I don't have a camera glued to my hand at all times, and cameras are not yet as subconsciously wearable as contact lenses.

My cousin and I often speculate that his dog is a reincarnation.

The white terrier-poodle mutt (could be a variant of Snoopy) greets guests with a barrage of barks until they are seated and prove themselves inert. Then, he'll sniff their shoes and, when done, quietly wander out of the living room, sometimes to lay--or hide--underneath the dining table.

He has eyes so predominantly black, you wouldn't be sure if he's looking at you, without his head obviously facing you. And . . . he stares . . . for a while, but not long enough to stir discomfort in you. (No worries, he's not possessed, or anything. Anyway, you'd think the staring is his reaction to guests.) I've even caught him looking at the high-placed plasma TV in the living room.

But, I find it no coincidence that the dog's owner, my cousin; another cousin (he agreed in the reincarnation theory when we told him); and I have noticed the dog's human-like behavior. And he's never panting or giving off that "stupid dog" behavior; he's usually quiet.

I usually visit my cousin's to just hang out, play some video games. And one night, we were both home alone, playing games. His sister couldn't have been home, because the dog would have been in her room, at her choice. The dining room was adjacent to, and visible from, the living room, and the lights were on. The dog must have been chillin' in there. Then, he turns to the cupboard in the dining room and barks.

Prior to the barking, there was no sound at least audible to humans. It caught our attention, and therefore we've suspected him unusual.