Going back at least 10 years now, I thought that EVPs were just the oscillator of a device pocking yo crossed transmissions?

I decided to venture in The Galleries of Justices-the most haunted building in the world in Nottingham where I partially live.

Setting up my camera in the main court gallery, I did not expect to catch anything on IR settings.

[Linked Image]

I have circled the spirit light as it shoots across towards the judges table where I was filming.

If you watch the video below, you will see the spirit light shoot from the top left centre and strike the table,

Turn up your speaker volume and at the moment of impact where the light strikes the table and reflects to the right, you will hear a sharp click.

This has to be matter striking matter!

Meaning that spirits are composed materially. I do not see this as being electrical because the spirit light bounces off the wooden table.

Since that moment, I had recorded hundreds of EVPs. My worse EVP is better than the best you will ever hear,