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In Response To: "Re: Who Are the Men in Black"
Sometimes I just wonder whether it is me or you

It is blatantly obvious that they are nothing more than government officials.

It is also obvious that the spate of UFO sightings is not good for government moral

How else can they 'feed you guys nuts'?

It is not me that is crazy, but this madcap society who thinks that it is in the centre of the universe.

Brought down by generations of Christian priest worship that help build our proficient money grabbing society in the way that it is!

Although one of you had escaped to this forum the gov is particularly concerned to keep you guys here out of harms way.

No way do the UFOs or government want to change you.

The sudden jolt into realism could make you normal and send shares plummeting .Leaving Gothic boots, headsets, rucksacks and IPhones for the garbage man.

On the subject of being 'normal' I think that is the wrong word? Being complacence is better.

No wonder there are so many abductions....the mental hospitals cannot cope and leave the work to the aliens.

Waking up in the farmer's field...count as a blessing minus the pill provider and the wake up pills from a hard night at the pubs.

Separating one from the other and working out which ones have been abducted is no easy task

Personally I let the cows sort it out. As for myself, I had been fortunate to wake up in my room hoping none of my genes had been distributed to you

As for The Blues Brothers , they are hardly gonna be aliens in black suits wearing sun glasses visiting you for a ride?

When I was young (and blooming good looking as well) I looked forward to this generation as one of enlightenment. The Age of Aquarius they said!

What did they do? Send us the Hippies and packed them up to Frisco. The ones we had here, the punks finished them off.
The rest escaped to forums.

Thought I may be having a decent chat with Jack, Bill or Alan here?

What have we here instead?

Names like 'Doxtrus Evil Eye' "Rays from my Eyes Junior' 'Flambus' and more. I am , just 'georgek' and the reason why I do not give my full name is in case some b*stard comes to find me!

Well.....I think I will write some poetry and probably upset any religious geek on the entertainment section....if I am still here? (your fault as I am only human and my poor brain can only take so much)

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