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Phil Schneider Transcripts - Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) #6
Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:16 PM
Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:16 PM
Joined: Oct 2017
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Saskatchewan, Canada
Matt Online content OP

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Matt  Online Content OP

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Joined: Oct 2017
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Saskatchewan, Canada

This begins a gradual release of transcripts to aid in accessibility of video lectures enabling peoples of other languages and hearing impairments get the compelling information of deep underground tunnels and black budget programs.

Excerpt. "The late Phil Schneider, a retired (by his choice) U.S. government geologist, talks about his days building deep underground bases for the government - over 131 in the U.S.A., 1 mile or more down, the involvement with alien (E.T.) technology, samples of elements up to atomic #140, are shown. The advanced "stealth" technology involves the use of alien metals. This video made, made in Denver in November 1995, was "lost" until late August 1996, when it was recovered. This is the last known video made of Phil Schneider while he was still alive. He was "terminated" on or about 11 January 1996. Surviving is his former wife, Cynthia Dreyer (Schneider), and his 8 year old daughter. May his message travel far - to alert all Americans of the terrible dangers facing all of us." - Nov. 1995


TRANSCRIBED BY: Aliendisc - Alien Disclosure Network
LAST REVISED: 09/01/2011-5

I'm Phil Schneider. I worked 17 years for the United States government as a geologist, aerospace engineer as well as a structural engineer. I worked for illusive occupations[...]. I've cooked up a real mixed bag of different topics, it might be a bit like brain overload, but I'll start from the beginning.

Like I said I worked 17 years, co-invented methods of shape charge blasting as well as laser rock deflagaration. Which means rock is literally melted or powdered by a special maser laser combination. The residue of the rock underneath is applied as a coating, as a liquid coating, kinda like an instant agate. If you can imagine a hunk of agate which is a hard silicon mineral or rock actually.

But up here we have another topic. This is an area at where I had worked. I worked 11 of the 17 years at Groom Lake, S4, S2, it's in the Nellis AFB area. In-fact Groom Lake, is I'll show you in the picture right here. It's right here. Groom Lake is quite the place. A lot of rumours and other kinds of things have come out of there. Of course people have stood on the outside for years and wondered whats been flying there. There's all kinda of things that’s been flying.

Let me give you a brief overview. Start in ancient history land here. Back in 1909 the US cavalry was engaged in catching some bandits that crossed into the Mexico border, into a place called Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. And they went into a cave or hideout and killed the so called bandits but what they found out they couldn't explain. They were called Horse shoe craft at that time or horse shoe ships, they were UFOs, they saw what they called demons, grey demons, little grey guys all around the place. That was in 1909. Now in 1933, our government was actively engaged with the Europeans, mostly the French and the English and special Researches dealing with aerial phenomenon and once again the term flying saucer or flying disc, didn't come about until much later. Supposedly around the mid 1940s.

Anyway, the whole thing here is that also in 1946, I might want to add, we were engaged in Atomic Bomb testing and this kind of a like and of course the area Bikini Atoll, some of the pictures are over here on the white board are showing the actual language of both the US Army and US Army archives.

Anyway, these flying ships were seen in 1945, 1946. Some of them called, “Foo Fighters” and you name it... They were fully known about, maybe as early as 1935 or 1936 by our US Navy and there was a shallow underwater base at Bikini island and that was probably the one reason why a number of atomic bombs were exploded in that area rather than other areas which they could have been even more remote out in the South Pacific and Operation Crossroads.

Well anyway, this all lead up to, later on about 6-8 years later in 1954, during the Eisenhower administration lead to an interesting treaty called the, “Greada 1954 Treaty” and it was the alien human treaty. And supposedly the aliens would come in and exchange technology and they'd want to take an occasional human being and a few head of cows.

Accurate books were supposedly to be kept and all this kind of stuff and of course eventually all that broke down and aliens are notorious for being liars, even greater liars than so-called end quote, “we humans are”. So Alien treaties are often just not even the pieces of paper they're written they're just really kinda worthless.

Anyway my work as a geologist in building underground military bases, some of which are over 2 miles underground. And I think when you listen to Al' tonight, if you have a chance to listen to him, he will speak of... Al is actually been on some of the high speed monorail subway cars, if you might want to call them... Link these bases together, some of them are capable of riding on a cushion of air, 3 quarters of an inch off a rail at a better part of mach 2. And he's actually been on one of these trains, I've only been in one of the tunnels and help build some of the tunnels.

Incidentally, I helped work on 13 deep underground military bases. Actual had hands on experience. Notorious was the one in around the Dulce area, the southern, south-eastern, south-western Dulce area, New Mexico. In a Los Alamos laboratory regions where we built some hermetically sealed rooms that were very deep, going down over a mile. We also built additions onto Groom Lake and S2 and S4 complexes. There are a total of 9 underground... They're called DUMBS... Like you can learn a lot from this dumby. But, “D.U.M.B.” stands for, “Deep Underground Military Base” and/or Deep Underground – DUMB 2 for instance, is a submarine base. And I helped built a few of those too. Which are off our continental shelves in on certain islands, out in the Atlantic and the Pacific, in strategic locations.

All this, I can hardly in an hours time, I can hardly squeeze all this in. So I'll be kind of rambling here, if you just bare with me.

Main topic of my discussion here is to link up basically what's going on with these deep underground military bases, what they're being used for, what is the present situation now being employed both by our Federal government which is slowly being phased out by the United Nations government. As well as the new world, end quote, “The New World Order” which is an even higher entity and who these higher entities are taking their orders from. And try and link up basically what's going on.

A lot of us have been kept in the dark. We've been given maybe most recently, over here, photographs of an alien at Roswell. I'll just very, make a very brief statement about that. The photographs cannot stand up to a computer grain analysis test and therefore are retouched or faked. They're not real.

The real one, the real photograph of the charred or dead alien that was or one of the several that were autopsied over here, was given to me by a friend by the name of Skip Frombach of Seattle. And his father worked as one of the principle doctors. He was from Germany, at the time worked on some of the autopsy material from what I understand. And along with other people.

Anyway, don't, you just can't believe everything. And that goes for me. You got to get out there and do your homework. Like I always say, “don't put your spectacles on – you put your skepticals on” when you listen to me. So if we can have a show of hands here, how many people have heard about Roswell, New Mexico? ...Very good, almost all. And how many people have heard about the black helicopters and the other kinds of flying saucers type equipments out at Groom Lake and other places? ...Very good.

Well this obviously is a nice enlightened audience. Most of you have probably seen what a black helicopter is or maybe even gotten rare glimpses of an F-117A black jet or Stealth as they're often called. Or a B2-Bomber, B1-Bomber or some of these other sophisticated aircraft that are now being touted as the new technology.

Once again where did we get this new technology? Well obviously we've had a little hand in that. Our little alien so-called buddies, haha, have kind of exchanged things not without a great cost. The cost of which has been a lot of people have disappeared and I'll blow this statistic by you, there's according to, current FBI and Defence Intelligence Agency and CIA statistics, 100,000 children and 1,000,000 adults disappear every year. And these are not kidnappings or murders or rapes or suicides or anything. Totally unaccounted for.

Now where are these people going to? Nobody knows. Maybe one of us in this room or somebody has encountered such an individual and lost a loved one or a friend or something. And that's unfortunate.

My best friend, [?] Ronly Rummel several years ago got himself murdered because we dared to put out in print, at that time I was still working for the government and so was he. We dared to put in print that the so-called Strategic Defence Initiative or Star Wars as part of the New World Order and takes its actions, it was originally written as a kind of a spoof or joke, we had one of these alien greys dressed up and had New World Order insignia on it and of course that wasn't taken very nicely and my friend got himself murdered, it was called a suicide but now its been turned over to special authorities who now acknowledge it was a homicide.

Other than that, I'd also like to mention something about my father. My father was a U-Boat Captain in Hitler's Navy. And he got captured and taken over. I didn't find this out until about two weeks before he died on his death bed. He kind of told everybody, in total shock, I was one of them. The fact I didn't believe my father, he was kind of in delirium or something like that and of course other things have come up since and so anyway he was captured by the French, turned over to the 3rd Army, the US 3rd Army and than the US 3rd Army turned him over to the Navy and he was a Master Machinist and that's not a Journeymen, a Master means they can take a block of metal and make a gun or a watch or some other fine instrument. And he was a Master Machinist.

He later became an M.D. Doctor and part of the Aerospace Medicine Group of the United States Navy. He was instrumental in helping build the USS Nautilus and its first nuclear powered predecessor the Enterprise, the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier and other ships like it. He pioneered all the ways in building a very small and miniature nuclear engines. He even helped build, helped work - later on in his life, he helped develop the infamous Grid [?] bit nuclear motor which is now employed in some things that look like flying saucers that people claim are flying saucers.

Yes, we are, “we” end quote, the United States Air Force and other Armed Forces are training other European Forces to fly Unidentified or now Identified or end quote, “Flying Saucers”. We've actually built, built several prototypes that are flying under the names of, “Black Craft”.

My position as a Geologist and Engineer got me to see a lot of things in the world. I've been in over 70 countries. Also worked for NATO. I carried a Level 3 Security Clearance with a [?] Rylight factor. Rylight is a hardened factor only given out to a handful of civilians and maybe a couple of hundred military men worldwide.

I thought I was doing the nation, the United States as well as the world a favour by, I thought I was kind of keeping my end up. Well it didn't work out that way. I was to later find out that these underground bases are now being employed as strategic bases for, in case there is Martial Law in this country. Right now our military professors that use to be in war colleges and the like, are training people like ex-Russian KGB and Spetsnaz people, right here on American soil. I've seen it with my own two eyes. Along with other people, other Geologists. By the way I'm still a Geologist, still do geological survey work, however I don't work for the government any more. I took my security clearance and all my government stuff and cut it up and sent it back to the, pardon my French, SOBs.

When I found out that a number of these 131, Deep Underground Military Bases are being used to subvert the constitution of these United States and its people, I says, “That is enough. I can't possibly be connected.”. “Mr. Schneider you can't quit.” They said. Well I says, “Yes I can. I'm an individual and I'm going to quit and I'm walking off the job.” And so he says, so I got arrested and casually told, “Well you got to finish the job.” And so I, I caved into that part and finished 3 weeks and than I, that time my father was dying and I was allowed home and I never went back for my paychecks. Don't intend to either.

These people are beginning to show signs of being our utmost enemy. I'm talking about military people now engaged in training foreign troops on American soil. Clearly against the Bill of Rights, the US constitution.

It's why we formed a government, why our forefathers formed a government, a Republic of these United States in the first place, way back 200 plus years ago because, the drawing and quartering of soldiers, taxation was our representation. Law by edict. Otherwise known as today’s version executive order among other things.

The very reasons that, “we became” end quote, free, a free republic, a free society, possibly one of the greatest nations to ever be a nation on this Earth, were instilled on our founding fathers that are now so far away from the people now running our Federal government structure.

So I'm here today to touch upon a number of subjects. One being that these underground bases are roughly over 3 of them per-State. There's now instead of twelve prison camps, there's thirty-nine. That's almost 1 per-State. They're building 2 prison camps every 7 months. They're building two underground military bases every year. Each one of these military bases by the way, is underground military bases. They cost somewhere between 17 and 26 billion dollars, “billion dollars”. They employ 1,800 to 10,000 workers each and varying grades of skill. They gobble up totally through the black budget, over one quarter of the black budget of roughly three hundred ten billion dollars.

Of course, you may say where are these figures coming from? Well the black budget as we know it, end quote, “black projects” which anything called, “black” is significant of, “hidden”, hidden from congress, hidden from the American people. Very few people are even in the know about it at all. But black budget per-year garners over five hundred billion dollars a year. And it's kind of these huge quantities and sums of monies that are garnered through CIA drug activity and National Security Agency has a clandestine operations mostly in Panama and South America. Now also engaged in Russia, in bringing and refining strategic metals.

By the way, you might want to ask, where's all these kind of interesting new metals coming from? Over here on the white board we have the New Periodic Table. It's got 140 elements. Now in our High Schools of today, I was in a High School about a week ago. I saw a New Periodic Table. It had 105 elements on it. Now somewhere we're not being told the truth. We're being lied to at every turn and every corner. We're considered less than morons.

So the government has made itself an entity, an independent taxing body. An entity into itself and does- isn't accountable to anybody. Not even the so-called, “New World Order”. They just go ahead and do everything willy-nilly as they please. There's nobody checking - don't have to worry about this, occasionally there's a senator that pokes their nose here and there and that senator finds out either nicely or not so nicely, that you don't do things like that.

Now, if we're to gain a grip on our country, if we're to take our country back, we must first ask our public officials if they cannot tell us the truth and we will impeach them or they will be impeached or they will be tried as traitors. This is pretty stiff language. Already it's slowly beginning to trickle out to occur to a number of people that this may be the only way out.

Also our founding fathers, George Washington, Patrick Henry and a few of the other ones came up and said that you don't want to let the beast out of the box. They were talking about a runaway government. You don't allow your government to become like England, at that time, and so they warned us about this very same kind of thing. First of all, the United States is not a Democracy. It's not a Republic anymore. It should be a Republic that, to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God. Why we can't even pray in public schools anymore. We have to have a Supreme Court judge or group of them plus [?] in company, among other things that are telling us what to do. Interpret for us as if we cannot read with our own two eyes and understand with our mind. This of course is bad policy all the way around and I guess I don't need to blow that by your ears.

K, on another subject I have a number of items up here at the table. One of which here is, I can show it, is a heavy hunk of rock indeed. It has a weight of about, a little bit more than a pound. Two and a half times the weight of Uranium. It's not radioactive, it can never be made radioactive. It's composed of Earth – Rare Earth clays and powdered metals as well as Alien element, an Alien element. Mostly from crashed retrieved flying saucers and of the kind. That have happened to of crashed in deserts in our backyard so to speak. It's called, [?] Mironite. This is employed in every stealth aircraft, every black jet throughout the black budget. Also in the very small quantities in the skins of black helicopters. Mironite.

Here's another thing, here's a piece of probably the purest Titanium you'll ever hear or see. It's so pure, it's also composed with other alien elements to make it extremely tough. It's capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 7,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Our new Phoenix class submarines of which we're building two a month right now. Phoenix class submarines is a black budget program. Each one of those submarines costing two hundred eight million dollars just for the titanium hull which is made of this material, approximately ten thousand pounds of it.

Now we've got supposedly as of the data right now, we've got a hundred six of these submarines. They're plowing the waters and the waves. They can dive to a depth of over 7,000 ft. And hold that for three months. That's a fantastic submarine indeed. It has eleven [?] Grid Bit nuclear motors on it. Engines. That run everything. Purify the air and by the way, these aren't your usual nuclear motor installation. They're very small, they're probably no bigger than this podium, weighing less than 3,000 pounds. Putting out as much as the equivalent of three aircraft carriers, Enterprise class.

But these Phoenix class submarines are getting this metal. Now where are we getting the metal? Well it's being stockpiled at a number of strategic locations. Supposedly I've heard stories, well it's being mined on the moon and I have no way of proving that. One way or another I think we're probably getting it from Russia and/or refining it in outer space. What are we shuttling? Basically a shuttle, a secret shuttle flight, one a week now is going up and back. What are they shuttling? Well obviously they've got kind of there own little laboratories up there. A space station and all this kind of stuff.

Remember what you're being told is only just the smattering of the truth. It's not the real truth. Maybe it's 5% of the truth. Maybe it's not even that. You can rest assured you're not getting much.

Another strategic metal is this particular bar with some strange crystals on it. The scalenohedral crystals of niobium titanium rhenium copper oxide. This complex group of elements not found on the Earth and specific quantities this was developed at Los Alamos through EG&G and other outfits are employed in all black jet aircraft. All of them, including the end quote, “sport model” the little flying saucer that we occasionally see over at Groom Lake.

By the way now. If we happen to be with a video camera, you know taking pictures of the so-called area around Groom Lake, it's now, you can get your equipment confiscated, your car, your house, your considered the same thing as a drug dealer and you'll go to jail for five year – up to five years and a million dollar fine. I personally don't think this is what I'm hearing. I just don't think that this kind of punitiveness is what we need in America and we have to get rid of it, otherwise we're going to die with no America.

Here's some other elements. Here's a very light element, it's composed of Lithium metal as well as a alien element, a little heavier than Hydrogen but a little lighter than Helium. Also employed in this, it's used in secretive methods of propulsion. And it also is in a peculiar scalenohedral crystalline form. And anything scalenohedral and by the way a scalene triangle is no side is equal to another side. A scalenohedral metallic crystalline structure is definitely alien element or alien technology converted over to our own technology.

These were given to me about a year ago, they're called, “Alien Aurora Drops”. It's supposedly the skins of the black jets, supposedly the ones coming in at very high rates of speed, they're still glowing red hot, white hot and they'll sit out there and cool off and they're dripping their material off of them. It's kind of like a rubberized coating. It's not rubber I can tell you that. This is hard as lava rock or harder. Capable of withstanding tremendous temperatures. But nonetheless some of it sloughs off every time and so they just kinda scoop it up and throw it in the trash can, there a few pieces of it.

Here's one of the hardest so-called man-made rocks. Once again it's got a number of alien counterparts, it's got an alien crystalline structure to it and very advanced. It's about eleven times harder than a diamond, about seventy times stronger than a diamond. Capable of standing temperatures in excess of 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It is employed in very thin coatings or windows, tiny windows in hypersonic aircraft, aircraft that exceed mach five.

Here's an interesting artifact. Right here is a hunk of rock which by the way was an old hundred thousand year old chipping tool found in Syria, Jordan rather sorry, is a imprint of, it looks like a fossil but it's not. It's an imprint of a small mechanical part with exactly three hundred sixty kinda little rotor blades. This rock is two hundred twenty million years old. Who was making machines two hundred twenty million years ago? Maybe [?] Von Daniken was right after all.

Here we have a actual piece of agatized fruit or it's similar to a lime. It's even been pecked by a bird at one time. That's still there. So it was instantly turned to agate. It is the same agate or chemical structure as material found at Hiroshima, Nagasaki. After the A-bombings in world war II. Where grasses and flowers and petals of flowers and other kinds of things were instantly petrified. Turned to agate. It is the same identical crystalline structure however, this particular piece is about twenty million years old and it's still got its original green coating. It's basically unchanged. Perfect condition.

Likewise here's a garlic plant about somewhere between twenty and thirty-five million years of age and once again its got that same pink agate coating.

And here are some pieces of the metal skin from the crashed disc at Roswell, was given to when I was fourteen years old, my father was visiting one of his old friends in the Navy Archives as well as he was in Royal Navy in England and as a fourteen year old boy I says, “Gee dad can I have one, can I ask Johnny some?” “Oh go ahead ask him.” You can get anything you can from him, you know and that kind of thing. I says, “Well gee Johnny well do you think I can have a piece of this metal?” “Oh no no you can't have that.” and dad says, “Oh give it to the kid, what the heck. He won't have it very long anyway.” Well I've had it all this time! It's kind of a unique thing.

They were able to break the skin of that craft by the way by dropping it into a bath of liquid nitrogen, hitting it with a mechanical or hydraulic hammer and it shattered into little bits. And it was later analyzed and adapted for our own technology.

All of these artifacts are fine. But once again the main part of this talk is where's it all leading to? We get very little spinoff to where any of this is leading to. Occasionally we'll get a new computer or maybe a quartz watch or some little trinket, kind of like giving the Indians beads a couple of hundred years ago. Well we're getting these little spinoffs but the black budget still rolls on garnering over a trillion dollars every two years. It's somewhere between 1.023 trillion and 1.31 trillion dollars every two years.

And every year that goes by, the black budget is unchecked and unaccounted for, it's just subverting our country. That's number one. Number two, is that these underground military – first of all if there was something like a nuclear war or there was a definite enemy out there or we were going to be under attack like from China or some other place like that, I can see maybe a couple a dozen underground bases for government and so it could theoretically rise up like the Phoenix out of the ashes.

Well not a hundred thirty-one of these. And if you were going to so-called round people up and put them in prison camps, what a better prison camp than underground? Where nobody knows where it is anyway? So once again these underground bases are most likely been planned as underground prison camps and slave labour factories, for the New World Order.

New World Order by the way, is getting an – probably the only person ever talking about this, the New World Order is taking and the United Nations is taking its orders from believe it or not, these more powerful outer space alien entities. We might call them the large greys or the small greys. Sinister forces indeed.

And you might wanna say, well gee how come we don't see more of this kind of thing? Well you can just imagine if you're only being told five percent or less of the truth, that isn't very much to go on. That's one thing and another thing is you don't find very many people coming up here and letting you have hands on experience. I'm going to try and do this to you however, I do ask you to go out and do your homework and keep doing it. Don't necessarily believe in what I'm saying. But get out there and talk to people. Whether it's just a couple of neighbours or friends or something, get out there and talk because, one will tell two and two will tell four and pretty soon you have a whole room full of people that are in the know. And than from there wonders can work.

Other than that, as far as changing the black budget and these clandestine programs, public opinion is only going to be that. Going to do that and it's going to take millions of us but we have to be informed and to do that we have to be doing what we're doing now. Gathering and talking and of course most of us are adults and can weed out fact from fiction. Most of us all are responsible adults and know the difference between fact and fiction and how to use it or how to abuse it. So we therefore have to continue to keep studying and keep talking. If there's just me out there, and believe or not, there aren't very many people like myself out there talking.

I've given over thirty talks in the United States, Canada, Japan. Went over to England, well into Japan kind of illegal, came back the same weekend. They flew me in and out but gave a talk to a number of their execs and they were very interested indeed. Now if I was, if this was all just a bunch of poppycock and hooey and poopoo, I might, I wouldn't be listen - be given an audience by these people but I have.

But thirteen attempts on my life since the first of this year. I, there's a number of you ladies present so I won't gore you out but Al has seen some of the wounds and there is a few other people that've been to a few of my other lectures and they can attest that I have been shot, I've been run off the road, I've been pushed off the road, I've been mostly shot at and that kind of thing like that. But been in hand-to-hand combat with some of these people and once again I'm not in the best of shape anymore but I still know how to handle myself and I'm just about ready to wrap things up here. But just basically wanted to give you an overview of what's happening.


"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." - Henry Ford
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Re: Phil Schneider Transcripts - Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) [Re: Matt] #379
Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:12 PM
Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:12 PM
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LogicalChaos Offline
Sky Truth
LogicalChaos  Offline
Sky Truth
Joined: Feb 2018
Posts: 12
Some of the best disclosure info came from Phil Schneider. Rest in Peace friend. Truly a hero who risked his life to release this info. Very sad ending.

I believe I have found a D.U.M.B. Im not going to say where yet, but I believe its legit.

Things to look out for with trying to find a D.U.M.B.

1) Military base there or military activity surrounding the area.

2) A structure involving something High-Tech.

3) A structure involving secretiveness.

4) Found in Remote Area.

5) UFO sightings nearby.

6) History of UFO sightings.

7) Native American presence nearby.

Most of this info from the TV Show "UFO Hunters" on a show entitled "Energy Vortexes" plus some info Ive concluded to from personal experience.

If Phil is right, there is likely two more sites in my state.

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