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A world of mass hallucination

Quote, "This new idea is basically saying that that the physical universe that everyone sees, all the matter, all the physical objects only exists because humans perceive it as that."

Source: https://www.disclose.tv/physicists-...EIYLZ9Zm_NtZTIj0UDxWWfQPe87MiJRNN6LtIVNg

Referring to: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/physics-is-pointing-inexorably-to-mind/

Personal Statement

Just let them tell people slowly about this. That's what movies, music, the news, and whatever other mechanisms of information are for... Trickle down the puzzle pieces for a more comfortable consumption of knowledge and awareness without being called a loony for such ideas.

If you time traveled before Kennedy announced the plan to land man on the moon and said to people it will happen, they'd call you nuts... Go further back in time, tell them we will be able to do surgery from one point on the earth to the other without moving, they'd throw you in an insane asylum.

Yet today, it is still too difficult for myself and many others to talk openly about what we've seen and encountered; what we've learned from it. That is not yet a fact for the mass population. That there are things flying over our houses, in our communities, when you're all sleeping, that cannot be identified by our elected officials or any aerospace officials who are not in the "need-to-know" about it.

There's so much we have to keep our mouths shut about and pretend we are living normally like those of you who just don't know it yet. It is a heavy burden, but those of us in the know, have chosen to live with it. To deny such ignorance. To press on forward.