The reptilian propaganda was meant to be negative. To have them seen as evil and cruel and bad. Well some of them are but not the mass. When I talk of reptilians a lot of people will see that ''Geared boss shooting on naked people'' or the DlCKWALL. Wich mean when you get close to their business and want to step into they will send you a bunch of hevelly equiped and greedy of them to struck you dow. To take away your belonging and struck you down but that is the test to pass to open their door. After they destroyed me I got back on my feet and survived then I have lost evrything and was homeless but you know what? I came back to do it again and agin until I figured out this door could not be open to me because of my contract. Typically they have a front cover saying they are bad and evil even satanist but that is not true. That is propaganda meant to attrack the people like that and take care of them and also to show the real people if they deserve their gold and home among them. So you come to them and you spot it and want to be with them? They will take everything you have from you and struck you down in the street where a team in cars (normaly 3) will follow you everywhere and wtach you doing with fun and harazing you and going around places tell people [beep] so you won't get much of a help. The test is to see who you are when you have nothing and if at that point you just turn back saying they are piece of [beep] or if you still want to be around them even after that. Once you went through that the DlCKWALL they made to be sure that only the worth it find themself there you open a door and you know what? They are lovelly, chill, intelligent, civilised and organised. They got technologies somehow probably an alien cheat for a purpose of other projects. Provide the baddies to destroy the goodies so we select the ones that pass that prooving ground. The reptilians are guardians of Earth and this is their juridiction to judge if someone has to be [beep] and how deep. The first stage was to selection for recruitment. Giving the bad people the good stuff so they did not hide of who they are and they could hurt the good people and we watch who was really a true fighter that disagreed with what was happening then they were removed from the game to be well in spaceship, prepared and trained for further events on Earth. That is one propaganda about them that is just a front cover up, but if you see what is behind, you will find out they are charming and respecting people that care of the planet Health and any life on it. They are here doing what they were told to do and they do have some connection with the illuminati organisation that was reformed in 2009 for a new purpose. Reptilians and illuminati does not work together with the same business but some of their side job are similar so they can do collaborative work sometime. You can regualry see a reptilian representative among illumiati organisation as seeing an illuminati representative through reptilians association. They do not have the same tasks, objectves or responsability but sometime help each other is good for all of us. They are good and a lot of them can be your musician favorite or the most loved tv actor or a movie star. They are into movies, tv shows, media, internet. Being under human ID and they all give something positive and inspiring to the public

Plus qu'hier et moins que demain / More than yesterday and less than tomorrow