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PHIL SCHNEIDER TRANSCRIPT #02 #8354 19/03/23 10:03 PM
Joined: Oct 2017
Posts: 191
Matt Offline OP
OP Offline
Joined: Oct 2017
Posts: 191
This is the second transcribed release featuring PHIL SCHNEIDER'S compelling information of D.U.M.B.s, Black Projects, the Alien Agenda and more.

Transcript is available for educational purposes only.
Thank you for visiting this post. If you quote or copy the transcript, please credit:
Aliendisc - Disclosure Network and link the material back to this thread for updates.

TRANSCRIBED BY: Aliendisc - Disclosure Network
LAST REVISED: 19/11/2011-3

I'm Phil Schneider, I'm an ex-government worker who worked 17 years in the black projects. Otherwise known as the skunk works. I worked predominantly helping to design and build extremely deep underground military basing.

I'll give you a short overview of my background. Structural Engineer with both Aerospace as well as military applications. Graduate of University of Missouri as well as University of Manchester, England. [...] That's about it for me.

I've worked in Vietnam - got - for one reason - shot whatever. Took 5 years to recuperate, came back, patched me up so to speak. Went to work for [?] I worked at also with EG&G, Bechtel, Aerospatiale France, I also worked worked with FIAT - cars by FIAT. I did a lot of work with Mercedes.

But predominantly my field was underground mountain basing and also submarine basing. And I wrote several [?] on analyzing rock formations by grain structure. And this grain structure would yield a certain pattern and that certain pattern could be used to analyze and chemically analyze and make special explosives. It could be used to help blast out large caverns underground and even when there were caverns you could still use shape charges and blast even rock. Although a lot of it was done by laser tunneling and drilling.

I have a copy of a book here. I can't sell it. It's my only copy. But this fellow could corroborate with me. His name is Richard Zouder, PHD. He can corroborate with me in regards to everything I'm talking about.

I guess I'll let you know that, that the kind of a background my father, my father was a German U-Boat Captain responsible for sinking of a 141 Allied boats. And he got captured by the French then captured and turned over to the 3rd Army, US and then 3rd Army turned him over to Naval Intelligence based out of Pensacola, Florida at the time. And he later went to work also in Navy black projects. Maybe that's where I started but it didn't work out that way I guess.

Anyway he worked for Naval operations, he worked on the infamous Philadelphia experiment, he was involved heavily on that. In fact I have some of his original notes. I had it here. I thought I included it but I guess I didn't. Strange they were right here to. Oh here they are. These are some of the original notes that he went and had to go to school to learn them inadvertently. And they were discussing things like Element 104, 105, way back in 1950s. So obviously that school was a little more accelerated then schools, normally of that particular day. He worked in Atomic Physics and also Time Variance.

Anyway my father continued work in the US Navy up until a couple years before he died. He died two years ago. 1993. May of '93. But his main contribution other than the Philadelphia experiment was that he was one of the principle engineers for the first nuclear submarine. The, "USS Nautilus". And he worked with [?] were on that project to its fullest from start to finish. He helped design the nuclear reactor, he helped design the metals, the containment vessel, he did all the machining of the Uranium pellets that were used. He designed the hull predominantly and some of the graving docks and so he was a major contributor, in such today that even his ideas of air conditioning and filtration are still used today in all nuclear submarines in the United States.

So that's so much for my father. He taught me a lot, he was pretty silent fellow and over time he told me that I shouldn't work in black projects in the desert regions. And of course I told him I'm sorry I have to work for a living. And in the early days - in the early 60s, mid 60s, the construction work really paid tremendously and that's where I went and got started. One thing lead to another and I went over to Vietnam,

I got 10 times what normal construction work did. [?]. Then when I got [?] and recuperated some 5 years later, [?] 1970, by 1975 I was bouncing around again and [?] worked for a number of contractors who were primarily underground base builders [?] brief overview of, the first underground bases were basically old gold mines. Just that tunnels were already there.

The first missile base as a matter of fact I believe was in Northern Montana. It was an old gold and silver mine. And the missiles are still in the old air shafts. Air shafts were re-drilled out and everything. [?] missile base out of an old gold mine [?] laser.

Well the first part -- basically the main part of the topic, you know with what I faced underground, is there anybody here that is in the frame of mind that they can't take gore or that kind of a thing. If there is, there might be a problem because, I'm going to get really graphic.

[GUEST: "I don't like it, but I can take it."]

OK, I'll tone it down a bit. But obviously this workshop basically is everything that I've missed in the main talk yesterday and of course it's pretty hard to cram 3 1/2 to 4 hours talk in 50 minutes. I've divided our talk into 4 -- 3 topics.

We'll talk about DUMB bases, Deep Underground Military Bases, we call them DUMB bases. Right now there are 131 of them, 129 are fully operational. Each one averages about 4 and a quarter cubic miles hollowed out underground at an average depth of 5,000 ft down. Now of course some of them are shallower, some of them are deep.

They're strategically located, they were initially built to protect the President of the United States and the government in general, the federal government as well as the political government. [?] the number -- the sheer number of 129 bases with basically the size of a medium size US city is kind of unfathoming when you're dealing with maybe only 10,000 people in government that would be saved during a nuclear holocaust or war.

So obviously these bases have an other ulterior meaning. Some of them have already been used to and house alien beings. Our government chooses not to let this out to the public for two reasons. The first main reason is that they don't want to panic the public and their second main reason is that they don't want the public to know the Alien Agenda. The first part of my talk we'll be talking predominantly about the Alien Agenda and what it means for us on planet Earth. And it's going to get pretty graphic.

The Alien Agenda basically, is thusly, aliens of eleven distinct races have been arriving here on Earth, en mass since 1946 predominantly and maybe earlier, actually probably.

The Bikini Island was one humongous underwater UFO base. Basically flying disc base [?] as it was known in the early 1940, it was March of 1940, that there was a number of this activity at that time.

The Japanese, before we got into war with them, they had a number of problems with 'flying balls of light' as they called them or 'divine second wind' as they also... They thought they were godlike, [?] gods come down and murder the populace, so their idea of such ended rather abruptly.

They became rather frightened and they declared war with us, hoping that if they lost the war. [?] Sceptical at this point in time because, [?] sources of the US Navy. That if we captured enough territory maybe we could nuke them and that would solve their problem. But although that's pretty sceptical. I can't prove that. [?]

The Alien Agenda basically is the takeover of planet Earth by another race of beings or races of beings. The US government has known about this Alien Agenda at least since early [?] Hitlerian times. Probably as early as 1933. The reason for that is the 3rd Army [?] and others just afterwards had [?] that there was some other agenda other than world war II. That was an immediate threat for the people of this planet.

In fact General Douglas MacArthur was one time quoted for saying, the very next war, toward the close of world war II in 1945 he actually was quoted in saying the next war we have will not be from the people of Earth but it will be from people - the world war - [?] wars will be from races from the stars. [?] A lot of speculative science fiction writing [?] or anything like that. [?] Old fool. He was a very visionary man, [?] believed anything, he knew about the Alien Agenda [?] WWI times.

Let me go further back in history, the first UFOs seen, occupants seen in caves and in and around Truth or Consequences, New Mexico were spotted by U.S. Army Calvary in 1909. So this is a little earlier then most people had thought. Supposedly the U.S. Calvary
had come across - they were chasing some bandits and they'd chase them in this area and there was these caves. They were very highly infested with aliens, in what they called the, "Silver Wing" [?] were very primitive aircraft and were sort of balloons and what was about it. 1909, that was pretty far back in time.

Anyway, the Alien Agenda means, as far as anything goes, as far as the government is concerned, it is the worst scenario they can ever face. Because, it involves not only having to tell the public major lies and innuendo all the time, but and keeping the public out of their face, [?] slowly is breaking down and I'm helping to do that because I remember my forefather of this country, George Washington saying, "An uninformed populace is a populace devoted to slavery." And so one must consider, that if we become uninformed and we ourselves have to take up [?] against this kind of a scourge, if we're uninformed then we're defeated already.

So I'm not here to panic anybody or start a panic but I feel that by lying to the American public, this is not the American way. [?] need to do something about that. As a matter of fact, as I'm talking, we need to also be talking and doing our homework regarding that. And there's a lot of people who say, "well I don't have the time". You can take 20 minutes a day can't you? [?] from there.

[TO BE CONTINUED] - 0:16:37/1:53:08

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Re: PHIL SCHNEIDER TRANSCRIPT #02 [Re: Matt] #8358 19/03/24 7:20 AM
Joined: Nov 2017
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Alienarchist Offline
Joined: Nov 2017
Posts: 135
Phil Schneider was an enemy of the alienarchy .im Happy he is die

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