A delegation of scientists went to the Star ship on station to present concerns over global warming. With facts readings an such and asked for aid he listened said good report you broke it you fix it we have resources stretched to the limit because of number of things and two investigations ongoing about this Ba'al cult from the enemy auxiliary fleet warp ship Leveathen that was slagged by our eleven allies and dumped at the nearest brown dwarf to earth. Rendered completely inoperative with cached of our technology on board for security troops to use for inspections of the wreck for tampering. He said I will call the warp ship commander and ask on your behalf. He is sorting out a cult in the backwoods around Colebrook New Hampshire that used to be linked to the Ba'a; cloning facility our warp armada wing commander shut down. He and our Warp ship commander a dealt with the breach from hell multi-dimensional containment facility into in the UK Wales Region we just released to the UN and UK and United States among others the old Roman Records and artifacts that survived from. He is also the being that reduced Masada during the Roman Period and owns a villa on his old estate in Italy that he visits by singularity gate when he has the time.

The primitive cultist were making a low end video of our warp armadas daughter nicely singing Songs praising-Jesus like the Blair witch project movie to make money and boost moral. The warp ship commander that reduced Masada is sorting that out as our warp armada commander and his wife talk to their daughter in Littlton NH and have lunch with her. She refused to tell her father what they threatened her with to make the movie and have two water based taboos placed on her right sword arm of demons or th narrative that they forces this demon child from the sky to sing to Jesus and marked her with signs of the beast. The warp ship commader heading up the investigation of thsi cult said to the star ship chief of staff I am busy this conference call between you and them I will talk to you about other issues by our embeeded secure singularity wifi tactical ssytem do what you can for these bright climate change scientists

He said yes commander fired quantum cannon into the Antartic ice cap released megatons of water into the earths air had a warp cargo ship scoop up megatons of mars south pole ice cap to the safe layer. Dump it on mountains by Littelton by the local state polie HQ at twin peaks, and NH County social services. Then by secure singularity wifi had me and my wife drop a Battlaion of Infantry warmed with anti matter hand grenades and city killer neutron satchel charge bombs per infantry assault lander of company that rose from assault landign locations in broad daylight got picked up by the heavy warp cargo ship after dropping megatons of mars ice on the mountain by Littleton NH my troops yanked the kids from this cult gave them to social services in Little-ton NH Walmart. thsi is an intelligence test in that ice is C02 particles of dust from all over Mars in Littleton NH is walmart for coolers, homdepot and lowes for C)2 parts per million detectors a pool store for testing water, a nice effcient honest well company that does water testing with the NH EPA, a greenhosue hydropoinc store to test the safety of plants grown in the water from th traces of amnio acid in it. Simple polaris laense to look at the spectrum of light from th high C02 ice. Guideence and further detail wer given on this chat site in the UFO Room. That is better at real time chat

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