Official UFO Sightings by Navy Pilots

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Official UFO Sightings by Navy Pilots - 19/06/01 11:37 PM

One pilot almost collided with on of the objects. He reports it as a cube surrounded by a sphere.

As to that object I know what it was and where it came from and what its propulsion system is.

It is a terrasect class fighter bomber powered by a micro singularity engine. The mother ship of that fighter bomber is in a collapsed wormhole out of phase temporally with our earth but locked into a stationary position on the east coast of the United States.

That mother ship has been on station on Earth since the dawn of Egyptian Civilization.

Survivors of crashed warp ship that crashed on this planet roughly 8,000 years ago are linked by nano technology and advanced interfaces inside their occipital lobe of their visual cortex to the AI system in the Terrasect class mother ship in the collapsed wormhole. The mother ship is roughly the size of Manhattan Island and has the most powerful singularity engine ever produced by the civilization it is from as its primary drive. It is on station to monitor this world and the frontier of this civilization that Earth is located on.

DOD has a classified program to identify members of the descendants of the first crashed warp ship using high fidelity MRI with contrasting magnetic agent. The agent within the intense magnetic field of the MRI causes the protective field of the visual cortex implant to show up on the MRI scan. DOD bumbled into this by accident.

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Re: Official UFO Sightings by Navy Pilots - 19/06/02 12:05 AM

When the wormhole collapsed the Terrasect Class Dreadnought was trapped in a space time pocket. Half of it intersects with a point in the UK and Half with a point on the East Coast of the United States. Survivors of the first warp ship that crashed here bred into the human race about 8 thousand years ago according to a unique finding of a genetic study of the human genome. These survivors are linked to the ship by AI interfaces created by advanced nano technology. They are used as agents by the Ship AI on business of the civilization that built it. A variety of craft are berthed on the Terrasect Class Dreadnought as well as advanced weapons up to and including anti mater demolition munitions. The ship has the ability to generate gravity waves and pulses and induce earthquakes as required with authorization from its parent civilization. It can also induce solar flares by gravity pulse and wave interaction.
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Re: Official UFO Sightings by Navy Pilots - 19/06/02 12:32 AM

Attached to this post is hyper advanced geometric work that led to the pi equation. The pi equation was needed by quantum computer engineers to build advanced qubit quantum computer processors. It was obtained by chemical torturing of a senior agent of the civilization that built the Dreadnought that is trapped in the collapsed wormhole. After being identified by DOD MRI this agent of a vastly advanced civilization was chemically, psychologically and physically tortured by the Government of the United States CIA. Torture include electro shock and chemical agents of varied sorts. This equation was essential to the west and United States maintaining their lead in computer science.

The ship and its personnel retaliated with attacks up to and included gravity pulses to get the CIA to cease and desist. One pulse triggered the great Washington DC Earthquake that shut DC down for days but caused no major damage.

The UFO reported by the United States Navy are running recon operations following the capture and torture of a senior agent of a advanced civilization by the United States CIA

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Re: Official UFO Sightings by Navy Pilots - 19/06/02 1:05 AM

What follows is the algebraic equation for the Pi. This was needed to build advanced quantum computer processors. The CIA tortured, drugged and psychologically manipulated a agent of a a hyper advanced civilization to get this so they could built a quantum computer for intelligence purposes. This work was done by the agent linking under torture and chemical drugging to the massive AI Computer System of the Dreadnought. It flagged his capture and linked back by singularity battle net communications to its parent civilization. During the torture and drugging by the CIA the agent accessed the Battle net databases of military operations dating back billions of years. For breach of singularity battle net security Washington DC was hit by a focused gravity pulse and rocked by a earthquake. This planet is now under recon sweep by advanced fighter bombers that the navy has just detected. Now was a quantum computer chip worth that?

The value of radius r is of interest to us. It should be equal to 2/(√Π). From this equation we get an algebraic equation for Π.
Π = 4 / r2 = 4 / ((xS – xB)2 + (yS – yB)2)

The above expression for  is algebraic involving one irrational number √3 only.

A philosophical query:
We shifted the origin of the figure identified by X in the hope that such a shift might produce a simpler expression. Are we involved in a search like the search for the ‘universal solvent?’ Are we on the verge of pushing algebraic simplification to the next level? In one approach to proving the correctness of programs with loops, we identified ‘loop invariants’ which helped us to eliminate the need to identify the number of times a loop would be executed. Are we suggesting that “a geometric construction for an algebraic equation is ‘expression invariant’ of the relationship between the RHS and LHS of the algebraic equation?”
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Re: Official UFO Sightings by Navy Pilots - 19/06/02 1:11 AM

On August 23, 2011, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit the Piedmont region of the Commonwealth of Virginia, United States, at 1:51:04 p.m. local time. ... Previous studies of worldwide earthquakes indicated that landslides occurred no farther than 36 miles (58 km) from the epicenter of a magnitude 5.8 earthquake.
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Re: Official UFO Sightings by Navy Pilots - 19/06/02 9:27 AM

Attached is a official DOD high fidelity MRI of the visual cortex of a descendant of the warp ship that crashed here 8,000 years ago. In the high fidelity MRI of his visual cortex with magnetic dye the spherical universal AI implant and wet were nano tech interface is visible. CIA attempted to hack into this system with NSA by drugs, torture and physiological manipulation of the agent. This triggered a fail safe flag and hostage rescue team operation by the agents of the ship and his parent civilization. The AI of ship deployed recon and strike fighter bombers that the Navy detected.

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The end result of the Dreadnought AI directed hostage rescue operation was the senior agent of the Civilization was provided with state of the art housing and a six figure tax free retirement income by the United States Government. His compensation package includes full Gold Plated Health Care for he and his wife for the rest of their long natural lives, and local property tax reductions. Most of his debts were dismissed and the few that remained were consolidated at a zero interest with a minor repayment schedule. He and his wife were linked by the AI to descendants of the first warp ship crash and have full international travel privileges. The senior agent is currently engaged in a variety of benign advanced research projects and gets grant funding from the United States Government to support his research.
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As confirmed by United States Navy UFO recordings and pilot encounters the United States CIA almost got the planet put under alien civilization martial law and forced re-education. Just because it wanted a quantum computer for intelligence purposes. During this debacle the United States was hit by several focused gravity pulses that caused no major damage. These included induced earthquakes directly under the desk of lazy incompetent federal workers.
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Re: Official UFO Sightings by Navy Pilots - 19/06/02 8:13 PM

As noted from the Navy Intercepts of these mother ship RECON Craft that are scanning all electronic devices and monitoring the CIA, NSA and world governments, they have a non interference directive as noted by Intelligence Analysts working on the Navy Pilot Data. Quantum computing is a major technological leap forward and could destabilize the planet in many ways. CIA captured a agent of a alien civilization tortured him and forced him to give them the key to advanced quantum computer chip technology. Typical vile CIA behavior. The mother ship is here on the frontier of the alien civilization to guard the frontier and monitor the race developing on this planet. I has a non interference directive when it comes to developing cultures and allowing them access to advanced technology. Other races transit this frontier area and the agents of the ship deal with them. Eventually if and when the human race achieves a breakthrough in warp technology it will be officially recognized by the alien race this planet is on the frontier of. Until then the Dreadnought AI Computer is maintaining a non interference policy allowing the human race to survive or fall by it own hand. The survivors of the crashed warp ship from 8,000 years ago will survive regardless and will take over the planet if the human race fails and falls.
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Re: Official UFO Sightings by Navy Pilots - 19/06/02 9:01 PM

In terms of the senior agent captured and tortured by the CIA, he is a American Citizen born in the United States. A descendant of the warp ship crash survivors. At birth he was taken aboard the Mother Ship Dreadnought and had advanced computer controlled command grade nano tech inserted in his infant body. He was then tracked into the military to serve with extreme distinction and help resolve the Cold War. During his service he had full unfettered access to the Singularity Battle Net of the Alien Civilization and AI System of the Dreadnought Star Ship.

He is now retired and living well with his warp ship descendant wife. Both have been DNA tested and carry genes that date them back to the region that gave rise to Human Civilization, the Fertile Crescent of the Tigris and Euphrates River and the dawn of the Iron Age and time of the Baghdad Battery. It was in this region that the warp ship survivors bred into the human race. It is also the region of the Garden of Eden.

In terms of advanced technology the agent's wife was on a Icelandic Air flight struck by lighting. The bolt blew the nose cone off and fried most of the plane's electronics. She linked to the Dreadnought AI by implanted nano tech and used the WiFi feature on her phone to link into the planes Avionics. The AI of the Dreadnought by passed the destroyed avionics and assisted the pilot in landing the plane safely saving the crew and passengers. That is how agents of the AI Dreadnought function.

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Re: Official UFO Sightings by Navy Pilots - 19/06/03 12:40 AM

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It is also the region of the Garden of Eden.

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Re: Official UFO Sightings by Navy Pilots - 19/06/06 12:04 PM

Using his Visual Cortex AI Interface the Senior Agent tortured by the CIA recovered the Soviet Warsaw Pact Invasion Plans for Central Europe in 12 months during the Cold War. He had full and unfettered access to all NATO and DOD intelligence Databases and the largest human intelligence Network in Central Europe run by the Federal Republic of Germany while doing his work. Using his interface he modified a IBM PC running D-Base Three Software to serve as a automated targeting database developed to counter the Warsaw Pact Invasion of Central Europe. He then worked with the 1st Armored Division Artillery Fire Direction Center to load the targets from his automated database into the Fire Direction Computer of the Division Artillery System. This loading and transfer of data into the artillery central fire control computer linked the targets from his database digitally to NATO Forces to include Surface to Surface Missile Units, Air Force Targeting Databases and Long Range Artillery Units. This work was the greatest compromise of enemy Warsaw Pact secrets during the Cold War.

During Operations in the Middle East the while being tortured by the CIA the Senior Agent was pressed for the location of Osama Bin Laden he refused to cooperate. He was finally rescued by the Hostage Rescue Team of Agents of the Dreadnought Ship AI and routed to safe house after securing compensation from the Federal Government of the United States. During his torture sessions he identified a plot by Al Queda to sabotage the world economy during the height of the financial melt down. This included sinking and attacking of ships transiting the Suez Canal to drive the price of oil up by blocking the canal to oil shipments to Europe. At the time of the financial crisis this would have induced a Global Depression.

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Re: Official UFO Sightings by Navy Pilots - 19/06/06 12:26 PM

The senior agent and his wife are now official retired and are recovering from CIA torture sessions. They have a state of the art home and are engaged in Global Climate Change research. The focus of their research is on home to survive global climate change while maintaining a high quality of life while using off the shelf and reclaimed materials to grow food and survive extreme weather conditions. They live in a state of the art Global Climate Change resistant home and work with a global network of universities and organizations.
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Re: Official UFO Sightings by Navy Pilots - 19/06/06 12:57 PM

The Global Climate is changing. Hundreds of millions are at risk of hunger due to Global Climate Change. For the remainder of their long natural lives the Senior Agent and his wife are working Global Climate Change issues. They are actively engaged in The Global Ecological Village Network, and a host of other projects and programs. They have just received a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Grant for the construction of a High Tunnel State of the Art Greenhouse. This greenhouse will allow them to raise crops in intemperate conditions and do low energy cold weather farming research as well as helping them provide food to the poor in their local communities. They mentor adults and children in their local communities and travel internationally.

They have issues from being tortured by the CIA and fall under the authority of the USDA in terms of having a supervising agency over them.
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I just finished a online discussion with an international group of raised bed farmers. The topic was our advanced bio science Hugelkultur raised beds. We are using the self heating capability of the raised bed to test its ability to raise crops in marginal conditions without a lot of support technology. These beds were intentionally made from on hand and reclaimed local products with simple tools. They are designed to be replicated in poor areas to allow for sustainable farming in marginal conditions while conserving water. To date our beds have exceeded expectations and we have learned much about which crops should be started in terms of timing and existing weather conditions.
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Re: Official UFO Sightings by Navy Pilots - 19/06/07 12:39 AM

Attached to this post is the official unclassified DOD Officer Evaluation Form Signed by the Former Director of the United States National Ground Intelligence Center of the Defense Intelligence Agency that documents my recovery of the Warsaw Pact Invasion Plans for Central Europe and development of a computerized targeting database that exploited that intelligence breakthrough.

I am now engaged in Global Climate Change research working under the supervision of the United States Department of Agriculture.

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