brain for detailed analysis during sleep via the visual cortex. Lucid Dreaming Conference Sessions to discuss issues and run over decisions and instructions take place while sleeping. These sessions involve high degrees of rem activity during sleep, talking in sleep and even sleep walking to get something to eat or drink or go to the toilet.

While in sleep conference mode the discussions are wide ranging. It is like a virtual reality session

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