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In Response To: "Re: My Brothers UFO Sighting"
Timothy Morsch
Timothy Morsch
This is from my brother and he saw a UFO in the sky.

So, when I was a kid of maybe 11, maybe 12 years old, I was awoken by a strange noise emitting from my alarm clock radio. It was a sharp staticy sound and it was unusually loud. At first I attempted turning off my radio the normal way thinking it maybe got turned on somehow. But that didn't work. I tired to turn off the sound, but even after turning the volume down all the way it did continued to rattle my brain. I didn't know what to do! So I started yelling at my parents telling them that my clock won't shut off. They slept in the room next to me and the walls were pretty thin. I repeated myself a few times before my mom annoyingly yelled at me to "Unplug it!". So I complied and it finally turned off! A breath of fresh air as my ears could finally take a break. I turned around to get myself adjusted back into bed and there I saw it, right out the window over my bed, a circular "thing" in the air darting across the sky. There were several lights that looked like windows that emitted several colors including purple, green, and yellow rotating clockwise through the night. I stared at it both fascinated and terrified by what I was actually seeing. I knew that it was a UFO. It only took less than a minute, maybe 30 seconds before it was out of my gaping and sizable view. I had a hard time sleeping that night, but in the morning I tried telling my parents and my brother about my experience, but nobody took me seriously. Nobody believed me, and who would? It's crazy! We live in the middle of nowhere in New York and that kind of stuff does not happen. But I never forgot, and I knew what I saw. Over the years my parents and my brother came around to believing in me and what I saw. My dad told me that it was because my story never changed and after hearing it so many times from me over the years that it just had to be true. It was nice to get some validation from somebody for once. I don't know if it was a government aircraft or an alien spaceship, but I do know what I saw, and what I saw was an Unidentified Flying Object of some kind. I have seen it a few times after this, particularly within the weeks and few years after my initial experience, but it's been a very long time since i've seen a UFO of any kind, but to this day I do believe that there are UFO's out there and what many people claim to see is probably true. But for now all we can do is wait and continue to search in the stars until we find out what these UFOs really are and what they mean. Thanks for taking the time to read my experience!
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