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Mind control #621
Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:50 PM
Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:50 PM
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 79
Xeno Offline OP

Xeno  Offline OP

Lieutenant Junior
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 79
Hello I am new to the forum here. Years ago I tried to contact the ufo people using different location and internet IDs and accounts.
To be short... For years many smarter humans have noticed increasing extraterrestrial and alien activities. Some has been hearing leaked informations knowing the disclosure was not to happen shortly. Sadly the disclosure isn't done yet but it is coming! But this subject is about mind control where I want to start.

I was working infiltrating a private company that was a cover up of CIA in develpment of psychotronic technologies deployed world wide. This technologies that can also be known as electromagnetic weapons is REAL. Human have it too! They got it from a well known crash in the USA years ago. It is an extraterrestrial ''stolen'' technology. The united state authorities caught survivor of the crash and seuqestrated for years for interrogation on how to use it. It is known that ET they can manipulate someone mind such as ''erasing'' memory so the ''victim'' doesn't remember its experience. This is no conspiracy theory this is early realse of classified informations about what reality is really. I am not scared to talk because working for an agency on a alien technology made me in contact with them so I worked about 10 years beside of ET and I have protection and authorisation to talk so I prepare the ground for their disclosure and show up.

This post has for purpose to warn you about a new fact wich humanity has got this technology too and is trying to use it. They have reached interesting progress but they seem still incompetent using it. If you do think have mind manipulation do not blame extraterrestrial it may not be them! I have work on experimental project of mass ''brainwash'' . It is present on your phone, internet, television, even the old good school newspapers. We are experiencing an era in wich we will be into a transition to a way of living to another one. You be careful around.

There are many symptoms wich I am not allowed to disclose or confirm but you can have a look here it seem pretty legit:

More info:

I did not read all the links nor pay attention to it. I am just shooting a basic google search result because this is not something I can say.

The terrible situation is temporary since many solutions and concessions are being talk about to find something everyone would agree with.
Nowaday thinking is dangerous, be careful what you let your mind go on some people can read them and take is as a problem...
Just thinking about...

I will post other stuff. I know I am not saying anything yet but I am not confortable yet with talking when my job is normally the opposite.

Thank you

Plus qu'hier et moins que demain
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Re: Mind control [Re: Xeno] #648
Thu Apr 26, 2018 1:53 PM
Thu Apr 26, 2018 1:53 PM
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 79
Xeno Offline OP

Xeno  Offline OP

Lieutenant Junior
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 79
Since I do not have the collaboration I asked from them I will release a dangerous information about it. I do not know everyone that is using it but I will throw names now I feel ready for it but this story still make me uncomfortable. I have been working on the development of the mind control technology infiltrating a private company that is having it and using it with Illuminati secret society around and CIA support (probably) I know there was a deal with an agency such as NSA to gather informations on people and calculate as much different mind as possible.

They were Duplex game system and nexeon technologies running their main platform and communication hideout on a free mmorpg videogame named face of mankind wich was the core of the project in some sense. My job been to proceed to an infiltration and sabotage so I worked alot on building it so the struck down of it would be more precise. It was planned to help with developing this technology but my purpose was to sabotage it eventually wich I did a few years ago. Many people think that story I call the ''Nexeon project'' is dead. BUT THEY ARE BACK! Those people are reptilians infiltrated in humanity and they are dealing with secret organisations and governmental agencies so please do not push to hard investigating them you can get killed real quick and easy if you do not have a position that would provide you some good protection.

I tried many times to communicate but it seem people are not listening when we talk... Story of this technology are frequent and spreading worldwide. But this post is about the game that brainwash! They are not dead, this project has survived from a ''gang'' around it that decided to start ''their own [beep]'' and I do not know yet what they got and how far they will go but I believe that some people around aliens where some aliens used to be talking alot was that videogame. They have been using infiltrayion everywhere and for a while you could meet them in this small game face of mankind. Now the FDC (Freedom defense corp) has taken the soul of the project after it went shut down around 3 years ago after a sort of ''scandale'' . I believe the project is still living and they just change their cover but used a similar concept to catch back easelly anyone that have participated to the beta. The new name of the game is: Mankind reborn

This is a serious business and I have been deeply walking into it and I participated as a volunteer guinea pig a few years so I KNOW WHAT THE [beep] IS THAT! ^_^ o not be scared everything is alright and the situation is getting under control and the development is showing better result and fluidity so as the crew competences has increased. I am here, on this forum that I saw the name years before it was created and I am not going to seriously read anyone. What I do is to writte! I have a limited time here before I have to move and I am giving early release on classified informations from aliens themsleves and if you listen and talk there will be a disclosure that will get to be official!

Something good is about to happen but you have to show you are ready to listen something completely different. Aliens civilisations been talking to hhumanity alot in an infiltrated way and they all say: You don't listen to them! If you are waiting for a ufo in the sky or an alien appearence in your living room you will miss the next boat that sound like the last one. When someone is being around and telling you something you must pay attention because the informers right now are all either looking like humans or human. You want to go in the space? Then first learn to take care of your own mind down here... Those mind control technologies are real and being used by alot of people and if you do not open your eyes you will be controled by a wireless telecommunication. It is not that bad it provides some interesting feature depending if you are using it for good of like a baddies around a mess of monkeys!

It can do anything to you and more they do it less you feel it... Be careful what you think right now wink

Thanks for reading


Plus qu'hier et moins que demain
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