"How to give 1000 * 10 billion euro to everyone the first day and 2000 * 10 the second day and 3000 * 10 the 3 day and n000 * 10 euro when n tends to infinity of nothing from 0 euro to start the project E-commerce Z and without asking you any money if me who pays you.

In a web site E where there are 10 visitors the first day and which increase in duplicate each day and it is the most valuable gain for this Blog it represents a value between 1 and 10 euro in the e-commerce for example.

In X days, it is to cover all the need of the human of the blue earth to give them 1000 euro.

How long does it take for this site to cover half of the humans who are 10 billion give them 1000 euro and there is only 1 visitor who stays 10 visitors and subscribes to the site?

And how long does it take to please the remaining 5 billion humans and give them 1000 euro so please everyone?

Answer here and more details the more we are number the more we are strong even without work like me and you will get you 1000 euro and for nothing just against website view and I hope that 1 of 10 come back:
use the bonton translation to translate on

Bac +5 in information processing and automatic et 8 years of experience.

Designer of a trade has 0 dollard who wants to give 1000 dollard without giving any money