I have notiuced a severe problem in the ufology. You guys are listening to some humans that think they are getting closer to the truth, but they are not! I am back on Earth to say that you must listen to the people you are expexting less to know something because it is the people we have hired. The purpose was to teach humanity to pay attention to each other by giving informations to unexpected people. Unemployed people in poverty or any kind of people that is considered ''not in society'' they are the one you should listen to!

You want to know something about life and the universe? Ask a homeless or a hobbo! They are us or working for us!

As a former officer in the secret service that is initiating a incoming disclosure about aliens I can say that where you are all looking right not is worthless. We have build this operation to see who is a believer and who is a follower. If you are following reading of a book from a known ufologist you are not in the right track! You must listen to the people that talk about it, anyone and if you refeer to a known writter that has notoriety and reputation you will probably never be a part of it because it is pissing me off! I am in charge of the alien military operation that is going on and I know what is going on and what will happen next. I won'T tell until I feel humanity from Earth is listening to me and not any dumb ufologist ''specialist'' We have given informations to people you are not expecting to have it and all those known person right now are puppets to make you look at something else so they can say at the end ''YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO TO LISTEN TO'' You have to pay attention to anyone that is saying something and forget about any scientific human progress on your planet.

We are here! you know it. As a human born I could not have higher position than cpatain in the military department of the galactic secret service and I am just letting you know that the people you are paying attention to are not the right one! We have build this operation to make people understand the importance of listening and taking care of everybody so all our workers and volunteers are mostly rejected people from society and they are right now highly medicated in psychiatry because you are not opening you eyes! The day your civilisation will understand that everyone has to be accepted then to have a home and food then you will get it. From now all those fuckers you are listening to are irrelevant to us because we just use them to make you look somewhere else while we are working where you are not looking at.

You want to show you are a part of the universe? go outside and have a talk with some unwealthy or homeless people and they will tell you want is going on right now if you ask the right questions! We have been smart on that and we made anything we could to have you looking at the wrong place but today the operation is almost done so I am telling you: LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE THAN THE SKY. The sky is borring and nothing is happening there except of some ''ufo'' VEHICLES that ride around. You want to know the truth? Look around the truth is out there but it is not where you are expecting it to be so you learn your lesson from us!

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Plus qu'hier et moins que demain / More than yesterday and less than tomorrow