My activity is now on amino app for a while because I can make coins and buy artwork by being there and it busy myself in a less obsessive way that alien. C'est du gros Xeno je joue à des jeux et fais des sondages pour gagner des points et payer des trucs, des dessins de Xeno. Je me raproche de ma femme et mon fils mais je ne suis pas encore là. Je reste sur un side because I feel I may not be healthy for a baby boy. When I feel the way I feel I think that it is better not to get to close he est so jeune et fragile so I do not want to l'endommager. Je clavarde et passe du focus à gagner des coins pour payer des artistes that will draw my xeno the alien!

I have an eye here still but I am taking a break of obsession, alien obsession and fascination.

I will go back obsesse on my character with IRL people around it and around me doing it instead of all alone on a forum. I am not yet shutting down the obsessions but I am moving them closer to my loved ones and at that point I will go to next stage of getting back closer. What is important after the job is done, well I lay down and fall asleep in a wife cuddle and snuggle and I dream feeling warm and safe. I do that a lot but latelly I have been working on something, a big piece of mind! But I will not do it here. That will be to go public in a year or two so I will writte in my personal paper journal at home and get into it until it is filled and if I am not done I will get another one and another one. Je viendrais parfois partager some fragments. But that is a closure for me and I am going to proceed to IRL experimentation a while and go back hearring and watching so I come back with something new to say about those phenomenom. I got to start something else again so I will go do my [beep] and when I am done businessing something I may come again and I promise I will use the same account. I will look at here regulary and post every now and then but I do not think that I will actually be necessary consitent. I will be short and expeditif then I go back doing something else and look at that::

The next generation is no longer recognised natural human evolution.

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Plus qu'hier et moins que demain / More than yesterday and less than tomorrow