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We are a newly formed international news/media organization reporting on the latest UFO and Paranormal stories from around the globe. Our professional team of journalists work around the clock conducting interviews with people from all walks of life to bring you the latest information about these topics, as well as keeping our viewers up-to-date with the latest scientific and technological breakthroughs.

Our focus is delivering quality content and reliable sources of information regarding these subjects. Being an "alternative" news/media organization, we strive to ensure our viewers are receiving vital information that regular "mainstream" media fails to immediately report on.

Content we deliver consists of documentaries, news videos, articles, and live broadcasts that include video streaming interviews and podcasts.

If you have a story to tell and would like for us to report it, email us at [email protected] You may choose to remain anonymous. Our forum is also tailored to accommodate guests with the privilege of posting anonymously, without the need to register.