Hi, I was thinking, when you combine to sourches of enough energy to get a spaceship going, shouldn`t the speed become infinite? You store enough energy in the first box of solar energy, then you send it to the next box with stored energy which is a little more compressed to shoot it out, as the more energy you feed the second box the bigger the explosion behind it, maybe the theory is wrong but somethings tells me that if you combine two sourches of solar energy you should get infinite speed as the biggest result if you have stored enough solar energy, you would travel to everywhere in no time at all, no need for wormholes, bending space time etc. what do you think about it if you understand what I`m trying to say, please add to it if you want to, I made a little picture to illustrate it, as energy would transfer to the ship itself when speeding up it`s mass shouldn`t be stuck in certain speeds and be teared apart probably it would just follow the amount of energy being released

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