Hello You!

This thread is for like minded individuals that wish to discuss all things alien and the 'impossible'. Anything relative.

As it stands right now, I do not claim to know anything 100%. I was raised a catholic as a child which didn't pan out as well for me when I realised I was gay at the age of 16. Rejecting my faith wasn't a major event either since my family were not hard Catholics. Although around the age of eighteen I began to feel lost. Lost for a cause you could say. Sounds cheesy but I generally was getting sad at the thought of this being all there is.
I began losing sleep and was very depressed, simply because of the worlds condition and I refused to accept that after all this 'progress', we as a race are still inept of realising the larger scale of life.

One day (around 2015) I woke up in my apartment in the early hours of the morning. I felt really heavy and when my efforts to get out of bed failed, I don't know how to explain it, but I abruptly fell back to sleep and accidentally left my body and went somewhere for the first time. Not to mention that I was fully conscious of it when it happened.
It was rather dramatic actually and I felt scared but I experienced these intense vibrations which was what propelled me out and into whatever you want to call it. The entire experience was brief but when I woke up I was now able to move and I was so shocked at what had just happened and excited by how I could remember it all with such clarity that I immediately had to call my Dad to explain.
After researching some I came to the conclusion it was some sort of astral projection or sleep paralysis, but if you had felt it yourself you would know it was more than simple case of sleep paralysis.

This lead me to Yoga practice which brought my mind to places of calm I had not experienced before. I did this practise in my bedroom, nothing over extravagant and I continue to spend time with my mind to this day.
I began reading about ancient civilisations and the Ancient Egyptians and I began to learn of conspiracy theories which have silenced governments from revealing truths about matters which would have re-shaped the world, had they originally been released. I believe technology such as time travel exist already and we live in an age where space is teaming with life but sadly there is a larger force at work, dictating how and what we are told.

I believe ALL religions hold some truth. Naturally over time the generations have misinterpreted the texts and re written them adhere to their cultural and personal beliefs.
I believe we can access different dimensions. I truly do.

Whats all your own views because I could go on writing for days haha!