There is an alien intervervention in the world today. These visitors are not here to help humanity in any way. They are not highly evolved spiritual beings, demons or fallen Angels of some sort. They are merely resource explorers trying to get control over humanity and this world by using the mental environment to manipulate, deceive and persuade humanity into subjugation. Humanity has little to no knowledge about the possibilities of the mental envrionment as of now, and is still very vulnerable to these kind of influences. This and more is all being done behind the scenes, as they do not want the population to become aware.

The Allies of Humanity briefings give a clear understanding about the reality of contact that is happening in the world today.

In my time of searching for the truth, there has been nothing that has been so profoundly life changing as the wisdoms that these briefiengs provide. If you realy want to know the truth, even though it will be hard to accept by many at first, I encourage you to visit and read it all for yourself.

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