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Abductions and consequences #3849
09/13/2018 06:47 PM
09/13/2018 06:47 PM
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 3,395
Xeno Online content OP

The alien
Xeno  Online Content OP

The alien
Fleet Admiral

Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 3,395
In 2009 I accepted a job for some extraterrestrial, said to be my real parents but this is not the point. I wrotte big lines of a plan, a crazy special one that causes alot of stuff to happens and many "victims" of numbers of projects. One thing that was said in this 10 consciousness years contract was that they could abduct me as much as they wanted. Whenever they wanted. To make me do whatever they needed me to do. One big important rule: No matter how many time, when and for what you abduct me, you wipe my memory. It was really important for the writting of my current consciousness that must be completelly human! So I know what it is to be abducted and I love the fact of being victim of abduction even if I do not remember but I have been suffering of many issues! When you are being abducted and you get through something traumatic even if you do not remember so no consciousness of it there is a sequel out of it. Imagine you get abducted and traumatised then your memory is wiped so you wake up feel bad and tired. There is something inside of you that is wrong but you can't know what it is to heal yourself because you can't have consciousness of it coz you ain't remember. Alot of abductee know what I am talking about. Waking up a morning tired like you ran whole night, exhausted after "10 hours of sleep" even feeling sore and have marks or wound. What happened? Why am I feeling so tired and bad?

Well that is an issue that still have to be fixed. Feeling the consequences of the abduction even having severe mental disorder or PTSD but being unable to heal or cure it because to get through a traumatism you need to get through what happened but can't do, no memories, no conscioussness. A missing piece of mind that is recquiered but the access to the memory is blocked so... Screwed! Most of what I hear is that the memory was "erased" or "deleted" wich is wrong. The file in the memory is still in your head, the access is blocked by removing consciousness of it. Depend the projects and what you did with them or what they did to you the access level will be different and alot of "regular" not classified memory can be recovered with EMDR or hypnosis and if it works for you, they know and it was on purpose that you could remember a part of it. Higher classified project hypnosis won't work so they will decide when it is your time to remember if you ever do. The memory is still there in your mind but you can't reach it until they unblock it.

The worst scenario that causes real damage to mind is when they remove it from your mind to be sure that no one can read the file, this is not to do on regular basis because it create severe mental disorder and mental health professional is necessary to keep living. This is for highly classified projects. Normally the memory is not deleted, it is removed and saved on a secured hardrive so it can be reimplanted and fix some... issues? Whatever... it is possible that the file was completelly deleted to ensure galactic internal security or higher level such as intergalactic or universal secrets. It is not often, actually really rare because normally it is secured in a "black box" that only secret service officer can or not have a access level to read the file but would never be allowed to keep a copy except for really high ranked officer and only on profesional purpose. As we say: you will remember when it will be necessary.

I have been sufering of memory blocking and removing as much for reimplantation and I know how damaging it can be in someone life, just to say: last implantation made me in a hospital, in a psychiatric unit so... this is not normal being of abduction but right now here on Earth a special plan is going on with special manipulation and motis operendis. This is not meant to hurt you, this is meant to protect the integrity of ongoing projects that must be unknown and secret to work. Something special is that alot of abductee agreed with what happened to them and were informed, but they do not remember yet that fragment of memory.

I know to wake up 5 time more sick with no idea why, they could abduct me 30 time in a row in the same single night. I told them to do so and I say that the consequences are really unhealthy and I am sorry for everyone that went through a bad abduction making them sick, insane, crazy or disorganised. It made me having severe disorder and I needed help of mental health practician and meds and at some point I say that it could have destroyed my life to be so sick with any help not really working even with high dose of meds. I have been completelly busted and strucked down and everything I tried wasn't working well.

It is planned for people involved in our projects to be reimplanted their memory belonging and healed or cured by the same technology that was used but not yet and not necessary everyone. So if you want to feel better you must think Gestald instead of freud. Do not work on your discomfort or disorder by trying to find the source of it because you cannot right now. Think of a symptomatic treatment and work on the behavioral cognitive part of the healing process you can do. Work on what is that can help you feel better now instead of trying to fix from the source of it. Personally ocupational therapist and medication works really well for me. I am sorry but it is possible that you will never have access to the source of your mental problems or discomfort.

If you had a good experience then you are a lucky one. If you feel or have marks of abduction and you do not feel bad then it may mean you enjoyed your journey with us. You may then feel a connection with us because we did not dump you back to forget about you, we are still there waiting the time to get back to you. You may feel that there is something out there, watching you, influencing you or even manipulating you... it can make you feel sad or abandonned even isolated from a world that is now yours but for some reason you are back to the ground. Do not worry, we kept track of everyone and if we left a hole of deception in your heart, a missing contact in your soul, we will come back and you will have us at least around your life. We did not abandonned you, we just need you having the life you have right now until a further stage of the plan. Especially if you are an alien placed as human you may really feel that your people and familly are up there among the stars and you are doing something really important.

No matter if you are one of us or a victim of a project that needed stuff such as female eggs, male sperm, pieces of skin or just your spiritual energy or what is in your mind, at the end we will wash our hands and fix all bad we did as much as we can regard to the masterplan integrity because for internal security some informations cannot come back and compromise galactic security. We will help you fix yourself from the damage we did and we will give you a little something to make you back happy and satisfied of a reward to thanks you for your important help and classified support. But for now, do what you can to make it to the final end of what we are doing. I am sorry but the main idea is meant to build a better world for your kind that will be compatible with us so humanity, mankind has a brighter and cleaner futur, for you and the futur generation. It sounds really bad but once all is done you will love it. We will all love it because the new world order in progress is meant to respect people desire of having us around or not and we prepared something compatible to us for those that want us in their life or around it

You can be really mad, upset, hurt or feel tricked or fooled like a spit in the eyes or a slap in the face and that is something normal that we totally understand. After all the suffering that some had of their abduction we are not expecting victims to like us or to want us for now. It is even normal to hate us and to want to kill all of us for alot of stories that are not abductions. You can be really negative and destructive thinking of us for what we did but it is a sacrifice you did for the futur of your civilisation and the guarantee of its survival in this huge and quile universe. Again I am sorry but it was not meant for your present or even for yourself but for your futur and the futur of mankind and next generations that will live on Earth with us around or above your head ensuring you do not reach that critical point you have in wich you cannot guarantee survival of your specy on this devastated and polluated planet without our intervention and clean up.

Everything is gonna be alright at the end!

Sorry but sincerly,

Xeno the friendly cosmic larva

Your cruel but alien friend...

Attached Files JPEG_20180907_111141.jpg
Last edited by Xeno; 09/13/2018 07:05 PM.

Plus qu'hier et moins que demain / More than yesterday and less than tomorrow
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Re: Abductions and consequences [Re: Xeno] #3850
09/13/2018 07:15 PM
09/13/2018 07:15 PM
Joined: Nov 2017
Posts: 66
venn99 Offline
Lieutenant Junior
venn99  Offline
Lieutenant Junior

Joined: Nov 2017
Posts: 66
Yeah there is something going on and hard to put a finger on it but there is a time they want to reveal it to us, but we have to be ready and willing to find out the truth and unafraid. Most people cannot handle the truth. They wait for me in my dreams and just outside my realm of perception for when I can accept the truth.

All consciousness is dream consciousness
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Re: Abductions and consequences [Re: venn99] #3853
09/13/2018 08:55 PM
09/13/2018 08:55 PM
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 3,395
Xeno Online content OP

The alien
Xeno  Online Content OP

The alien
Fleet Admiral

Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 3,395
There is an incoming disclosure and yes, it is not going to be an easy story to accept... The begining of it many decades ago is actually really sad and the reason why things happened that way is because some important extraterrestrials were deeply hurt...

They said "nobody fok with us"

I said "well someone just did!"

You know how they felt after this?

It was my mistake to answer that...

I was the sparkle that lighted up the powder...

Sorry... sincerly sorry...

Plus qu'hier et moins que demain / More than yesterday and less than tomorrow
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