To help reaching positivism so aliens are more interested connecting you to the cloud I will writte a few things to help be positive.

People talk about having problem. That is wrong there is no problems. There is situations that can be good or bad with benefit or consequences. There are situations that you can choose to live througn making it a problem or making it a work on solutions. So to deal with the situation you think about the proble, you decide to make it to be or the solutions you can make? Do not live your situations through problems, that is wrong and not positive. Get through your situations theougn solutions.

I know a french movie called "La haine" wich is the hate in english. And there is a rap instrumental song for it and the english lyrics would be that: It is the story of a guy that is falling fromthe top of a 50 floors building. While he is falling he keeps repeat to himself to reinsure himself "so far so good, so far so good, so far so good" because the matter, what is important, is not the falling... It is the landing That mean that we all fall sometime and when we fall it is important to take the time of the falling to prepare the landing, when it get to reach the ground. Instead of freaking out the whole falling and then not being good for a landing and then crash.

We all do mistake and we are mostly conditioned to blame our punish ourselves for it. But how good os that? Recently a psychologist with a PhD told ,e that studies showed that punishment is only working temporarly and result in bad programation. So you did bad then you gonna screw yourself for doing bad? Or you could stop thinking how bad you did and focus on how better you will. Doing a ,istake is a part of what you may have done to get better and by understanding that you can work on doing better and call you result or ,istake as progress. A step to get closer to what your goal is. So he called it self reward. If your bad pr ,istake is actually a "failed" attempt to reach what you want to reach then you should not blame youraelf or punish yourself. You should reward yourself for trying so you get positive experience and constructive learning to get closer the next time and then reach success not doing that bad again or the mistake once more. Ask yourself "what I did, is it trying to reach my goal?" If yes = self reward. We are conditioned to reward ourself on successful attempt and punish ourself on failed ones. That is wrong. Failure may have been the step to reach success and you should reward yourself for it.

To be positive you have to listen to yourself. Am I good with how things are going or am I just ,otivating the shlt? If you realise that you are just making yourself worst or feeling wrong even more or to someone else. STOP walk back and think about it you may be in a negative circle. Try to step out with intention to come back face the situation, issue or conflict when you can make it positive. Ask yourself Am I making things better? If no = STOP and find what os right to make it a YES that you are on making things better. Pay attention to yourself, the other people and you environ,ent and ask yourself : What are the good benefit of what I am doing? If you cannot find anything to answer that then STOP and work on making yourself getting to give the situation good and positive benefit to make things better. If you are in a fight for exemple and you see it is escalating and getting worst then STOP, change the way you interact, change your behavior and start thinking to lower things down. You are too upset, mad or angry? You do not control yourself and get too emotional and irrational? STOP tell the other person that you are not able to go through it to make it better and that you need to calm down and once it will be down you will come back and restart to talk about lowering the status of fight instead of making it worst and more uncontroled. It os really important to understand yourself and other people and when someone cannot make it good because it got to be too much then yes to STOP and walk away use to be the right thing as long as you have intention of going back on the situation to make it done.

That was a few quick writting and if you got something too I invite you to share with us and the public that come on aliendisc registered or not to read what is here.


Plus qu'hier et moins que demain / More than yesterday and less than tomorrow