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911 and Berry Berenson Schiaparelli (Research) #7198 19/01/25 1:08 PM
Joined: Jan 2019
Posts: 28
blackgaul Offline OP
OP Offline
Joined: Jan 2019
Posts: 28
Hello, this is Black Gaul.

So far ive found a series of interesting, factual and relateable hints on 911's curious nature...

The research started as part of data gathering for a cyberpunk book, project i wanted to write.

You are the first people i tell this 2.0 scheme outside my inmediate circle of friends...

...The first part of the data gathering was shared with a british conspiracy theorist in order to avoid confirmation biases regarding my hypothesis once the info started to take logic shape... ...but i got more info since then.

I'm a millenial, kind of hipster... kind of, the info bursted from average teen conspiracy readings...

Theres also another info i got to complete the analysis... Regarding the source of this? My grandpa,

I never met him.

He was a mason, and recently i found out he was younger cousin and secretary of colombian Liberal leader Jorge Eliecer Gaitan, apparently during the 'Banana massacre'.

I got some books from his (grandpa's) personal collection recently... and re-read another enciclopedia i already had from that collection as well, and found out interesting information.

Im uploading a file with excerpts from those books (Mainly in spanish), id rather keep the names to myself ...

...but mention that among the art collection of the books there was one about italian gothic renaisance...-they innovated the studies of perspective (perspectiva flamenca) that got me to Da Vinci's flemish learner and map artist Gerardus Mercator and his masonic oath to Apollo and the virgin, i found that one on the internet (but thats another story) and lost the link to that specific book on google academic, try googling about it-.

(Mercator's birthplace made me wonder so i googled about 'Flamenco' on 911 using google's date range adjustment, and got to the music of 'El cabrero' an anarchosindicalist from Spain that was having a concert during the terrorist attack, same time just different location, in Spain. Someone uploaded to youtube a song of him with the hacker's group 'anonymous' picture so that made me think some more...)


******Queen of Spain before being a royal painted nude in Mexico.

Regarding the books, One painter is 'Antonello de Messina'... He painted a virgin with the arms crossed in front of the chest (Like the masonic salutation or pharao's mummies) resembling the virgin of Florence (Italy) the model is called 'Smeralda Calafato', she is a saint and her mummy's location is an adoration spot in Sicily.


Another painter is Fra Filipo Lippi. He had a model called 'Lucrezia Buti' , used to make the same scene Antonello de Messina did.


Lucrezia's paintings were kept at Medici's family museum... The place where the Medici family Leader at the time retired and isolated himself from society (like 'Des Esseintes' the character of ''Against the grain'' by Joris Karl Hyusmans, book with an impor+ant reference to biblical character 'Salome' and automata) curiously enough, the Medici leader had Lucrezia's pain+ing portrayed as 'Salome' by Lippi and theres a character painted with an X on his chest) -One- of the reasons Hitler lost the war is cus he delayed operations due to the transportation of this very painting.



Then there is, off course, Sandro Boticceli (well mentioned on the Da Vinci code books) and his model 'Simonetta Vespucci'... Simonetta married a member of the Vespucci family, relative to future explorer Americo Vespucci. She posed as the 3 main greek godesses: Athena, Venus-Aphrodite (and Hera). All used to reference the triple 'Hecate' goddess. (Francisco de Quevedo's poem 'La aguja de navegar cultos' - It was a diss to Gongora's beleifs and style)

-hold the facts, if it dont make sense, after reading you can have your own conclusion-, Im synthetizing a lot of esoteric traditions and avoiding the dense explanations-.

Boticceli painted the Venus birth... regarding that specific topic there is to mention that according to the original myth, Aphrodite was born at Cythera, place where Jaques Costeau found the Antikythera mechanism, the first analog computer known by mankind before Christ age... Cronos was responsible for the birth of Venus at Cythera according to ancient lore.


This mechanism was made of bronze... regarding bronze there is to be said that the process of making pieces out of bronze needed tin... The tin was traded by phoenicians (with important settlements at Tarragona and Barcelona) using an ultra secret route only known by their political and military elite, the source was the land of the gauls (now Spain) this route was briefly mentioned by Aristotle in 'Ecumene' and it depicts Gibraltar as two towers (Where the phoenician tin route began via Spain and France, mainly Asturias)

There is one specific spanish royal order called 'Order of the golden fleece' and they have an allegorical trip based on 'Jason and the argonauts', using the cross of st. Andrew (an X shaped cross)ón_de_Oro



(You better translate this one to english instead of reading the english version for it has not the whole info)

The tribe of Lug (Asturian Lug is scandinavian Loki and Gauls with the totemic wolf are their descendants according to the myth) and panceltic tribes alike have a myth regarding life after death making a long trip to the edge of the world (Remember the earth was not an sphere until Galileo...allegedly) they would reach and outworldly land with golden apples after death if they were brave warriors in life, pretty much like a Valhalla, although the Valkyres can be related to the Xanas os Asturian druidic mythology... The trip was although made on a magical vessel... According to the ancient book 'Lebor Gabala' this tribes are descendents og Magog (The biblical character)ála_Érenn

In the contemporary time Asturias revolution bombed the Cathedral of Oviedo and partially destroyed alleged Jesus Christ crucifixion blanket "El santo sudario de la catedral de oviedo"... there was also the theft of the jewel of one of the two crosses of the church... "Victory's cross" and "Angel's cross".

(I reccomend again you translate this one cus there is no english entry)

Asturias is also the place where some philosophers located the Hesperides garden, where according to the original myth, a dragon and the three sisters kept the golden apples safe. Theses 3 sisters of many myths are referenced all throughout art (Shakespeare, Goethe, Contemporary movies), they punished hubris in some versions and scandinavian lore calls them the 'Wyrd sisters'. There is also the 'Wheel' god called 'Taranis' and is their version of Zeus and Odin.

The place where the Hesperides was allegedly located (Cadiz, Spain), is the birthplace of Jose Celestino Mutis, pioneer of the latin american enlightenment who died on 11 september 1808.

¿Who is Berry Berenson Schiaparelli?

ANECDOTE*** I googled '911 schiaparelli' After reading about the 'Schiaparelli project' (An evil secret plan never revealed on oldschool japanese anime 'Martian succesor Nadesico'. a part of the story that never got a proper ending on the series plot cus the spaceship gets lost in space)

- A model, actress and member of the Schiaparelli family, relative of the Medici family and stablished in power by a member of the family who was Astronomer/politician and discovered some anomalies on Mars surface. She was a passenger of one of the planes that crashed the twin towers during 911 (You can Just google it - Her son is a pro musician part of record label XL recordings called 'Elvis Perkins').

*She dated a member of the Rothschild family back in the day (Yeah, the same Rothschild of the conspiracy theories worldwide) and was related to film maker Luccino Visconti (Remembered by 'Death in Venice')

**(Death on Venice is about the plague... regarding this topic there's to mention 'The book of the duchess' by Geoffrey Chaucer, written by him to honour the memory of Blanche de Lancaster portraying the situation on the book as a chess game lost by the king -British royalty-, she died on 11 september on 1368.


***There is to be said that there is a connection between Thomas Mann (Death in venice writer) and Geoffrey Chaucer, a motif in their literature recently discovered by scholars... it depicts an eagle taking a person on a trip in its giant claws and i refer to Mann's 20th century book 'Joseph' and Chaucer's 14th century book 'House of fame'. The two headed eagle is a masonic symbol that can be traced to ancient Sumeria.

-Messina's history (Antonello de Messina's birthplace) is linked to the history of the black death or black plague. Siracuse lemon is the reason behind the 19th century rise of sicilian mafia and it was vital for inmunologic nutrition.

-The same mediterranean yellow lemon is used as symbol by ancient indian-muslim gang/sect 'Thugge'. Their blade weapon was used on game 'Assasins creed' as the main character's weapon, althouth its supposed to be about the 'Nizari' sect due to its relation to crussades. Gauls used to trade Cannabis with the indians way before the roman empire stepped in and conquered the "barbarians".


The rocket as we know it today was created by Thuggee sect, Military leader Hyder Ali from Mizore used rockets to fight the british empire. Jules Verne's character 'Nemo' is based on a Mizore's royal family member that was involved in the french revolution supporting the jacobines

Nazis developed the V2 rocket and this sample was used to make the Saturn V used for the moon landing, at crater 'Aretus' (Called like the greek astronomer that turned constellations into myth and that is historically quoted on the bible -i would even dare to say out of personal opinion: copied by the biblical writer) this was achieved due to the 'paperclip operation' that took nazi scientist under north american wing.

Those rockets and early plane desings used Da vinci's Turbine model to develop an Action-Reaction technology.

The same hidraulic Action-Reaction principle is used by medieval engineer Al Jazari in his clock-automata based on egyptian Clepsydra.

Da Vinci's drill desings were used by Exxon Mobile when Pensylvania's oil rush happened.

Around year 2012 it was discovered that a copy of the original Gioconda painted by a Leonardo Da vinci's student-lover had used better lasting materials than master Leonardo Da Vinci, also that the painter had covered some parts with a fake black background (now removed by Museo del prado- del prado museum) and there is a red '666' signature and two towers behind the model. (Google it, its on youtube)

**Regarding the data from another book of my collection id like to share something that got me into 'calcium permanganate'... it is a big mistery to me it took me a full year to identify the chemical linking these areas and was my way of explaining the T&T mistery as i had started to investigate out of cyberpunk data gathering... im uploading a text mainly in spanish with names of creators and pioneers whose area of expertice can be related to the use of calcium permanganate... they happen to have the characters 'T' & 'T' somewhere on their names.. the whole info set is relateable to one another..

Once read i reccomend to watch 'Las Celticas' By cartoonist Hugo PraTT, it is a chapter of the comic 'El corTo malTes'.its got an animation. If you are familiar with dadaism or conceptual art you may easily get what i mean...

1457- impresion a color : johann FusT y peTer schoffer socios de gutenberg hasta 1454

*primer libro ilustrado 1461: xilografias albrecht pfister 101 ilustraciones

• El avión crea un nuevo tipo de servidumbre:

De forma muy parecida, el avión ha creado problemas a islas remotas en las que la afluencia turística comienza a sobrecargar los recursos locales y tiende a desplazar a sus habitantes al sector de servicios. Se dice que la televisión a contribuido a reunir a las familias en el hogar, mientras que el cine alejo a la gente de sus casas.

La invención de las maquinas de vapor -que hizo posible que gran numero de maquinas-herramientas funcionase en un mismo local. -Fue causa principal de la emigración del campo a la ciudad y contribuyo al nacimiento de las sombrías urbes industriales del siglo XIX.
La energía eléctrica, que puede distribuirse ampliamente e impulsar infinidad de maquinas, pudiera invertir esta tendencia.

(Donald trump, sector hotelero)

Pero mucho antes del vapor y la electricidad se produjo una revolución energética basada en los molinos de viento y agua. Destinados en principio a molturar cereales, los molinos de agua abrieron el camino a la mecanización de muchos otros procesos industriales, como aserrado, trituración de minerales, trabajo del metal, y funcionamiento de fuelles, así como a la extracción de aguas para riego y suministro urbano.

La nueva energía obtenida de los molinos de agua y de viento constituyo un factor primordial en la mejora del nivel de vida, hasta el punto que la sociedad puro liberar a parte de sus miembros de la agotadoras faenas agrícolas, lo que posibilito la creación de una civilización no cimentada en la esclavitud.
Si los molinos transformaron el marco económico, la invención del estribo modifico los esquemas políticos.
Pocos inventos han ejercido una influencia tan decisiva. ¿Por que? El jinete sin estribos cabalga inseguro. Si daba un mandoble con la espada y fallaba, probablemente caería de la montura y seria liquidado por el enemigo antes de poder incorporarse. Por otra parte, al alancear, la energía del galope del caballo reforzaba el impacto del golpe. <El estribo fundió al caballo y al jinete en una sola -unidad de combate- capaz de una violencia sin precedentes> afirmo el historiador estadounidense Lynn White, <La mano del guerrero ya no era la que asestaba el golpe; se limitaba a guiarlo> . Los estribos hicieron al jinete superior a sus oponentes de a pie en una época en la que pocos poseían caballo. En sus países respectivos, los caballeros montados e convirtieron en una hermandad profesional de la que surgió la caballería.
El caballo era tan vital en el mantenimiento del poder político que, en el siglo VIII, el rey franco Carlos Martel y sus inmediatos sucesores requisaron las propiedades de la iglesia para costear la caballería que necesitaban para repeler la invasión musulmana. El estribo, invento chino del siglo V o acaso anterior, sentó los cimientos del sistema feudal que imperaría en Europa durante 500 años.

• El arado transforma el sistema social:
Mientras tanto, las estructuras sociales se estaban transformando en la Europa del siglo VII gracias a la invención de un arado mas pesado y perfeccionado que roturaba la tierra y aseguraba cultivos mejores y mas vigorosos. Los campos trabajados con el arado ligero eran mas o menos cuadrados; el arado pesado, arrastrado por bueyes, le convenían alargados y estrechos, ya que dar media vuelta al tiro representaba una perdida de tiempo y de espacio útil.
Proporcionar forraje a un tiro de cuatro e incluso ocho bueyes estaba fuera del alcance de una única familia, que tampoco podía dar trabajo a tantos animales. En consecuencia, los limoneros agricultores se agruparon en comunidades que compartían un tiro de bueyes y se repartían el trabajo en el campo. Al mismo tiempo, los campos largos y estrechos precisaron la formación de concejos locales que vigilasen la distribución de las tierras. Así surgió en el norte de Europa la agricultura comunal (las convivir que?) muy diferente de la minifundista del ámbito Mediterráneo

Ademas, los tiros de ocho bueyes podían arar pesados terrenos de aluvión que proporcionaban cosechas mas abundantes. La población aumento y el hombre se convirtió en explotador de la naturaleza en vez de participe de ella. La sustitución del buey por el caballo acelero este proceso. El secreto consistió en el arnés de collera, que permitía al caballo ejercer una fuerza cuatro o cinco veces superior a la del arnés de yugo. Y, aunque un caballo come mas que un buey, trabaja mas rápido y durante un mayor numero de horas, por lo que se consideraba que equivalía a dos bueyes. Pero el caballo también tenia sus puntos débiles: Sus cascos se escurrían fácilmente en terreno húmedo y podían lastimarse y desgastarse. El invento de la herradura posibilito el empleo del caballo con el arrastre de cargas.
Sin embargo, la mayor innovación en el ámbito agrícola fue la rotación trienal de las cosechas, que mejoro enormemente la nutrición y contribuyo a desplazar hacia el norte la civilización, tendencia favorecida mas adelante por la invención de la chimenea francesa, que hizo tolerables los inviernos septentrionales.
Como vemos, media docena de inventos clave alteraron la faz de la sociedad. Una historia parecida podría contarse de la brújula y el cronometro, que al facilitar la navegación a grandes distancias inauguraron una época de exploraciones que desvelaron los misterios del planeta. Ademas, el reloj hizo a la gente mas consciente del valor del tiempo y desempeño un papel importante en la aparición del capitalismo.
Quizá uno de los aforismos mas engañosos que aprendimos en la infancia es que <la necesidad es la madre de la invención> Según demuestran los ejemplos mencionados, la invención es la madre de la necesidad, al crear dependencias sociales que nadie sabe como evitar o asimilar. En la década de los ochenta nos encontramos inmersos en muchos problemas de este tipo, desde los creados por los microprocesadores (Como la falsa alarma ataque simultáneo en los radares) hasta los desencadenados por la bomba de hidrogeno. La necesidad solo provoca la improvisación, que es algo muy distinto. En contraste, la inventiva surge de un sublime descontento con las cosas tal y como son y de la convicción de que el hombre puede mejorarlas. Esta convicción deberemos fomentarla a toda costa.

Agente blanqueador ( producido en francia 1785 )

A principios del siglo XVIII, las telas se blanqueaban sumergiéndolas en líquidos alcalinos u otras soluciones y dejándolas secar al sol. Con el desarrollo de la industria textil se necesito un método mas rápido para blanquear los tejidos.

En 1785, el quimico frances Claude Louis BerTholleT produjo una solucion blanqueadora utilizando el gas volatil cloro, recien descubierto. Catorce años mas tarde, el quimico escoces Charles TennanT produjo un agente blanqueador estable con cal impregnada de cloro. Estos productos han sido hoy ampliamente superados por agentes blanqueadores como los hipocloritos de sodio y calcio.

Pag 64 65 66 (400 años de evolución de la bóveda gótica / boya de eSSo)

Spar la isla flotante de esso en el mar del norte.

Avion -

Igor sikorsky VS 300
-h g wells-
Bombardero caza xx947 pag 62

Bombardero gotha
Pag 60-66 TNT

Museo del prado - torrente


Ernst michaux ideo la bicicleta con pedales directo en la RUEDA.

1861- Las primeras mujeres en montar bicicleta fueron las primeras que se dejaron ver las piernas.

Respuesta - Grand slam torpex de TNT

Thermite naval

Bomba: las primeras bombas aéreas datan de 1849 cuando el ejercito austriaco las lanzo sobre la ciudad rebelde de Venecia, entonces parte del imperio de Austria.


Herman Hollerith 1880
pag 110
Tecnico en estadística NYC, maquina tabuladora oficina del censo... Powermad? Quien es el paciente HH?? Howard hughes?
Tabulating machine company

1893 - Leonardo torres quevedo

1930- la primera gran maquina analogica (2000 años tras el de antikytera) Vannevar Bush / instituto tecnologico de massachusetts )
Pag 111 - el transito del código decimal al binario en la computadora.

1944 - howard H aiken - harvard - calculadora digital de harvard - trabajo para IBM (tabulating machine company)

Wingdings Q33NY

Log entry pag 112 - los sistemas de defensa de las grandes potencias estan coordinados por ordenadores. El peligro que supone esta dependencia quedo de manifiesto en junio de 1980 (el mismo año que los robots vieron) cuando un simple microprocesador de un ordenador de la defensa aérea estadounidense sufrió una avería. Dos veces en el curso de tres días se dio una falsa alarma de ataques de misiles enemigos a las fuerzas militares norteamericanas distribuidas por todo el mundo. En ambas ocasiones, el dispositivo de defensa permaneció en alerta total durante 3 minutos. (33-3)

Saturn V.

Cohete: pag 106 log entry:

(buscar origen thug) Pero fue en la india , en el siglo XVIII, donde los cohetes con fines bélicos se utilizaron por primera vez a gran escala. Hyder Ali. Gobernante de Mysore, lo uso contra los ingleses en guntar en 1780.

Pagina 347 VS-300 igor sikorsky helicoptero

En 1909, Robert Goddard , catedrático de física en la universidad de clark, Massachusetts completo los primeros estudios teóricos sobre un cohete activado por combustible liquido.
El 16 de marzo de 1926 seria el primero en lanzar un cohete de estas caracteristicas en un lugar proximo a auburn (massachusetts)

En peenemunde se producirian numerosas <primicias> tecnicas, como la bomba volante V-1 o el misil antiaereo wasserfall.

Compañia de cohetes en waterloo.

Artilleria real - compañia de cohetes (españa y waterloo)

Pagina 107 - desde el V2 aleman a los misiles submarinos ICBM.

Bomba volante - V1 arma de venganza

Septiembre 1943 fritz X bomba planeadora dirigida por radio hundio el roma buque italiano (hito de guerra) B-52 misil crucero

Otto lilienthal (ultimas palabras : hay que hacer sacrificios) su muerte inspiro a los wright a dejar las bicicletas

Wilbur wright - kiTTy hawk

Louis bleriot monoplano bleriot XL premio 1000 libras

La aventura del atlantico:

Charles lindnergh - new york to paris - The spiriT of sT louis

(revisar diseño de sus aviones y del cohete en la tapa del libro)

Octave chanute

X-gerat transmisor

R J Dippy - Gee 322km

TRACON westbury new york

Radioreceptor de jansky

Radiotelescopio arecibo volcan

-rascacielos- la casa medieval de estructura de madera constituyo un paso en esta direccion al igual que la estructura de columnas y nervaduras de la catedral gotica

Radio: (revisar la guerra de los mundos)

KDKA pittsburg warren harding


Hawley harvey (criminal)

Ondas de maxwell

Primera emision de radio: massachusetts -> 1906 trabajo uni pittsburgh -> reginal fessenden

1954: primer receptor transistorizado - regency/sony

1961: primera transmision estereofonica- zenith y general electric

Ionosfera - entre 128-322km (nikola tesla)



1868 georges frederic roSSkopf - chaux de fonds primer reloj de bolsillo barato (leer texto de eliphas levi sobre el reloj antikytera de eZequiel) (buscar sobre el capitan nemo y nautilus) nautilus de ezequiel ...

Blue/red. Oyster de rolex

George Theiss y willy crabTree (texas) (reloj digital) ---->automatic writing of the world

Primer reloj con calculadora -> hewleTT-packard

La proxima generacion de robots que "veran" 1980 robot capaz de ver (remitir tecno de google uninorte) ---> 1984 libro <automatic writing of the world> Borges mapeo digital

1290: relojes mecanicos en europa

Escape de rueda catalina

Primer muelle espiral (autor desconocido en la historia)

1675 thuret volante espiral
Error de 2 minutos al dia

1657 galileo cronometra las oscilaciones del balanceo de una lampara en un terremoto con su pulso cardiaco

Relacion entre la navegacion y el perfeccionamiento de sistemas de medida de tiempi (este-oeste)

1 minuto de error desvia al barco 15 millas de su rumbo

1840: primer reloj electrico mediante ELCTROIMAN alexander bain pendulo magnético

Reloj de perforacion de tarjeta lo invento WL bundy de syracuse new york

-RUEDA: remite a cocteau y su discurso al año 2000 (buscar aviones)

Torno del alfarero 3500AC

Primera maquina de guerra (carro de guerra) mesopotamia

Volante de inercia james watt

Aviacion -el penoso avance de los pioneros del aire-

Cocteau???? Cocteau twins????

Aviones: Pioneros del aire.... Antecesor del planeador la cometa.

La rueda es estructural funcional y el planeador fuerza de empuje del aire mecánica de fluidos..

Log entry: pagina 40 - Cayley... En lo que respecta al control, todos los planeadores de cayley iban provistos de una cola que incorporaba una combinacion del timon de direccion y del de profundidad. Por ultimo, el experto ingles no ignoraba que convenia un tren de aterrizaje ligero, y diseño una RUEDA con radios de alambre, del tipo que posteriormente seria comun en la bicicleta.

La rueda es la base indispensable para el movimiento <citar "los inventos indispensables en la enciclopedia"> el avión tuvo a los pobres pioneros del aire <citar libro AGAIN>

La rueda de pelton como base del funcionamiento del avión.

Aquí cocteau habla de algo que se erige sobre una base y alude a la rueda como lo fundacional.


NOTE: Cocteau.


De las primeras personas que permitió que grabaran su voz: William EwarT GladsTone.

Enrico caruso con el aria vesti la giubba "el payaso" adelina patti

Pagina 322.

Dio paso a la importacion de jazz desde new orleans (panonica rothschild)
Juju city

Primer disco de oro: chattanooga choo choo de glenn miller.


1510: leonardo aplica el principio de la turbina. Pag 324 - helice.

Se aplico industrialmente en siglo XIX

Turbinas y V2 - acción y reacción - newton

LesTer pelTon

1936- primera turbina de gas practica: desde 1905 para la societe des turbomotours brown boveri

Pag 325 - turbina de gas y helice : por separado / frank wiTTle 1941(inglaterra) y hanS pabSt von ohain (alemania)1939

-Icaro, ceix y eolo- ----> Ceix is mentioned on Chaucer's 'Book of the Duchess' and is related to the ancient Greek/Roman proffesion of bird forecast called 'Auspex' or 'Augur'.

La cuarta parte de la electrocidad mundial se producia por turbinas en los 80s


I'd like your speculative help to find out any more hints on mass media, classical literature or underground art... in case you guys are interested...

Before stating anything id like to submit this info for research among the community and remind readers that its needed a critical point of view, unbiased and well intended, at least for truth seeking's sake.

1- Calcium permanganate and it's use as rocket fuel during Nazi era.

A) There was a plan to target New york City but Hitler "died" before it happened.

2- Jean Cocteau and his message to the year 2000 (Video Hidden secret in a vault until the 90's)

A) Cocteau was boyfriend of a member of the Romanov Family

B) Protocols of the sages of zion, russian police?

C) Cocteau's link to Howard Hughes and their esoteric trip to GIrona Spain looking for a towar and a portal... according to Patricia Chaplin (Charlie Chaplin's relative)

D) Reference to Cayley's landing wheel... (A relative of Cayley was a pioneer of stadistics combinatory sciences)


***It does kind of look like Rennaisance simple machines or the Ordo templis orientis OTO hexagram.

E) Jack Parsons and Alestair Crowley


3- Speed metal band Powermad's video 'Nice dreams'

A) Man Ray's 'Emak bakia' (Man ray and Duchamp worked with Berry Berenson Schiaparelli's grandmother)

B) Superman villains 'The bulleteers'




D) This song was covered/recorded by a Howard Stern's employee (911 was aired LIVE on Howard Stern)

E) They worked with film maker David Lynch around the time 'Twin peaks' was being filmed.


4- Singer Renaud's video 'Mistral gagnant'

A) Tintin's police are after the main character on the video played by Renaud

B) Tintin's police carry a rocket++

C) Renaud's father was a Nazi collaborator during the war according to Renaud himself.

D) charlie hebdo terrorist attack


5- Masonic lodge 'Propaganda due'

A) they have an agenda called 'plan de renacimiento democratico' found by the police at Gelli's Tuscany villa.

B) Leader called 'Licio Gelli' was a far-right agent during world war 2

C) Related to the death of Roberto Calvi.

D) Victor Saboya (Prince of Italy) was born the same year the Tin tin issue was published with the [censored] smugglin secret society dressed like [censored]. 'The cigars of the pharaoh'.




6- The death of heath Ledger due to the scene at Blackfriars bridge (THe imaginarium of dr parnassus) (uploaded picture)

A) the joker's killing joke comic (scene with the joker humilliated and then his revenge to Gordon)


B) Olsen twins involved in his death (Wether as moral compass hint or complicity)

7- Ekain cave bird artcraft -oldest art craft on earth-. (uploaded picture)


8- 'Bestiarium Phisyologus' medieval book... (uploaded picture)

Cuando se quieren capturar elefantes en los grandes desiertos sin matarlos, para domesticarlos y que sirvan de ayuda a los reyes en las batallas, se cavan grandes fosas en los caminos por donde se sabe que pasan, y al pasar caen dentro. Entonces, llega uno de los cazadores y golpea al animal; después viene otro cazador tras el primero y le pega en presencia del elefante. Y así como el primer cazador finge golpear al elefante, el segundo hace ver que lo defiende y protege para que no reciba más golpes, y luego le da cebada de comer. Y cuando lo ha hecho así tres o cuatro veces, el elefante toma afecto al que le ha defendido y le ha dado de comer.


A) Entry on the 'elephant' (GOOGLE/TRANSLATE IT AND READ IT IN YOUR LANGUAGE 'how to tame an elephant' - uploaded picture)

9- Wheel of Ixion / Ernst Michaux's bicycle wheel.... social engineering (The sexual revolution started when Michaux invention made women skirts shorter...according to lore Ixion was crucified on a wheel because he flirted with married women)


A) Wheel god 'Taranis'.

10- Herge's involvement with Leon Degrelle (nazi leader) and Comic TIn tin secret villain society

11- Ezechiel's seal - esoterism ++ and Lurianic Kabbalah's 'Tzim tzum'



(This is for those that know about esoteric traditions and are not afraid of reading about it with a critical point of view)

12- Allison Mack's celebrity sex cult (NVXIM) linked to the Rothschild family (The tycoon sisters involved in financing the cult have a brother that works with the Rothschild family member close to Hillary Clinton's party.....

A) Jacob Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch's oil companies on gaza strip.

B) Textron

13- Operation paperclip

14- The X mafia (This is a sort of "new" conspiracy theory of the internet with little to no circulation)

A) Chapter 'The marked' of TV series -The 4400-.



This is the most important and easier to understand part of the whole data collection... I try to avoid naming brands...

Thanks for your time...


"¡Qué pena! (...) Tengo mala sombra. Y me hace falta salir, ¿lo oyes? Yo me ahogo. Este ambiente provinciano terrible y vacío llena mi corazón de telarañas." García Lorca.
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Re: 911 and Berry Berenson Schiaparelli (Research) UPDATE 001 [Re: blackgaul] #7218 19/01/27 11:32 AM
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- Subjects of interest:

- Aratus

- Tycho Brahe

- Johannes Kepler

*The anecdote regarding planet Mars anomaly and its role to find out about eliptic movement.. Tycho told that to Kepler when he was about to die. He had never told him nothing regarding what Kepler wanted to know when he started working for him. Kepler discoveries regarding greek and roman mythology and the name of planes in relation to their hidden orbital characteristic, relates to Aratus role in creating myths from constellations

- Athanasius Kircher (Father of algorithmic music that influenced Duchamp)

- Hixon symposium (The most important contemporary meeting on automata science) first reunion -under another name- was 11 september.

- Artist/Art promoter Tristan Tzara and his role in Dadaism and socialism (Cabaret Voltaire).

- Propaganda Asset inventory and its possible relation to masonic lodge 'Propaganda due' and Catholic institution 'Propaganda fide' whose building was built by Gianlorenzo Bernini (Mentioned on the Da vinci code series books)....

- Maurice Princet (Picasso's and Poincare's friend)

- The Ghost club, Inklings and the white godess (writer Siegfried Sassoon, Graves, Tolkien, Lewis)

- Sassoon Political/[censored] trade dinasty and their link to Hawalla war.

*Sir James Sassoon

-Role of lapislazuli on the middle east war and the link between 'Lapislazuli trade route' the 'Tin trade route' and the 'Silk trade route' (Silk road).

*Sumerian deity Innana's lapislazuli castle

*Uruk (both the home of Gilgamesh and Tolkien's Uruk Hai orcs)

- The celebrity sex cult called 'Nxivm' and its similarities to the satanic gang 'Order of the nine angles' (ONA calls its cells 'Nexiuns', they also spread pictures of the Wyrd sisters mentioned before).

(This is my reddit post about it)

- Catholic Benedictine order and they faction called 'Orden de la Camaldula' they made Martin de Porras into a saint.... (Painter 'El greco' was suspected to have astigmatism......)áldula

*Use of San benitos by Jewish people during Spanish inquisition.





The brain as a dream state generator: an activation-synthesis hypothesis of the dream process.

Spatial structure, contrast polarity and motion integration.

Activation by attention of the human reticular formation and thalamic intralaminar nuclei.


(Stripper inside masonic lodge: She dances and calls the viewers attention and THEN is when the great master tells a secret to the mason next to him)

(Masonic Opera: Les boreades)éades

"¡Qué pena! (...) Tengo mala sombra. Y me hace falta salir, ¿lo oyes? Yo me ahogo. Este ambiente provinciano terrible y vacío llena mi corazón de telarañas." García Lorca.
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Re: 911 and Berry Berenson Schiaparelli (Research) [Re: blackgaul] #7219 19/01/27 2:24 PM
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Your first post,,,,,,,,,

I must admit, that I found your first post 'deep'

My second reaction was whether you were taking all this 'far above our heads' as to 'blind' us with mythological history.

I think that I am not alone with this, that no one can really argue your points as in order to do so, means weeks of research ?

The fact that nobody can argue with your points means that they are not in a position to disagree, as the logistics being that we shut our mouths until we know what we are talking about?

I don't mean to put this in a nasty kind of way, as if you were doing a degree, you would obtain your distinction by using references to back up your analogy. (which is more than they are doing here apart from YouTube) Your research I find is very powerful but not strong enough for me.

I pick certain things out of your notes that are untrue. This means that how many more things are untrue based on the things that I do not know?

For a start you make reference to Galileo on establishing that the earth is round. This discovery was made perhaps 10,000 years earlier, but you seclude this point as to validate your prognosis.

Also remember that it was Columbus that proved that the world was round (Galileo got the boot) Not to mention the Greek philosopher Pythagoras! !

As well as that, you got the legend about Aphrodite incorrect because Aphrodite who was meant to be the daughter of Zeus was born out of the waves at Aphrodite's Rock near Pathos in Cyprus.

Cyprus I believe having 12 kingdoms including Amathusia which is connected to myself.

When I start seeing flaws in documentation and the length of these reports, it makes me think that I am correct.

I am not being rude, as I will say little about your audience here apart from one or two. One escaped last week and all Hell broke lose[Linked Image]

Last edited by George; 19/01/27 2:26 PM.
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Re: 911 and Berry Berenson Schiaparelli (Research) [Re: George] #7220 19/01/27 2:47 PM
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Your Second Post.....

Okay this so and so means that so and so could be this so and so etc.
What is your point without spending two weeks on this?

You are too right that I am I do not have a degree in this, and although it makes excellent MSc reading, compared to many theologians I am very simple here.

I just know that Venus wore blue jeans.

Your results are pretty good, but your aim and conclusion I find poor.

I found with discussions that you have to build your talk on something that they know? (okay bad example)

Our lecturer at university once gave a talk about Laplace whilst having his back turned to the students. He just happened to turn round to pick up another stick of chalk to find them slumped fast asleep like Boot Hill!

Here we call it 'Sleep Paralysis'

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Re: 911 and Berry Berenson Schiaparelli (Research) [Re: George] #7221 19/01/27 3:03 PM
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Thanks. You have a valid point of view....

The reason of this post is not to spread any personal opinion, although i fairly share mine when i post it...

Im submittin some random info to get, as you did, checked and analysis... My mother tongue is spanish so maybe i dont express well in english...

There is a solid link of Venus and Cythera... and myths usually have different version depending on the writer, specifically when it comes to origins and parenthood...

Im more a confused citizen than a researcher although i have studies on psychology and can do proper research...

Here again, the info is open to discussion... and to clarify in now way i expect a rapid answer... Whatever it is this evolves into (A tested thesis or a debunked bogus) I invite the Aliendisc community to collaborate with the factic inventory.


"¡Qué pena! (...) Tengo mala sombra. Y me hace falta salir, ¿lo oyes? Yo me ahogo. Este ambiente provinciano terrible y vacío llena mi corazón de telarañas." García Lorca.
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Re: 911 and Berry Berenson Schiaparelli (Research) [Re: blackgaul] #7225 19/01/28 1:01 AM
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Thanks blackgaul

I appreciate your feedback



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Re: 911 and Berry Berenson Schiaparelli (Research) [Re: George] #7227 19/01/28 2:30 AM
If you understand spanish, maybe you understand this vid:

It´s about something odd in the second plane 911

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