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Nov 14th, 2018
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My Experience At A Glance #5011
Fri Oct 12, 2018 1:27 AM
Fri Oct 12, 2018 1:27 AM
Joined: Oct 2017
Posts: 108
Saskatchewan, Canada
Matt Offline OP

Site Owner
Matt  Offline OP

Site Owner
Joined: Oct 2017
Posts: 108
Saskatchewan, Canada
The Shadow Organization

[Linked Image]

The year was 2007. I was 18 years old and living with my mom in Regina, Canada. Whilst doing whatever on my computer, living my sheltered and isolated teenage life in cyberspace, an add request popped up on my instant messenger. This was highly irregular and random, no one ever really added me to their contacts, let alone someone like this.

Agent, Doe, John (black operations) has added you to his/her contact list.
Do you want to:
Allow this person to see when you are online and contact you
Block this person from seeing when you are online and contacting you

* "John Doe" is not the agent's name, but an alias for this post.

I was surprised by the initial popup, because it appeared to be someone important. I paced around my room, wondering why this person was trying to contact me. I clicked to accept the request and there they were, online. I said something along the lines of, "Hello? Agent, John?" To my surprise, they replied, "Hello". This was very strange to me. I looked up their name on Google and this person was indeed, someone with some serious credentials with the United States Department of Defense.

Upon digging further into their name, they were also involved with Wright-Patterson AFB. A fairly well known base that was referred to a lot with regards to the Roswell Crash and other extraterrestrial, black budget project incidences. This agent had to of known I was really into this stuff. I asked, "Do you mind elaborating details based upon your request?" and the agent responded, "I just thought I would add you." I said, "Not a problem, curious I am though." They replied, "Why would that be? We're very interested in you." I joked by quoting Fox Mulder from The X-Files, "Oh really, I was under the impression you were sent to spy on me." Their response was, "No, you're just implying I'm a government agent."

What the heck does that mean, I thought. This whole conversation couldn't get any weirder until this new contact said, "Hmm. Nice website. Canada?" I said something along the lines of, "Thanks, few know of it right now. Yes, it's based in Canada." And to my surprise, they said, "Regina, Canada."

Well, here we go, this stranger who supposedly works for the pentagon knows where I may live and is just trying to confirm it? In my mind the whole time, I was hoping this was a legit contact that was going to fill me in on the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. At the very least, a brief introduction on the reality of the subject matter. Oh, I was young and naive.

Instead, after the contact signed in and out a number of times, saying they had to continually switch between encrypted proxies, I received a tall-tale warning about a time traveler from the year 2036. That's where it starts to get a bit weird, but interesting nonetheless. Before I get into detailing anything about that, he obviously had an interest with my website. At the time, a decade ago from today, it was my Alien Disclosure website. A very rough concept I designed that would succeed these other community websites that were heavily censored and probably corrupt. Today, my vision has helped create Aliendisc. That hopefully, brings about real disclosure and the truth about the extraterrestrial question. Are we alone?

Sleep Paralysis
The Purple Robed Grey

[Linked Image]

Many months earlier from being contacted by the stranger, it was fall 2006. I awoke for the first time into what is called, sleep paralysis. It is when you are consciously aware from sleep, but can't move or open the eyes. In the pitch darkness, a vision appeared. I was on the lunar surface, inside a crater and seemingly stuck. Not long after, I was swept up from the crater and appeared was a distinct tall looking grey alien. It wore a purple robe, had large almond black eyes, and very pale and pasty skin. It stood there staring at me, as though it wanted me to have a good look.

Moments later, the vision ceased and it was pitch black again. I found it increasingly hard to breathe and felt like I was suffocating. It seemed like a long time, trying to wake up my body and regain control. Finally, my eyes opened wide and I swung up from the bed in sweat and heavy breathing. It was like terror, having never experienced anything like that before.

I did some searching on the description of the grey entity and couldn't find anything. A week or so later, I tried searching more... I was shocked to find an artist's drawing of a grey alien wearing a purple robe. It was a report on an alien abduction case that had happened not too long ago (at the time) that occurred in the state of Kansas. The alien abductee reported seeing reptilian entities and seeing this distinctive grey entity. The drawing showed exactly what I had seen, only I remember seeing the whole robe. To this day, I haven't tried contacting whoever was abducted by this entity or have looked into much detail regarding it... I'm still slightly on the fence, when it comes to believing what had happened, only because it was a vision. However, knowing for a fact that someone out there has seen the same grey alien I had, it cannot possibly be a coincidence. It must mean something.

The First Sighting
A Flying Ball of Light and Fire

On a cold winter night around January 2008, there was no contact from the stranger from June 2007. It was around 11 PM, my mom and I were now living out in a small private community in the prairies, about 15 minutes from the city of Regina. We were watching TV when I noticed a golden light shimmering against the living room wall. I thought nothing of it for a few moments until it persisted. I got up and went to the front windows and looked outside.

There to my amazement was a very big ball of golden light and fire, hovering over the prairies, maybe only 10 feet from the ground. There it was shimmering and moving ever so slowly in a northerly direction. I rushed my mom to the front windows and she seen it too. I wondered where the camera was, but thought it'd be gone by the time I could find it. I just wanted to stare at it and remember every detail of the sighting.

The thought of running outside into -30 degree Celsius temperatures and towards a very bizarre phenomenon crossed my mind, but I figured it would have probably not been a good idea. I couldn't help but think it sure reminded me of, "Fire in the Sky". It was this night, I believed that UFO's - Unidentified Flying Objects, do in fact exist and that seeing truly is believing.

Black Ops
They Studied, They Watched, They Visited

The Sightings Don't End
What I've Learned: Time and Space

The Blue UFO
A Sphere Encountered Twice

The Blue and Green UFO's
Missing Time and Missing Memory

Moose Jaw's Daybreak UFO
Shock and Awe: Camera Malfunction

The Three Diamond UFOs
A Friend and I Witness a Farmer's Field Light Up

-- To Be Continued --

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Re: My Experience At A Glance [Re: Matt] #5036
Fri Oct 12, 2018 9:00 AM
Fri Oct 12, 2018 9:00 AM
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 1,882
Xeno Online content

Just a guy
Xeno  Online Content

Just a guy
Vice Admiral
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 1,882
I haven't read yet the whole post because I was really surprised about the name ''John Doe'' because I know that name too but not for the same reason. I have 3 things to say about it.

1- I was working at level 1 on internet technical support of Bell Canada and with this job for any call we use a report or note system call Remedy to have informations written in someone account. We used the name John Doe for ''unidentified caller''. This is when someone call and the call cut or hang up before the caller identified itself to open an account or create a note in Remedy system using the name of the caller. For exemple someone called and asked a question then I answered and asked for the name and phone number but the caller hanged up the call before so I name the file in the system ''John Doe'' because it is an unidentified caller.

2-John Doe was a name used by military when the name of a soldier was unknown. Like a soldier blew up by artillery and the body or name tag was unidentifiable. You can find a lot of graveyard, military, that has a John Doe written on the thombstone. It is a name a lot used for unidentified person.

3- Here an hypothesis in wich agent from agencies would use this name not to identify themselves.

Well you know that I say I am the survivor of the crash in Roswell 1947 and that in 2009 I asked for a network named ''Alien Disclosure Network'' in wich the staff would be my friends and support me to tell my story in an environment that I have nothing to prove or support my ''claim''. Even if a lot of people they know more than I actually remember and they are told to keep quiet but this was for a test that is about to be over. It is here the only place that anyone is allowed to tell what they know and have no problem because if anyone has consequences from disclosing what they know they will have to face the sword of a commanding officer in the Galactic secret service because they are breaking my shield.

Plus qu'hier et moins que demain / More than yesterday and less than tomorrow
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Re: My Experience At A Glance [Re: Matt] #5037
Fri Oct 12, 2018 9:07 AM
Fri Oct 12, 2018 9:07 AM
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 1,882
Xeno Online content

Just a guy
Xeno  Online Content

Just a guy
Vice Admiral
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 1,882
For you grey alien in purple I think it was not sleep paralysis but consciousness abduction wich your consciousness was taken off your body then that would be why you were ''suffocating'' They take your consciosuness for a few seconds so your body stop breathing for a few seconds and you had to take back your breath. When your consciosuness is abducted a few seconds it can look longer because time is something relative on the perception in world or dimensional location wich time distortion would make you think it was longer, a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, a few years... An eternity... With details I could say more but for now it is what I think.

Plus qu'hier et moins que demain / More than yesterday and less than tomorrow
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