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What Is Open Mindedness? #6993 19/01/11 1:59 PM
Joined: Dec 2018
Posts: 345
George Offline OP
Lieutenant Commander
OP Offline
Lieutenant Commander
Joined: Dec 2018
Posts: 345
I have been a researcher for well over 50 years now and the same questions still arise from then till today.

'Who is open minded?

Out of a possible 50, 000 I think I had come across 4'

Oh you may say that so and so is open minded and that Jim or Ian had seen a UFO!

Well...the thing is, they THINK that they are open minded and most forums are literally debunking centres designed to destroy the phenomenon.

It can however go the other way, as I have come across some really daft innovations and at times it is not surprising that the majority adopt such views.

It all boils down to who likes who and as long as they do not try and prove the phenomenon and leave 'a door open' then that is okay.

When there is no 'door open' folks go crazy because the reality gets really intensive and because they never really accepted it in the first place they start to break looking towards normality.

You may say that this is all fair and square and that folks can believe what they want.
Trouble is they do not, but want to break others who are more gifted than themselves.

From previous experience I found that gangs build up, who are literally built from moderators and admin.

It becomes difficult to talk about PROPER paranormal and then they start by saying:- "Do this or do that and when you cannot, shut up and go away!"

Of course you ignore this and carry on but you just cannot write without your posts being destroyed by ridicule and insults about your insanity.

It got pretty bad on one occasion when I thought that I will start a new post and put down:- "Readers Test-Will Someone Ask For A Task?"

Thinking that this will give me some peace?

So the tasks were:- "Produce a hurricane in Maine and California within 14 days or shut up!"

I asked my UFO friends if they would oblige and they did.

Hurricanes in California are unheard off, so the task was specially designed.

Hurricane Kyle hit Maine in 12 days and emergency sirens hit the streets, the first in 17 years. Hurricane Julio hit California in 7 days. So I took pictures of the tasks and also the weather maps all date marked with the date of the challenge and when they hit.

Did I win?


There was always an excuse that I raided the main frame computers and stole confidential information and there was even threats of being reported to both the CIA and FBI as no one could be that accurate.

I still have the data as this was one of many.

So do I bother now?

If I post the data, I will be accused of stirring up arguments.

So folks still regress and perhaps there will be another 50,000 readers and it would be great to share and talk without having to keep proving oneself in order to talk properly without guessing.

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Re: What Is Open Mindedness? [Re: George] #6994 19/01/11 3:01 PM
It's called "listening to somebody". You needed more than 3000 words to describe it? Oh boy...

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Re: What Is Open Mindedness? [Re: Anonymous] #7002 19/01/11 10:09 PM
Joined: Dec 2018
Posts: 345
George Offline OP
Lieutenant Commander
OP Offline
Lieutenant Commander
Joined: Dec 2018
Posts: 345
More like 20,000 words

THEN they stone you


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Re: What Is Open Mindedness? [Re: George] #7005 19/01/12 2:10 AM
We are in 2018 bru

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Re: What Is Open Mindedness? [Re: Anonymous] #7006 19/01/12 6:07 AM
Joined: Feb 2018
Posts: 1,075
frankalexanderbe Online Content
Online Content
Joined: Feb 2018
Posts: 1,075
Atually people believe alot of nonsense today also I have several examples

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Re: What Is Open Mindedness? [Re: frankalexanderbe] #7007 19/01/12 9:58 AM
Joined: Dec 2018
Posts: 345
George Offline OP
Lieutenant Commander
OP Offline
Lieutenant Commander
Joined: Dec 2018
Posts: 345
This is what I mean by daft innovations.

Whether they believe or want to believe I am still not sure?

Although this is their entitlement, it creates a heck of a backlash on some of the so called stupid things that folks use to codemn me.

YouTube does not help either, complete with eerie incident music on ghost hunts, just to sensationalise and create excitement that a lot 'tag onto' with all kinds of recreating

Boggling their minds into realms of fantasy, so others can make money from their excitement.

Years ago folks would question based on acceptance unless shown otherwise. Today, it is the other way around.
No one trusts anyone anyone anymore .

Whether that person believed in the first place is why that person asks questions.

If someone said that they floated on air, I would accept that and then question them.

Nowadays, it is a case of:- "Touch my robe before I am gone"

To prove the point, I made reference to the time with ET we caused a a hurricane.

If that was me, I would question that person and that is the way things were.
I have the evidence before they banned me for lunacy.

All copied and date stamped.

Ok this is fantasy unless YOU CAN PROVE IT. They won't let you, but instead put a stave in your heart and 'rattle on' about Global Heating (or was that central heating?)

No one cares...because no matter how much evidence or strong opinion you may have, they had already made up their minds long before.

My mum fell over and bruised her back whilst cleaning the drains. She went into A&E for a voluntary checkup, and despite finding nothing wrong at the time, picked on an injury 10 years ago and said that she must now die in bed and that she cannot even sit in a chair.

When I placed my mom in a chair and took pictures of her eating her porridge, they said they could see nothing and that if I ever attempted to try put her in a chair that they would get a court order.

The brains...their poor brains from years of college brainwashing that A=B and C=D

The eyes had packed up ages ago!

Fortunately after a lot of hard work my mum is back in a chair. Minus the use of her leg muscles.

Well.....they are only human (yet Is till tend to wonder?)

Last edited by George; 19/01/12 9:59 AM.
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