I personally think given the sheer numbers the ET'sH (Extra Terrestrial's Hypothesis) is the most likely, This theory is one ive always found interesting.

The Greys. What are the reasons for supposing that they are a dolphin-based life form? The answer to this is found in the similarities of both their physical and behavioral aspects.

First let us examine the physical characteristics. The skin of a Grey is very similar to that of dolphins, both in texture and in some cases, coloration. If you have an abductee look at a dark gray porpoise, the response is in the affirmative. On Earth, the dolphins evolved legs and arms to function on land but later returned to the oceans. X-rays clearly show the residual appendages in modern day dolphins. It is possible that the Greys evolved just as Earth dolphins but did not return to the oceans, and continued to develop as a land-based mammal. Next is the skull shape. The Greys have a large rounded rear area in the upper front and back of their skulls. An examination of the dolphin skull shows the same large, rounded front and rear areas. The eyes of Greys are described as large and black with what appears to be a protective shielding covering the eye. Many Earth aquatic animals have developed protective outer-eye shields for underwater use. It is possible that this is a left-over attribute from the Greys ocean origins. Another factor is the dark coloration of this eye shield. It suggests an eye structure suited for a reduced light environment. In the oceans, this is natural for a creature living underwater where the sunlight does not penetrate. On Earth, the dolphins developed the sonar ability as their primary navigational ability and do not rely on sight while underwater.

Now we will look at the behavioral similarities. Earth’s dolphins use sonar to navigate and stun both prey and enemies. The stun affect is of particular interest to us. Dolphins can emit a very powerful and focused ultrasonic burst from the front portion of their skulls. They use this to stun prey and to stun enemies such as sharks and barracuda. I once saw a film of a group of dolphins using this ability on a very large barracuda. The barracuda was swimming towards a group of baby dolphins. Four large adult dolphins turned so that there heads were directly in line with the barracuda and emitted a sustained ultrasonic burst. The effect on the barracuda was astounding. It froze, completely paralyzed in the water. Even the gills had stopped moving. The dolphins stared at it for about thirty seconds, during which time the barracuda remained totally immobilized. As soon as they turned their heads away, the ultrasonic beam was no longer focused on the barracuda and it fled at a very high speed. Obviously this beam was tightly focused and required the dolphins heads to be pointed directly at the target. The strength of the beam could be changed also. When hunting it could be directed at small fish and amplified to lethal levels, causing instant death. Some believe that this is also used when dolphins kill sharks, by ramming them. Autopsies show the sharks internal organs have been literally shattered.

The beam can also be controlled to produce a stun effect as in the case of the barracuda. The result was physical paralysis and disorientation. I believe that this is the very same technique used by the Greys in abductions. The similarities are overwhelming. Every abductee says that when they are abducted they are paralyzed and become mentally disoriented. This is usually in the presence of a Grey. The most striking thing they recall is what is called the “Stare.” This is when the Grey looks directly at an abductee. The large dark eyes capture the abductees attention immediately. They then report being unable to move, and a feeling of great mental disorientation. On some rare occasions, abductees report a lessening of these effects when the Grey looked away from them. This indicates that the intensity of the effect was directly proportional to the direction or focus of the front portion of the Greys head.

I believe that Greys possess the same sonar abilities as all dolphins and that these abilities are used to stun an abductee during the abduction. The �Stare” as abductees call it, comes from the positioning of the Greys� frontal skull area, the projection area, to achieve maximum beam concentration on the abductee. When the Grey looks away, the beam would naturally become less focused and the effect would diminish, just as it does.


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