I finally discovered who was behind The Phoenix Lights and possible meanings of it.

Thanks to some synchronicity involving my GF on New Years having the idea of tattooing a Phoenix Fire Bird on her body, I realized the hidden meanings of

The connection is Riley Martin and his book "The Coming of Tan". Riley accounts seeing a large boomarang UFO he calls the Targ Great Ship. This ship fits the exact description of eye witnesses as shown in the documentary film The Phoenix Lights (Documentary):


Very compelling.

The Hidden Meaning of The Seven Lights:

There's multiple meanings to the 7 lights seen in the sky during the main sighting. The first meaning is to represent the ship itself as it can dock 7 independent UFOs which each have there own glowing light underneath. The second meaning is for the Counsel of the 7, the 7 types of alien beings that Riley references interacting with/seeing in his book.

As for why it was done in Phoenix, Arizona, you have to reference the mythology of the Phoenix. According to myth, the Phoenix was a firey bird that could die and then be reborned and could live between 500-1400 years. Could this reference life itself and reincarnation? Perhaps it represents a civilization itself that died out and was reborned? Phoenix Arizona was founded over a Native American city of the Hohokam people. They disappeared mysteriously sometime in the past before the Frontiers found the site. Abduction?

Riley is also half Native American.

Then there's the story of The Seven Valleys involving a Phoenix from Iraq: http://bahai-library.com/bahaullah_seven_four_valleys

The 7 Valleys story describes 7 honorable qualities (metaphorically a Valley) of a person/being which are Search, Love, Knowledge, Unity, Contentment, Wonderment, True Poverty/Absolute Nothingness.

The last two have to do with going full spiritual and giving your entire self to God/The Universe.

These are all qualities that the aliens in Riley's story talk about, especially the Biaviians, the aliens that Riley was friends with.

Theres probably a ton of more meanings tying the sighting to the mythology of the Phoenix.

Anyone else see any other connections?

~ LC