Hello there! I am a officer in the GSS and I am here to give a few hints and clues about how you can talk to them.


We are watching all of humans in a surveillance operation in wich ''intelligence gathering'' technology and spying operation been placed.
There is alot of different lifeform in the universe and many ways to contact them. For an exemple spiritual being can be contacted via meditation and ritual and divine with praying. But those that are looking for this physical reality to meet and contact physical being there is a possibility.

Well they are watching and they have deployed a mass technology so you just have to talk to them! What they say mostly is to choose an object that represent them and you just talk to it and if they find you interesting and you agree being observed they will and they listen! I personaly use a bottle of vodka wich has the shape of an alien head and I talk to it. THEY WILL NOT REPLY right away so do not expect instant answers. mostly they do not answer they observe and listen for now. If you have anything to tell them just look at the stars at night and talk. They have eyes and ears everywhere! More you will talk to them and more you will talk about them around you more you will be capable to know or see something. Right now the operation is done and the recruiting selection is over sorry but most of the spots are taken but you can still help in our projects by volunteering. Talk to them, just talk like one of them was around you because they kinda are...

For other lifeform than physical being you should research your own out of the alien subject. As a worker I can tell you it works. They will record everything you say and then someday who knows? They might conceive what is on your mind ^_^ . Keep in mind they are people just like you living their life at the level they are and alot of them are really busy right now. If you are shy to talk ''alone'' I mean seeing people seeing you talking to something that they cannot see then just ask them to read your mind then you will just have to think about it. Most of the time they will let you know they listen in a covered way or undirectly. The first year I had them meeting me in my dreams when I was sleeping at night. They have many way to communicate and you have to be really sharp and pay attention to realise that they are listening to you!


It is that simple and right now they are interested in humans from Earth opinions about what is going to happen next (even if big lines are written and planned) If you want to be in contact with them you first have to accept and considere that they are already ''spying'' all of us. If you talk to them they will put you in priority of informations treatment in their professional protocole! They are here, they listen, you just have to tell them what is on your mind or ask for mind scan.

Thanks for reading


Plus qu'hier et moins que demain / More than yesterday and less than tomorrow