Hello guys,

I have never posted on this forum, but I need to share with the community.

A month and a half ago, I saw what appeared to be a colorful 'shaking' star over Las Vegas at 4am. It was brighter than a regular star, and was going up slowly. I spent some time watching it with naked eye (around 30min-1h before it went behind the trees in front of my house) , and finally got to sleep thinking it was certainly just a star.

Yesterday, around 2.30am, I saw it again, and this time I grabbed my binoculars. I was right, this thing isn't a star! It looked like a multicolor worm (bit thinner than a worm) moving fast on itself and drawing random shapes like S and O. Same thing than last time, I watched it around an hour before my trees hid it from my window.

I don't know if this comes every night, but the two times I was up late I saw it.

It looked a bit like this:


I just cannot believe I'm the only person who saw it over Las Vegas, especially because it is the second time I see it!

I'm going to look again tonight if it's there, but I have no equipment whatsoever. I can try to take a pictures through the binoculars, but not sure if it will work.

So please, if you live in Las Vegas (I would estimate this thing to be over Mormon Peak/Angle City/Elgin), tell me what is it ! I'm pretty sure it's not something normal.

Thank you very much, I'm looking forward to reading your answers!