Just joined today. You can either call me by my username, or Sam. I'm really happy to be here! I've been looking for a good forum for UFO/alien discussion for a while now, and I have some high hopes for this place. Kudos to the staff!

I suppose I'll give a little background. I'm 23 and a housewife, though I'm currently job searching. I've been really into the UFO phenomena for the last year, and have been reading everything I can find on it. I've always believed, but never dove into the research until recently. I've poured over documentaries, articles, first-hand accounts, and disclosed documents for hours on end. I'm eager to start reading some books, as well. I'm about to get started on The UFO Experience by J. Allen Hynek.

I've never had any sort of encounter myself, but have heard the accounts of a few family members who have seen some things they couldn't explain. I would be thrilled to experience something myself though!

I think that's enough for now. See you around the boards!

P.S. Has the staff considered having just one thread for all the introductions? Intro threads might clog up the boards, which would be better used for just Gen Discussion, in my opinion. Plus, most intro threads aren't going to get too many responses anyway, in my experience. Just a suggestion! Feel free to ignore, haha.