Alien Disclosure at Area 51: Dr. Dan Burisch Reveals the Truth About ETs, UFOs and MJ-12

The Newly Revealed Truth About ETs, UFOs and MJ-12 at Area 51

This is the true story of microbiologist Dr. Dan Burisch and his encounters at Area 51 S4 with J-Rod, an alien from the Zeta Reticuli star system whose UFO crashed in Kingman, Arizona. With the implicit consent of the most powerful and secretive organization in the US government, Majestic 12 (MJ-12), Dan reveals for the first time:

- Why Dan was taken aboard a UFO as a child,
- The actual procedures used to extract tissue from an ET at Area 51,
- The real reason the US went to war in Iraq (hint: it wasn't about oil!),
- The cause of global warming (it's not man-made), and
- Who the "winged angels" mentioned in the ancient scriptures actually were.


- The Anatomy of the Aliens - images and descriptions of alien anatomy verified by Dr. Dan Burisch,
- The actual members of MJ-12 and the layout of their living quarters at Area 51, and
- Letter from Admiral John M. "Mike" McConnell, head of MJ-12, authorizing disclosure of certain information.

The Book

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