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In Response To: "Re: Is space a lie? Maybe it's something else..."
Know the history of religion, how it was the knowledge and truth at the same time for its time? It was the accepted truth by of the society. So what makes you think the public science is not just another religion of some sort of control?

Teachers at school teach us things. But how many of the claims and theories have you tested? Have you seen space with your own eyes? Ha e you seen the planet Mars with your own eyes? Or Venus, Mercury, Uranus, Saturn, etc? Have you seen it?

There are many theories you actually can test. But what if it's all planed? The more facts = more trust. And someday you end up trusting them completely and everything they say? There's another group that follows the same patern. It's called, "religion".

That type of control was used for 1000s of years! Why do you trust them now? How do you know they don't lie again?
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