The knowledge of a true Lightbearer:
Don't forget to watch my playlists they also carry wisdoms!

The Lightbringer in the other hand is who shares the light (truth/knowledge/wisdom). You cannot be a Lightbringer if you're not a Lightbearer!

Lucifer to me is who has carries many wisdoms including the knowledge of the universe/cosmos/existence itself and is a warrior. I'm myself a Lucifer. Attention! "A" Lucifer means it's rather a title/rank/degree. It's not a name. There are limitless many Lucifers in the universe. I'm not alone. You can become one too! That's why I share my knowledge and the wisdoms I've gained over the years (some of my playlists).

I do not have all the wisdoms of the universe.

Do I have to become one? The more there are of us the better! As a Lightbearer you sure will have more luck in life. It's as simple as that! We fear nothing and question everything to the last detail.

Peacekeepers and Peacemakers is who we are.

Have you done anything positive for the world lately?

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