Clear and cold out, -2.3 Degrees F outside. Sunny skies and no wind. The farm is in deep sleep and will wake again in the spring. This farm has abundant natural resources from apples, fiddlehead ferns, raspberries and hazelnut trees to organic produce cultivated by myself. Our freezer is stocked full of organic products produced on the farm and we are blessed by God with a good life. We survived the pandemic and a host of other events on this farm with minimal if any impact on our quality of life. When I built this farm it was to serve as the model of small family farming in the Digital Age of Global Climate Change. Along the way we faced major storms, extreme weather conditions, and a global pandemic. Our homestead's advanced multi-spectrum communications system enabled us to say connected with family, friends and day to day life time activities from our home. We are now celebrating our second Christmas on the farm and the beginning of the end of the pandemic. I have to say that this farm far exceeded my expectations and that met all challenges in a superior manor and has given us a firm foundation to build upon and profit from in the next year.

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