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Mar 30th, 2019
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what you can do for luck and protection.....use salt... #5166
10/13/2018 10:34 PM
10/13/2018 10:34 PM
Joined: Sep 2018
Posts: 295
Stormy Offline OP

Lieutenant Commander
Stormy  Offline OP

Lieutenant Commander

Joined: Sep 2018
Posts: 295

I post this...because it really works...I did try it. But dont forget..luck comes only the way it wants to..and not always how you would like it to show up..... thanks

Last edited by Stormy; 10/13/2018 10:49 PM.

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Re: what you can do for luck and protection.....use salt... [Re: Stormy] #7082
01/16/2019 11:06 PM
01/16/2019 11:06 PM
Joined: Dec 2018
Posts: 345
George Offline
Lieutenant Commander
George  Offline
Lieutenant Commander

Joined: Dec 2018
Posts: 345
Originally Posted by Stormy

I post this...because it really works...I did try it. But dont forget..luck comes only the way it wants to..and not always how you would like it to show up..... thanks

The only reason why it works is because you believe that it works.

Not meaning to be rude but these are 'old wife tales'
Nothing more than superstition.

The mind is the controller of what gets into it.

Just like exorcism. It works because the person believes.

Whether you are Muslim, Christian, Hindu or whatever and which ever imaginary god you decide.
Dabbling in the occult can have it's price and once these things get in, it is very difficult to close the door.

You are listening to an expert even though there are none in this field. my early years I had my share. To most here it would be demonic. Don't really exist.........nor can they be bothered with you. You create your own demons.
Leave the real demons to the Christian priests...they are doing a good job at the moment and do not need any salt.

I don't need any protection.

Of course if you are scared stiff......these things will feast on you.
The only thing which does work, is a head band to protect your Third Eye..HONEST!

Get some wire mesh and wrap it around your head in three coils.

Save the salt for your chips or French Fries

Just in case you are sensitive...I have the 'watered down' version for you.........

Dear Mr Stormy

Hope you are feeling calm?

In my humble opinion, as I endeavour to offer you my humble grace, I thank you for your excellent posting on Sodium Chloride.
I apologise for any disharmony arising from my hesitation as to sprinkle Hypo Crystals or similar compound sediments on my carpet.

Somehow I feel, that salt extractions in each corner of my room will not be of the keenest of tasks.

I did however mention your excellent idea to a colleague who suggested that you keep the salt in your vase.

May I offer you my sincere apology for any irritation that this may cause you?

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