*September 2009 around 2:00 am

I woke up paralysed in my bed and had to use all of myself to move my arms. My kitten was beside on the bed not breathing nor moving. I took it in my hands and he was ''dead'' without any reflex or physical energy. He gasp and breath so he slowely stopped to be paralysed at the same as me. His behavior changed

*January 2010 around 9:00 pm

I played a videogame, they crashed it and blowed up my brain. I forgot

*February 2010 around 5:00 pm

I found back the game and got into it. I remembered and complained. They are reptilians
I proposed an idea and got the job for 10 years. I signed the contract and forgot

*July 2010 to August 2014
I was brainwashed. noticed signs of conspiracy/secrets. I was living a fiction and not doing well
I had daily missing times, confusion, loss of memory, night paralysis and paranoid thoughts
Longest missing time around 3 months. I was scared and lost.
Longest day skipping: 6:00 am jump to 11:30 pm I was getting used

*September 2014 around 3:00 pm
Playing the game again, the project is initiated and remembered what happened to me
I understood the rules I asked so my job work:
-You do not let me see anything ET/aliens
-Whatever I do or say you stick to the plan
-You can use me as much as you want but I must not remember
-Be sure I do not die
-Hurting me is allowed if I have been looking for it
-I will lie, fake, manipulate, etc.. Do not listen when I am acting
-Record everything and keep it for post production

I was feeling wierd and I realised my life was written for a while, it was a story, a real time fiction, a movie
I was not paranoid, I was right...

*October 2014 to february 2015
I did the part of the deal in the Nexeon project:
-Get a criminal records
-Go in jail
-Get declared ''sane'' by courtyard psychiatrist
-get in psychiatry and get a diagnosis (schizophrenia)
-Find a hideout

*March 2015 to August 2017
Was suspended because of mental disability. Too much brainwash... My head was destroyed
I tried to talk online and was rejected or strucked down. I have shut the [beep] up
Aliens/ET exists

*September 2017 around 9:00
I landed in Alberta to live with my wife

*October 2017 to january 2018
I did a few useless job to get better but I was really sick

**31 January 2018**
Main server is online
Braincare initiated
The project is restarted
Core platform reactivated

*February 2018 to currently
Mind implantation of memory and training knowledge
I am not sick anymore and I feel really good.
I now totally know my position and job
I will get ''paid'' soon
I work for aliens

I have to talk but I do not know where to start...

Thank you for reading


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Plus qu'hier et moins que demain / More than yesterday and less than tomorrow