As a UFO witness and someone who believes there exists a shadow establishment concealing secrets about other intelligent lifeforms and the existence of extremely advanced technologies, Jonathan has had one the most compelling stories out there that I've personally heard of. I've heard of people attacking this man and I've read disinformation that belittles Jonathan and his encounters. I'm almost certain his story is the truth and is genuine, but it's up to you to decide that for yourselves.

Synopsis: In 1996, Dr. Jonathan Reed (alias) claims that his dog ran off when he was hiking at a remote location in the woods. When he caught up to his dog, he then saw a dark humanoid figure grab his dog by both jaws, snapping them apart. As a result, the dog turned to white ash, but this was never recorded on film. In retaliation, Reed took a tree branch and swung at the alien, weakening it.

Reed wrapped the body in a fire blanket and began recording the incident on his home video camera. He recorded a black floating object, that appeared to be anchored "in the air" and was freezing to the touch. During this encounter, he experienced extreme emotional distress and heavy breathing. He brought the body wrapped in the fire blanket back to his vehicle and tried to get to the ranger office, but no one was on duty. It had taken hours until he reached back to his home. Reed decided to do an autopsy of the alien and filmed the examination. Days later, his contacts wouldn't talk to him or acknowledge him. They were threatened with their lives.

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