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Phil Schneider

You're in for a treat, Phil Schneider has 17 years experience working in the government black projects. He carried a level 3 security clearance, he's a former government geologist and engineer in the black projects, underground bases at Area 51, S-4, and Los Alamos. He's going to expand your mind here this morning. Please welcome Mr. Phil Schneider.

I'm Phil Schneider, I spent 17 years in black budget programs, government geologist, as engineer, structural engineer, with aerospace applications. Self taught metallurgist, became kind of famous in my own right. Basically I'd have a set of notes here but, they're unavailable. [..]. Up here I have different artifacts explaining - some of them are alien metals that have been produced both on this planet and the confines of outerspace. Are now used in all stealth aircraft. All stealth aircraft for instance all black jets, what you're seeing [...] black helicopters [...] the skins and the coatings and the residues that are used predominantly in the aircraft themselves, in the air frames, in the rotor blades, in the fans, in some cases in submarines. Special titanium hulls, in the phoenix submarine class now. All these come from, all this has come from alien technology.

1947 is what the public has been told. Something crashed in the back yard of New Mexico, called Roswell, New Mexico. Unfortunately, that's what the public's been told, the military's known about the alien question for the better part of 70 years and they first saw their glimpse of what was going on as early as 1909, in the american south west. Army cavalry were chasing some bandits and they entered this cave, they were held up in a cave and what they found was flying discs and little grey guys, and all kinds of weird things, and they didn't know how to explain that and they've [...] as best as they could. It's been in secret archives ever since. [...] down by the Truth or Consequences area of New Mexico.

Well the alien thing is more then just what I'd call a non-visible threat, we on the surface, first of all, all information dealing with alien or alien reproduced technology or alien reproduced vehicles or any other kinds of things well hidden from the american public. Our black budget for instance, garners 1.023 trillion dollars every two years. That's over 500 billion dollars a year. Right now, there are over 131 active deep underground military bases in the United States. There's 1,477 of them worldwide. Each one has an average cost of 17 to 19 billion dollars. Each one is built in the site of - it use to be - take about a year to two years to build each one and now they're capable of building a couple of them a year with sophisticated methods. My colleague, Al Bielek has actually been on some of the high speed railways, the magneto leviton trains that connect all the deep underground military bases within the United States. He's been on a mach 2 train and [it] floats off a single rail, floats 3/4" off the rail, [...] what you'd call high tech. We had nothing like this on the service, the public has basically been totally lied to.

We're considered stupid or even moronic in some cases. It's got to stop, if we're going to regain our country back, we must and I repeat, must regain, we must instill in our public officials anybody that goes and does public service, they must tell us the truth, if they cannot do this, then they must be impeached. They must be removed from office. If this cannot occur, if the truth cannot totally come out - there are reasons for secrecy for instance, but if the truth cannot totally come out, the what's the use in any of us having freedom. [..]

OK, I have pictures that I'm going to show you during the break and artifacts, and I ask you to kind of look at them but not handle them. I have actual crashed retrieval metal from Roswell, New Mexico. It's given to me when I was fourteen years old. For instance, I've got other things, pieces of titanium, a special titanium alloy made for everything from the original SR-71 Blackbird, it's an old hat now. F1-17A is their old hat now. They're making a whole new class of hyper sonic above mach 5 aircraft that employ extremely modern charged particle beam weapons. They don't even use lasers anymore. Computer enhanced imaging radar, although it's used in helicopters for public surveillance, computer enhanced imaging radar and in satellite technology, the brand new kid on the block, there's a kind of infrared technology where a satellite 150 miles out in a geosynchronous orbit, not quite geosynchronous orbit but, these spy satellites can literally look in and see a dime on the floor. Let's say on your kitchen floor. Resolution factor of 99.999961.

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