Welcome back to another installment.

This one will be much shorter than my previous post.

It is important to know that what you are looking at is actually a UFO. Not every flying object is unidentifiable, and not everything unidentifiable, is Alien.

We could very easily get into a debate as to whether the government has reverse engineered Alien Tech, and now flies it's own triangles around and "could fly E.T. home" and whatever else. That may or may not be true, but, you should still be able to tell the difference between something "normal" and "not normal" and go from there.

There are specific characteristics which i use to identify UFO's as UFO's.

1. "Silence". Yeah, what they say, is correct. i have never once HEARD a UFO. With that said, if you are in a car driving down the road, and you see a jet fly over head, you can't hear the jet either, so, using the "silence rule" as the main identifier is not logical.

2. Stationary hovering. I have seen tons of UFO's just hovering over an area at all different altitudes. NOTE... weather balloons also tend to hover, and are generally BARELY visible, but DO in fact look like metallic orbs from the ground if you happen to see one. (i've seen a few). Also, Obviously, commercial drones can hover too, but, they have very limited battery life and can't fly for more than 15-20 minutes give or take with current battery tech.

So, If you do see an object hovering, watch it closely. If it is a UFO, it will likely either PHASE OUT, move away slowly and PHASE OUT, or shoot away (in any direction) at Mach 40 or so from a dead stop, and flat out disappear from view in a matter of LITERALLY milliseconds (which is how they usually disappear, but, blinking or looking away means you miss it. It usually happens about the time your eyes start to go dry, your neck starts to hurt, and you get bored from staring at it.. you look away for half a second and it's gone.

I say Mach 40 which is a speculative guess, but, i will give it some comparison. I have seen two UFO's shoot off so fast that my brain literally didn't notice it shooting off until it was half way across the sky, when my brain caught up. By this, i mean, If you were looking through a scope at a target 1000 yards away, and a friend shot an AR-15 at that target ((an AR-15 struggles at 1000 yards, which is why i use it as an example)), you would hear the gun go off, and then SEE a hole form in the target. Your brain can literally differentiate the time between the bullet exiting the gun, and hitting the target. I have seen UFO's shoot off across the entire width of the sky, in LESS time than it takes an AR-15 round to hit a target at 1000 yards, and at the altitude they were at, (low earth orbit) that would mean flying coast to coast in less than a second. If you see something moving like that... it's obviously alien. which brings me to my next point. (* I will touch on the "low earth orbit" thing at the bottom because i know someone will have something to say about that *)

3. insane and impossible maneuvers. This is another one you hear about often, but is also accurate. I mentioned that i saw 2 ufo's that moved at WAYYY fast speeds. Just a guess and speculation, but, i think it would take a matter of a few minutes to make a round trip to the moon at that speed. i mean, i really, honestly, can't put it into words. LIGHTNING looks slower than what i saw.

HOWEVER, most of the UFO's i have seen moving at "break neck speed" were more along the lines of somewhere between a satellite's speed and a meteor. Satellites tend to move slower than meteorites. generally 17,500 mph (just under Mach 23)
Meteors generally fly around the same speed, and hit the earth around 25,000 mph (Mach 32.5). Most UFO's that i have seen at high altitude were between these speeds, and the closer they have been to the ground, the slower they tend to move, but, they STILL move faster than any airplane flying in the sky at the same time.

I have seen them move from insane speeds that make passenger jets look like watching grass grow, and then STOP to a dead stop as if hitting a brick wall. Usually, once they stop, they will hover for a little while and may move very rapidly to a new position, or, move very slowly to a close position and continue hovering. When hovering, if they do decide to move "slowly", they tend to move in ways that are impossible for airplanes, like, forward, bounce off of an imaginary wall and reverse at the same exact speed, or, fly straight, and make a "J" shape and stop.

I have also saw what i initially thought were meteors, which slowed down, turned, and started going another direction until they cooled down and faded from sight, or, stopped mid air and phased out or otherwise disappeared, rather than breaking up.

4. Meteors break up when they hit the atmosphere. Many of them split into a billion micro-particles and just cease to exist. The ones which do make it all the way to the ground, are typically pretty small. The large ones tend to break apart into several smaller bright lights which in turn all burn out usually. Lots of meteors leave smoke trails. UFO's don't do any of those things...

Most of the UFO's that i initially thought were meteors, Burned a CONSISTENT (non fluctuating, not blinking) BRIGHT GREEN, stopped in mid air, or slowed down and turned in another direction until they cooled down enough to no longer be seen, or went farther than i could see beyond trees or obstacles. (these stories will be among the first over the next days)

With that said.... Meteors can be blue, green and yellow depending upon what is in them. Not every meteor is a UFO. Most aren't.

5. BLINKING LIGHTS... ok.... on TV, ufo's always have blinking lights on them. If you ever see a UFO video where it has blinking lights... 100% of the time it's fake. If you are OUTSIDE, and you see a UFO with blinking lights.... it's a DRONE. Granted, sure, there are probably tens of thousands of civilizations which could potentially be visiting us, and we really can't account for their technology, but, with the few species which ARE visiting us, and the huge number of UFO's I've seen - of all shapes and sizes; not ONE-DAMN-SINGLE-ONE of them had blinking lights... NONE!

Any light emitted from them was more than likely as a result of the craft's power source, or plasma, or, good old fashion reflection, either from human made electric street lights, or, sunlight.

** I said i would touch on the "low earth atmosphere" thing.

You can see man made satellites with your naked eye, with sizes ranging from a small refrigerator to a VW bug, to a bus, which have NO lights, from your back yard, in the middle of the city. If you happen to be outside of city lights, you can see dozens of them flying over, in a matter of hours. There are TONS of them . Usually, they are dimly lit, because they are small and have a small reflective surface, which sunlight reflects off of, and you can see.

I have seen numerous UFO's with a similar dimness, or slightly brighter, "dancing" around up there, the only light seen from them, being reflection from the sun. In fact, i have had more of these sightings than any other kind overall. However, The more modern we get, the more Satellites there are in the sky, and the harder it is to differentiate between a UFO that is flying in a straight line, and a Satellite.

6. Satellites. The main way that you can tell the difference, is that, satellites either stay in one place ALWAYS, (geosynchronous) or, move in a straight line. it used to be, that they could only go fly around the earth in the east / west orbit, however, now, satellites can orbit in literally any direction around the earth. Before they could orbit in the north/south direction, that was a tell-tale sign that it was a UFO. Satellites CAN NOT fly in a straight line and then STOP, or, turn and start orbiting in a completely different direction. they just.. DON'T do that.
[/// growing up in the 80's when there were literally a FRACTION of the amounts of sats and space junk floating around the world, it was a lot easier to know for a fact that what you were looking at was alien. Now, if you go out to the woods, every other second, something is zooming over head. Most of it is man made. \\\]

If you see any of those things, it's a UFO. Alien or otherwise.
Usually UFO's in orbit are dimly lit, or, about as bright as the dimmest star you can see. I think that a lot of times, you wouldn't see them in the city. I generally only see them when i am out away from city lights. i.e. Camping. EXCEPT for when i'm scanning my back yard with binoculars.

If they are brighter, then they are generally closer and are emitting their own light - not reflecting sunlight. I have seen some which i thought were in orbit, but, with my binoculars, they looked A LOT bigger than they would if they were actually in orbit.

Those are SOME of the typical ways to identify a UFO .. the strongest emphasis is on "airplanes can't do that" maneuverability.

Insufficient facts always invite danger. In critical moments, men sometimes see exactly what they wish to see. Where there is no emotion, there is no motive for violence and without followers, evil cannot spread.