„Lengva palenkti gerą žmogų blogio pusėn, pakanka jį įtikinti, kad tikslas pateisina priemones.“ Neringa Vaitkutė

"It's easy to push a good man to evil side, it's enought to convince him that aim justifies means." Neringa Vaitkutė

This message is a warning and not proof of any kind.
In 2005 in one Lithuanian chat chamber came a man who named himself Incognito.
He told an incredible story, which everywhere existant sceptics tried to denie. Of course they made themself to believe that story is not truth because that is just impossible, no other proofs they have.
Memories of Incognito were supressed. And he told them during long time span. His lost memories came to him in little pieces.
The last whole picture of his story may be put into several lines you are going to read.
In 1974 that man got into KGB trap. They proposed to him a participation in an unusual test, but didn't introduced any details.
Early in the morning he and one KGB agent came to a remote place. After waiting of several hours an alien spaceship went down. And four teenage height aliens with guns kidnapped Incognito. They have tried to break Inkognito's spirit even on that spaceship. In order to do that aliens have left Incognito to die on the Moon dust, but when air was breathed out some kind safety system broght Incognito into a Moon base.
After that Incognito was sent to other star system, where he was infected with some kind of disease. He suspects it was an AIDS. He was brought back to Earth to Africa in the place with underground trains (which strongly points to Republic of South Africa). There he had "honey moon" with local female prostitutes to spread disease.
After that he was returned to place where he was infected. There he was cured. While aliens waited for the results of such enslaved (communist) world attack onto free world, Incognito even studied in alien University for lower civilisations. But when he was in no more of use, he was sent to prison into another planet. In that prison wasn't any walls, just a tower. If prisoners with explosives in their body would came to far away from that tower they would blow up.
When aliens landed into planet with prison, it was late and nobody could accept a new prisoner. Anyway aliens decided to leave a spaceship and ordered Incognito not to open doors to anyone. When Incognito heared banging on the side of spaceship he opened the door. It was russian with explosives in his body. He broke everything in spaceship. Russian told his girl name, where he lived. He dissapeared without any warning to his family. And he asked to spread warning about such threat to whole Earth.
Then russian leaded Incognito to other spaceship where Incognito asked for shelter. Other aliens were so kind that even used some kind hole in time to bring Incognito back to earth on abduction day. They don't usually use such holes and it was risky. Incognito memories were supressed.

Freedom is a rare thing in Universe. We still may have it.
Enlsavers can try to influence their subject's thoughts even feelings. They may even to force their subjects to see idea of communism in tempting light. If subjects don't pay atention to such things, they may turn into enemie's soldiers without noticing it.

Let our Earth be free! Communism is the highest enslavement order. Disarment begins with soldier cap, not arms.

Progressive taxes disagree with fundamental agreement that all people are equal against the law. According thiefminded which got into goverment some people are reacher and must be taxed more. As with George Orwell novel, all pigs are equal, but some of them are more equal.

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