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Talking about a lot of things today, if you want to audiotape that's fine. No videotaping allowed. Period. Under any circumstances. I suggest that you all take notes, because the truth is that no matter how smart we think we are, me included, we usually retain only about 10% of anything that we hear. This is going to be intensive. For about six hours I'm going to bombard you with information. So if you don't take notes, when you leave here, you're going to say what did he say about that? The purpose of this is to leave you with something. I want you to go out of here with a good understanding of the information that I'm going to cover. My purpose is not to change your religion. My purpose is not to make you believe everything that I say, on the contrary, I'm the only one in the world that will tell you to listen to everyone, read everything, believe absolutely nobody, including me, including your mother, including your pastor, your preacher, your priest, your uncle Bob and anybody else that you can think of. Unless you can prove it in your own research and research it doesn't mean getting a book off the library shelf and reading and saying well he said it so it must be true, because I wrote a book and I'm telling you don't believe me unless in your own research you can prove what it is that I'm telling you. Because this is the age of deception and if you don't believe that, you might as well god home right now, because you're in the wrong place.

This is the age of deception and everybody today is living in a fantasy world and they're promoting agendas that they don't understand, because somebody told them that it's the right thing to do. And they generally believe it. Most people go to the church that they go to simply because their parents did and for no other reason. Most people who are democrats are democrats because their parents were. Or they're republicans because their parents were. If you ask them what a republican is, they couldn't tell you in a hundred million years. They don't know. They vote that way because that's comfortable for them because that's what they grew up with. Most of us do what we do because we grew up in it. So there is an awful lot about this environment around you that shapes who and what you are. It's the truth.

I had a woman at the post office where we lived the other day, say I listen to your radio station every day, it's wonderful! But when Bill's show comes on, I turn it off because I don't want to be brainwashed. What is she admitting to? She's admitting she's already been brainwashed, because she is unwilling to listen to opposing viewpoints. That's the biggest number one sign of brainwashing that there is. It didn't matter that it was my show. It's any show. Any opposing viewpoint. Anything that opposes the status quo. If you won't listen to it, you're already brainwashed. You've closed your mind and you are at the mercy of whatever manipulation they want to throw your way, because you've already determined that they're telling you the truth no matter what. You don't investigate, you have accepted blindly. That's the most dangerous thing that can happen to anyone. The moment that you say, "This guy right here, I like him, I like what he says, he's right, I'm going to listen to him, and anybody that's different from him is wrong." You've just totally destroyed yourself, because the truth is, he's a human being, I'm a human being, this young lady (in front of Cooper) is a human being. Bill Clinton is a human being. Okay. When you mistake - when you mistake people for righteousness - when you mistake people for the message or when you mistake people for government or when you mistake people for religion, you're making a big mistake.

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