So I am not sure πŸ€” this is on here but it’s something I’ve been thinking over, after watching the Ancient Alien πŸ‘½ series on history and why the governments throughout the world 🌍 do not accept denying aliens or UFO. Plus after finding out they build bases for the governments on the engergy fields to gain free power. If they were to admit what aliens are telling us that all the world monuments on these line would create free power thoughtout the world and governments and fat cats would make no money or have a hold over people as much. I know there would be people whom would loose jobs but just think if the earth 🌏 created enough power for everyone on the planet. Plus I’m assuming it would be something like acupuncture for the planet and help heal it so could be less natural disasters as the build up of pressure may not build up under the earth. Just a thought πŸ’­ I had. Didn’t know where to ask or put my idea forward πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ