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huge ufo by the sun #554
Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:42 PM
Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:42 PM
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 22
stardust Offline OP

stardust  Offline OP

Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 22
Huge ufo captured near the sun notice the laser like beam deflecting off the ufosoho image of the sun

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Re: huge ufo by the sun [Re: stardust] #567
Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:39 PM
Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:39 PM
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 595
EdMan Offline
EdMan  Offline
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 595
From 1850-1864 one of the bloodiest if not the most bloody war in Human history occurred in China, The Taiping Christian Cult Rebellion. Triggered by an American Baptist Preacher that supported a Cult leader that had visions of God's Kingdom on earth. 20-70 million killed, 100 million displaced. Occurred concurrent with the American Civil War.
On 22 December 1859 French astronomers detected an large object inside the orbit of Mercury that disturbed the orbit of that planet where the Soho Satellite picked up that very very Large UFO. The Taiping Rebellion ended when unknown assassins entered the leaders palace killed him and dumped his body in sewer and disappeared. 1877-1885 the Mahdi Rebellion in Sudan plunged that region into medieval darkness. His reign ended when he mysteriously died in 1885. In 1896 -1897 a world airship craze and reports of visitors from space swept the Earth. Fast forward to today. A jihadist uprising from Sudan about wrecks the Middle East its first leader is killed the War Vizier of it by Navy SEALS that loose a helicopter going in to his compound. With the Death of the War Vizier of the Caliphate, a decedent of the Prophet Claims the mantel of Ruler of the Caliphate and continues the War, The United States almost Fractures over the issue of the war and 2016 election like the civil war. Then a assassin walks into Islamic Cultural Center in Canada kills several clerics and all Islamic terrorism in Canada stops. The large UFO is detected by the Soho Satellite like during the Taiping and other rebellions against legal authorities. Concurrent with the arrival of the Giant UFO there is surge in UFO sightings and reports of paranormal and alien contacts. Those are concrete facts.

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